October 2015 Meeting – Notes

15 members showed up to share beer, chili and companionship on a damp October day in Salem, Virginia.
Thanks to Peter and Janelle for opening up their house to us!

General Business
Treasurer’s report: 88 paid members and a bank balance of $2247.50 (excluding most of the Throwdown entry payments – and expenses…)
Future meetings:
  • November 21st – Justin & Carrie C. (Voting on bylaw modification, nominations for president (and potentially VP & director), voting on beer styles)
  • December – Chaos Mountain (Voting, Belgian Dark Strong Ale competition, Dirty Santa, Brewer of the Year)
  • January – volunteer needed!
  • President and vice president nominations/elections – bylaw revisions
    • Bylaw changes discussed
    • Voting at will be at the November meeting
    • Absentee ballots will be sent out before the November meeting (approximately one week in advance)
  • Competition styles for 2016
    • Voting will be done like last year
    • Four major categories will be selected by email voting (initiated by the time these notes are distributed)
    • Individual styles will be voted on at the November meeting, selected from the four major categories with the most votes
  • December meeting at Chaos
    • After much discussion, it was decided that we would put the meeting date up for vote using SurveyMonkey (initiated by the time these notes are distributed)
  • Enter the BREWniverse – September 26th
    • Jeff Drinkert brewed a vanilla porter.
    • The popular voting resulted in a tie between Gene Hannah’s American brown ale and John Merton’s black lager.
    • It was a rainy day which curtailed participation but those who did attend enjoyed the tasting and took the voting quite seriously.
  • Blacksburg Brew Do & associated homebrew competition
    • October 17th, noon to five, at Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (over by the time these notes are distributed)
    • Congratulations to Kevin and the brew crew of Barry, Andy & Jason for their first place wins; and Dennis & Chris for their third place win!
    • Enter Southern Hills drawing (by the 15th) to win free tickets (over by the time these notes are distributed)
  • Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day – November 7th
    • Mike U. volunteered to brew. Others?
    • Volunteers are needed!
    • Beer is needed!
  • Star City Homebrew Throwdown – November 14th
    • Reached maximum number of entries
    • We passed around the best of show and first place trophy. James B. made beautiful star-shaped bases out of matching wood.
    • Around $3000 in prizes!
    • We encourage members to attend the awards presentation which will begin about 6:00 on Nov. 14th to support Chaos and the Brewers Guild in our inaugural Throwdown competition!
    • Those that attend the awards presentation will have an opportunity to participate in a raffle for some of the cool prizes and will get a souvenir tasting glass with the competition logo and Chaos Mountain’s logo (on opposing sides) (Thanks to Chaos for sponsoring the glasses!). A sample tasting glass (same brand/size, but with different logos) was passed around.
  • Custom insulated growlers
    • http://www.fiftyfiftybottles.com/64oz-growler/
    • $26 plus shipping (approximately $3 for a total of $29) (These are typically sold for $40 – $50)
    • SCBG logo included
    • We will pre-order and just charge actual costs. We need a minimum of 24 units.
  • Logo – is it time to update it?
    • General consensus was that the logo should largely stay the same – perhaps only update the font. Also under consideration: adding “Est. 1997” on the curve at the bottom to make it circular.
  • Open floor (local beer/brewery updates, brewing tips/questions, etc.)
    • Carrie suggested that we need to update the club brochure (and will work with Kevin to get it done)
    • Peter presented his mini-Randall.
    • Discussion of the new tasting room at Parkway and the “green” parking lot. Plus James B helped build the bridge! They are now open on Mondays and Wednesday through Saturday.
50/50 Raffle
  • No raffle this time due to lack of members and time…