January 2016 Meeting – Notes

We started the year off with nearly record-setting attendance at the January meeting. (Was it because you knew that I wouldn’t be there?) We packed the house at Big Lick Brewing Company with 43 members, 4 guests and 2 kids, for a total of 49 people! The membership total includes three new members – please extend a hearty welcome to Darin Pearson, Caleb Williamson and Brad Wyatt.

When I say “members”, I am assuming that y’all will actually pay your dues. Please don’t forget to pay your dues as soon as possible! Your membership dues are what allow us to do all of the cool stuff that we do!!
Thanks to Bryan, Chuck & Harry (along with Jenny & Kim, of course) for allowing the Guild to invade Big Lick Brewing Company on their day off.
General Business
Treasurer’s report: Mike U. – by the end of the meeting, we only had 35 paid members. Before the meeting, our bank account was at $1497.17. Once people all pay for their growlers, this will go back to normal. Don’t forget to pay for your growlers!
Note: Please make sure you pay your 2016 dues as soon as possible! $20 for an individual, $25 for a “family” or couple. Paid membership is required for entry in competitions.
Future meetings:
  • February 21st (Sunday) – Bill M. (American barleywine presentation)
  • March 20th (Sunday) – James & Joan (Irish red ale competition)
  • April 17th (Sunday) – Kevin & Bailie (American IPA presentation)
  • May 7th (Saturday) – Rudy L. (Big Brew!)
  • Budget – Harry presented the 2015 review, and 2016 plan.
  • Barleywine presentation/commercial sampling – Attendees agreed it should it be at the February meeting to allow for the long aging required.  Need a volunteer to do presentation.
  • Activity volunteers – Joan B. made an appeal to members encouraging them to volunteer to lead club activities. There are still many open slots for people willing to contribute to the club!
  • NHC – June 9-11  in Baltimore.  Takumi is heading up the effort for club involvement and representation.  Registration for event opens 8 March and tickets go quickly.  Must be an AHA member to register.  The conference is 3 days of beer & education.  There is also a homebrew competition with awards presented at the conference.  For more information, see Takumi’s email of 16 January.
  • Fixed meeting dates – Takumi presented the suggestion that the club meetings be held on a fixed weekend (third weekend) each month while leaving flexibility for the month’s host to pick either Saturday or Sunday according to their wishes.  This would help members plan their months in advance and possibly increase attendance and participation. See Takumi’s email of 18 January.
  • Tasting/critiquing sessions – Kathy M. has volunteered to coordinate tasting/critiquing sessions for interested club members.  The sessions will be more structured than the sampling at meetings but less strict than the quarterly competitions and are intended to be for members to get feedback and suggestions on their chosen homebrews.  First session will be in sometime in February.  Look for email from Kathy in the next few weeks.
  • SCBG’s 20th anniversary – The idea of doing something special for the 20th anniversary of the Star City Brewers Guild in 2017 was introduced to the group.  Lead volunteer needed! (Carrie C. and Harry M. said that they would help whoever volunteered to head up the activity.)
  • Brewing loaner system – Harry M. will put out a Survey Monkey questionnaire to see what can be put together for a brewing loaner system.
  • BJCP exam – Kevin C. would like the club to host a BJCP exam in Roanoke in 2017 and is organizing prep classes for those who wish to take the exam.  10 or 11 people have indicated interest and will likely begin classes in February.  If you are interested and have not yet let Kevin know, send him an email (kevincampbell27@gmail.com) so you can get on his list.  (It may be possible to attend the prep classes even if you don’t plan to take the exam next year, but arrangements will need to be made in advance to share the costs of the commercial samples.)  See Kevin’s email of 4 December.
  • Brewer of the Year – Kevin C. was presented with the Brewer of the Year plaque.  This is the 3rd time he has earned this honor! (He needs one more to tie Bryan S, though!)
  • New Growlers – Many people picked up their growlers.  Still have 12 pre-ordered growlers to distribute.
  • Open floor
    • John B. discussed the Barrel Project.  The idea is that a number of people will contribute to fill the 53 gallon barrel, then in the future those people will be allowed to remove a portion at a time, replacing what they take in volume.  The style will be a Flanders Red. See John B’s email of 17 January for more details.
    • Congratulations and thanks to Dennis Stevens who got SCBG mentioned in Zymurgy magazine!
    • Beth D. suggested that the club do a “Group Night” at a Salem Red Sox game. See Beth’s email of 19 January.
    • Bryan S. let us know that Keno from Parkway Brewing had a serious stroke.
    • John S. suggested we have name tags in the future to help everyone learn the names of the large number of members.
    • Chris S. announced that Callaway Brewing has closed and is out of business.  They will be open for 1 day on 29 January for a “fire sale.”  See Facebook post for details.
50/50 Raffle
  • Cindy McClure won the 50/50 raffle – $58. Congratulations, Cindy!
Irish Red Ale Presentation/Commercial Tasting
  • John M. presented the Irish red ale style. Commercial examples tasted:
    • O’Hara’s
    • Smithwicks
    • Killian’s
Tech Talk
  • Bryan S. presented yeast starters.