You don’t have to be a brewer to join the guild

Become a first time brewer, or perfect your burgeoning skills. Become an authority, a connoisseur, or simply celebrate your passion for good beer with like-minded people.

This is a social hobby and our members love beer and love helping others start their own brewing journey. If you have questions or need a little help with a process, there is no better place to seek answers.

If you’re thirsty for more knowledge, or just thirsty for great beer, HOP ON and join!

What do I get by Joining the Star City Brewers Guild?
Membership provides access to club meetings, homebrewing events and a chance to connect with fellow homebrewers. You get to hang out with a diverse group of people who are craft beer lovers! Our members have a passion for not only brewing great beer, but for supporting it all the way around: from grain to glass. We have members who have been brewing for decades along with members who have just started, and even members who just love great beer and supporting the local craft beer scene. There is a great appreciation for uniquely American styles of beer as well as popular styles from around the word.

By joining the club you can help out at beer related events that we participate in. Locally, we give demonstrations on homebrewing at places like Big Brew/Learn to Homebrew (May), and Learn to Homebrew (November). This is a great way to meet and help educate people in the community about beer and brewing. Many times a member will have a brew session or gathering at their home to share homebrew. These tend to be member only events and are always a great time. As a club we also have quarterly themed competitions for members only with prizes and medals.

Membership is open to anyone interested in great beer who is of legal drinking age.

Dues are $20 for an individual membership and $25 for a couples membership – i.e. spouses and significant others are welcome.

Single Membership
$20.00 plus $0.88 service charge

Couples Membership
$25.00 plus $1.03 service charge

Payments other than Memberships

NOTE:  On the paypal payment confirmation screen, in the “Add a Note” field please indicate what the payment is for, ie. BYO magazine subscriptions, etc.