May 2018 meeting notes

The weather held off for us for Big Brew this year after a dismal looking forecast in the days before. We were prepared for anything Mother Nature would throw our way. My count has 28 members present over the day along with many guests, some of which joined the guild or requested info about joining. Thanks to all involved in setup, cleanup, and tear down. The event was successful for both the guild and Southern Hills. Thanks to Robb Burden at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply for hosting this for us this year!

Dues Reminder- If you have not paid dues for 2018, please do so. Diane will collect dues at the next meeting if you wish to pay cash or check. If you would prefer to use PayPal, simply send money to . Choose the “Friends and Family” option to avoid a fee.

  • Toast- At 1:00 P.M. Allen conducted the annual Big Brew Toast in synch with all other AHA clubs celebrating Big Brew. We toasted to the American Homebrewers Association, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, and to Charlie Papazian, known as the “Father of Homebrewing,” who will be exiting the AHA in January of 2019 after 40 years. Allen concluded the toast by saying “here’s to the best hobby in the world and to Big Brew 2018!”
  • Next Meeting
    • 3B. Czech Premium Lager Competition- Saturday June 16th– Rudy and Diane’s 3:00 (judging)-7:00
    • If you have a competition entry, please email Kathy Merkwan-
    • We also need judges and stewards! Please let Kathy know in advance if you can do that.
    • Judging will begin at 3:00PM- Please make sure your entry is there before 3:00.
    • Meeting and awards ceremony will begin after judging is complete (Hopefully by 6:00).
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • $4,876.52
  • Next Community Building Meeting- Saturday May 12th at 2pm at Barrel Chest.  An event for this has been created and posted on our FB Group page.
  • New Business
    • Big Lick Canning Machine– Bryan announced that Big Lick Brewing Company picked up a canning machine and that guild members may use it. We just need to supply the beer and the cans.
      • Allen will head up any interested in a group buy of cans/lids (the smallest quantity is 192)
      • $106 after shipping split 4 ways comes out to about $27/person, each person would get 48 cans.
    • Barrel Project– We have a Bourbon barrel from smooth ambler for club use. Chris is trying to organize a group barrel project.
      • Style– Porter, Stout, Dark Sour?
      • Chris says he’d prefer 7 groups to brew 10 gallons each, but if your system cannot yield 10 gallons, then 5 is fine.
      • Chris has made a post on the facebook group and sent out an email.
      • Please contact Chris if you’re interested in participating in this barrel project. He will be in charge of coordinating logistics on this project.

Meeting Adjourned