July 2023 Meeting Notes

Star City Brewers Guild
July 2023 Meeting Notes
Sunday 7/30
Home of Pete Heyroth

  • Thank you Susan and Pete for hosting!
  • Future meeting host volunteers (Need location ideas for December)
    • August 20th – James and Joan
    • September – Harry Montoro
    • October – John and Kathy
    • November – Southern Hills Homebrew Supply
  • Financial Report
    • $7787.42 in the bank
    • Income 7/30/23
      • $40 50/50
      • $40 Dues
      • $15 Guild Hat
    • Expenses 7/30/23
      • $26.31 Q3 Competition Style Examples
  • Upcoming Events
    • September 2023 – Q3 21A American IPA Competition
    • October 2023 – Q4 10C Weizenbock Style Presentation
    • November 4, 2023 – Learn to Homebrew Day
      • Need brewers, beer donors, ABC license, food etc
    • December 2023 – Christmas Party and Q4 10C Weizenbock Competition
  • Feeding Southwest VA
    • Keith will reach out to Randy to see if there are available events with at least 2 weeks notice
  • 50/50
    • John Thompson won $40
  • Open Floor
    • John Thompson brought up an idea for a brew experiment where multiple beers are brewed with identical SMASH recipes except for the base malt. The purpose will be to determine the difference in premium , standard and extracts of the same grain family. A proposal to be presented by John at the August meeting.
      • Harry has offered for BLBC to donate some items in support of the base grain SMASH comparison  brew. Potentially yeast, hops and base grain.
      • We discussed the Guild covering the ingredient costs for members that participate not exceeding $400 total.
      • It was also discussed that all participants supply the beers brewed to the Learn to Homebrew Day event in November.
    • Homebrew Swap Meet
      • Date TBD but there appears to be some interest
  • Q3 21A American IPA Style Presentation
    • John Thompson gave a style presentation with two commercial examples
      • Bells Two Hearted
      • Alpine Duet


Attendance: 12