March 2021 Meeting Notes

SCBG Monthly-ish Meeting – March 25, 2021

The March 2021 meeting was held via Facebook and there were 17 members present throughout the meeting.

  • The SCBG Homebrew Throwdown was discussed and it was generally agreed upon that we should proceed with early planning for a late (Fall/Winter) 2021 competition.  For this to happen, we will need to identify a Coordinator and establish a committee. Please step forward if you would like to coordinate this event or serve on the committee.
  • Member of the Year Award/Community Service. The MOTY is an award separate from Homebrewer of the Year and is not defined in our charter. Some ideas that were discussed regarding this award is to base it on volunteer hours, both within the club organization and for hours served during club organized community service events. If you have other criteria that you would like to see for a MOTY award, please bring them forward.
    • It would probably serve us well to have a Community Service coordinator. This position could arrange volunteer opportunities with other local community organizations.
  • Video Instructional Series. Robert Hedge requested that we begin a video series to further education on various brewing processes, ingredients, and equipment. Allen Francis will lead this endeavor. Results can be posted to the SCBG channel on Youtube:
  • A different remote meeting provider. There was plenty of harumphing regarding meeting remotely via Facebook.  We are to research other meeting providers and find a better solution. Two provider that were discussed were Zoom and Google Meet.  It was mentioned that Zoom has a discount for non-profits, though I have been unable to find that on their website.
  • Big Brew. Saturday May 1st is Big Brew and an event will be held at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply. Members that would like to brew at the event will receive a 50% discount on ingredients as per usual. We do not currently have a banquet license for this event, and at this late date we likely will not be able to procure one.
  • Return to Quarterly Club Competitions. It was discussed that we may be able to return to quarterly competitions Q3 or Q4 of this year. Some ideas for the competitions were to brew a “Belgian” beer with no defined restrains on style, or to resume 2020’s existing schedule.

I would propose that we hold an in-person meeting during the Big Brew event on May 1st.  This meeting could be held outside where we could maintain social distancing.