Water Chemistry

Report for PWSID# VA2023740 White Oak Estates supplied to some customers by Aqua in Blue Ridge. Check your PWSID# on your statement if in the area.  Very malty profile.
Submitted by Keith Fields

Villamont Springs

Interestingly enough, the water reports for this region tend to be remarkably similar. For those of you who want to try a FREE source for spring water, I sent a sample from Villamont Springs (located just inside Bedford County on 460 right on the side of the road). There’s a sign that says, “do not drink this water”. I contacted Bedford County Works and they said that they put that sign up ONLY because they do not test it. I have used it many times with good results. The water profile is very similar to many other reports. Gotta love free water though!
Submitted by Eric Shelton

Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring WaterBottled Water

This is a great water to build from because it has very low mineral content from the spring. It is perfect as is for a German Pilsner or build up from there. Make sure you check the label as water from the South Carolina spring is sometimes mixed with water from their New York source and the chemistries are different.
Submitted by Pete Heyroth