November 2019 meeting notes

November 2019 Meeting – Saturday 11/16/19

* Thanks to Brian & Vanessa For Hosting!

            Very nice environment in “Odells Pub”

Amazing food spread as well!!

– Next Meeting – Christmas Party at Chaos Mountain Brewing!!! Saturday 12/14/2019 (3 pm – 6 pm)

            Belgian Dark Strong Competition

            Dirty Santa gift exchange

            Brewer of the Year will be named

– Treasurer’s Report– Harry M.

            Over $7000 in funds, includes shirts money which will be paid out soon

            3 new members

– 2020 Officers Nominations (Voting is now active – Wed 11/20/19)

            Chris Gray nominated and accepts nomination for President

            Harry M nominated and accepts nomination for open board position

            Adam K nominated and accepts nomination for President and Vice President

            Carrie Cox nominated for President and declined nomination

            Tim Paul nominated and accepts nomination for Vice President

– 2020 Competition Beer Styles – Online Voting is active (email went out earlier this week.)

            Get votes in by Thursday for main categories, subcategory voting to follow soon after


– Thank you to all volunteers. We were out there at 9 am to setup and get started.

– Thank you Demo Brewers: Brian Rorrer, Rudy Lyon, Tim Paul & Chris Gray

            Brian brewed an Imperial Porter, will be adding vanilla soon

            Tim brewed a Juicy IPA

Chris Gray did extract/partial grain Belgian Saison on an induction cooktop. Then left   open for 24 hours on Robbs porch (coolship/spontaneous fermentation).

Rudy brewed a Russian Imperial Stout using no/slow chill. Experiment in water conservation. Took home & pitched kveik, probably too cool in basement, fermenting slowly, brought temp up to 73 and fermentation took off.

– Beer tastings were going all day. We had (3) kegs plus many bottles and cans. Thank you to those who donated beer.

– 3 new members from event, 6 new signups for email list

Throwdown 2020 – (Ken S-K)

            Saturday March 21 @ Big Lick, published via AHA

            Rudy started on swag campaign, “Team Grovel”,  looking for help

            125 total entries will be accepted

            2 days of judging

– Competition Updates (Steve Lusk)

            Will be updating website newsletter soon

            In addition to our quarterly competitions, looking to do a “Weird Ass Beer” competition

                        Beers that don’t fall under any real main category, similar to Iron Brewer competition

                        Early summer timeline

– Work Shirt Order

– Likely ready next week.

– If you haven’t paid yet please do so ASAP. Cash, Check or Paypal.

– Barrels for Sale at Barrel Chest

            (2) 55 gallon whisky barrels

            (1) 65 gallon cognac barrel

– 50/50 Raffle– Harry

            $50 to club, $50 to winner to James Wargo

            John S wins Bottle of Star San

            Matt B wins A Few Old Goats Gift Card

            Tim P wins Jack Brown’s Gift Card

– Open Floor

            For brewer of the year, additional points should be awarded for final table appearance/place.

                        Might have to change bylaws to make this come to fruition.

Very real possibility that brewer of the year could have the most points but not actually place in any quarter.

                        Additional 3 pts for 1st, 2 pts for 2nd, 1 pt for 3rd (as an example).

            Doug asks about interest in insulated growler, should be around $30 each

                        Laser etched with 4” logo

                        More than likely will require minimum order.

                        Chris G to research and present options

            NHC June 18-20 in Nashville, TN

                        Looking for interest in showing up as a club and doing club night, serving beer

            Off flavor tasting session. Kit to be purchased, will be tentatively scheduled first quarter 2020

Looking at purchasing a hops sensory kit as well.

Meeting adjourned.

Attendance: 30