March 2018 meeting notes

It was a beautiful March day at Big Lick Brewing Company so we took advantage of the warm weather and Big Lick’s wonderful beer garden. Thanks so much to BLBC for accommodating us with everything we needed! This meeting was well attended; we had over 50 in attendance including some new faces. The British Brown Ale competition also drew a lot of entries- there were 18 entries and 15 judges. Thanks to Kathy Merkwan for coordinating the judges/stewards and entries!


Dues Reminder- If you have not paid dues for 2018, please do so. Diane will collect dues at the next meeting if you wish to pay cash or check. If you would prefer to use PayPal, simply send money to . Choose the “Friends and Family” option to avoid a fee. At this time, do not use the link on the website since there’s no way to avoid the fee.

  • Next Meeting
    • Jimmy and Marisa’s House- Saturday, April 21st 4:00-7:00PM
    • Thanks for volunteering to host!
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Balance: $4,657.17
  • BYO Magazine Subscription
  • All magazine subscriptions are paid for.
  • SCBG Work Shirts
    • An error by Spartan has delayed work shirts once more. Perhaps it’s time to end business with them?.
  • SCBG T-Shirts
    • Will be sending out a survey to gauge interest in a couple different options on T-Shirts.
      • Option 1- on an order of 30 we can get them for $8 a piece. This is the company that Rudy and Doug M. ordered BOTY shirts from in the past.
      • Option 2- on an order of 24 or more- $12 per shirt. These shirts are heat pressed vinyl. V-Neck and Regular cuts available.
        • Pricing:

Crew Neck Gray T shirts 50cotton/50 Polyester:

S-Xlarge – $12, 2Xlarge- $14.50, 3Xlarge -5Xlarge- $16.00


V-neck shirts. Unisex Lightweight 100 cotton:

S-Xlarge- $12, 2Xlarge-$13.50, 3Xlarge-$15.50.

  • Tech Talk- Off Flavors
    • Big thanks to Doug B. for organizing this and Robb B. for hosting at Southern Hills
    • 11 people came out for a very interesting tasting experience. We realized that palates and noses are all different and that different folks are more sensitive to certain flavors (ex. Baby Vomit)
    • It was the most Budweiser any of us had drank in a very long time (Dilly Dilly).
  • Future Tech Talks
    • Please contact Allen- if interested in organizing one.
    • Chris G. wants to host a tech talk on Kettle Souring- Date/Time to be determined.
    • Southern Hills is always available for us to gather during business hours- Just contact Robb ahead of time. Thanks Robb for all your support.
    • Additionally, Robb is allowing us to use his equipment at the store.
  • Women’s Collaboration Brew Day Recap
    • Several of our women joined Ballast Point in Daleville on March 8th for a brew day. They brewed a Belgian IPA to be tapped on April 3rd. We should all make an effort to go to Ballast Point and try this beer!
    • Beer will be named “Sassy Lass.”
    • I will send out a reminder as the date comes closer.
  • Community Building Meeting
  • Twin Creeks Collab Brew Event
    • In discussion with Andy Bishop on planning a collab/demo brew day at Twin Creeks (date TBA but likely in May)
  • Beer Tasting/Appreciation Events
    • Formulating a quarterly meeting/event format on beer tasting/appreciation that will be open to the public and not geared towards brewing.
    • The objective is to attract public interest in the guild outside of brewing.
    • Format: public venue and open to/geared  towards the public
    • Possible partner: Center in the Square
  • Ambassador Program
    • Looking for volunteers to be ambassadors for the next few meetings
    • Sending out an email shortly on this and to define the role of an ambassador.
  • Member Brew Days
    • We want to encourage members to post ahead of time when they plan to brew and if they are open to visitors.  
  • Ideas For Website
    • Featured brewer or system profile, Forum, ect.
    • Plenty of homebrew club websites to check out and model our revamp after.
  • Plaque Unveiling
    • James unveiled the plaque that he made using donated cherry wood from Carl Y.
    • The plaque will last us another 20 years, saved us money, and was much higher quality than the company we originally looked at.
    • Excellent craftsmanship by James! The rounded edges were a very nice touch. We look forward to having this plaque around for the next couple of decades.

50/50 Raffle

    • $147.00 collected
    • Ian M. won the 50/50 drawing for $73.50- which is probably the biggest pot we’ve had since the Anniversary party in October. Thanks everyone who contributed.

New Business

  • Big Brew/May Meeting/LTHBD- May 5, 2018
    • Not too early to start thinking about volunteering for demos for this day. Please let Allen and Robb know if you would like to volunteer as a brew demo. Also, please inquire with Robb about any special accommodations for your brewing system.
    • Typically like to have 3-4 demos going throughout the day of varying methods (Extract/All-Grain/BIAB/Grainfather)
    • Robb offers a really nice discount to those who brew at these events.
  • Kentucky Derby Watch Party
    • Caleb at Hammer and Forge has invited us all down to his brewery for the Kentucky Derby watch party.
    • There will be a special tapping of Chris and Dennis’s Mint Julep Kolsch recipe- so come out and give it a try!
  • Competition Liaison
    • Steve Lusk has taken on our newly created position of Competition Liaison.
    • Steve will be coordinating with shipment of homebrew to competitions regionally. Please contact him if you would like to ship something to a competition.
    • This is a great step in getting our name out there! I encourage everyone to enter beers into competitions and put SCBG on the map.
  • Competition Raffles
    • Judge/Steward Raffle winner- Jason C. ($40 Southern Hills Gift Card)
    • Entry Raffle Winner- Robert R. (2lbs. hops courtesy of BLBC)
  • Competition Results
    • 18 Entries total in 13 B. British Brown competition
      • 3rd Place- Darin Pearson
      • 2nd Place- Justin & Carrie Cox
      • 1st Place- Rudy Lyon
  • BLBC Small Batch Brewing
    • Bryan Summerson has extended an invite to anyone who would like to brew at BLBC on his old homebrew system for Big Lick. Please contact him if you have a recipe you’d like him to scale up and brew.
    • Bryan also offered to brew the quarterly competition winners’ beer.
  • Free Bottles!
    • Scott and Martha announced that they have bottles available, cleaned and de-labeled for guild members.
    • Please contact them if you’d like to arrange to get any (note these notes were completed well after the meeting so supplies may not be available at this point in time).
  • Adjourned