Star City Brewers Guild

Over the years, the craft beer scene has flourished in the Roanoke Valley. The majority of local brewery owners and head brewers started as home brewers in our club. Below are some of the local breweries and businesses begun by some of our club’s members: 

Barrel Chest Wine & Beer, Big Lick Brewing CompanyGreat Wilderness Brewing Company, Olde Salem Brewing Company, Twin Creeks Brewing Company, Twisted Track Brewpub, and WildManDan Brewery & Beer Centric B&B

A Milestone Anniversary
In 2023 the Star City Brewers Guild celebrated 25 years in the Roanoke Valley. We are a home brewing club with over 70 members promoting the hobby of brewing beer, and the appreciation of craft beer through monthly meetings, community events, and competitions.


Star City Brewers Guild Bylaws 1. Name and Purpose The club shall be the Star City Brewer’s Guild. The club will strive to encourage a healthy interest in the history and culture of craftbrewing through lectures, demonstrations, educational activities, and competitions. The club will conduct homebrewing competitions annually with prizes and public acknowledgements. The club may choose to …