August 2018 meeting notes

Despite many members being out of town for various activities, we still drew a large crowd at Hammer and Forge in Boones Mill. Thanks to Caleb Williamson for being a great host!

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July 2018 meeting notes


We drew a nice crowd to Southern Hills Homebrew Supply including several new members. The count was 34 members and 3 children. Thanks so much to Robb and Southern Hills Homebrew Supply for hosting us.

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June 2018 meeting notes


It was a very warm June day, but the guild’s tent and the backyard foliage shaded us from the brutal heat. We had 22 members in attendance and one guest. As always, Rudy and Diane were wonderful hosts and accommodated everything we could possibly need. There’s always a nice selection of beers on tap in Rudy’s brewery. The basement worked perfectly for judging space as well. Thanks to Rudy and Diane for hosting!

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May 2018 meeting notes

The weather held off for us for Big Brew this year after a dismal looking forecast in the days before. We were prepared for anything Mother Nature would throw our way. My count has 28 members present over the day along with many guests, some of which joined the guild or requested info about joining. Thanks to all involved in setup, cleanup, and tear down. The event was successful for both the guild and Southern Hills. Thanks to Robb Burden at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply for hosting this for us this year!

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April 2018 meeting notes

We couldn’t have asked for a better day to host a meeting in April. It was a comfortable 67 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and a slight breeze in the air. Jimmy and Marisa’s home was laid out perfectly for hosting an outdoor meeting and we were able to use the guild’s tent for the first time this year. 19 members came out to Jimmy and Marisa’s place and their dog, Sam, joined us as well waiting patiently for someone to drop some food near him.

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March 2018 meeting notes

It was a beautiful March day at Big Lick Brewing Company so we took advantage of the warm weather and Big Lick’s wonderful beer garden. Thanks so much to BLBC for accommodating us with everything we needed! This meeting was well attended; we had over 50 in attendance including some new faces. The British Brown Ale competition also drew a lot of entries- there were 18 entries and 15 judges. Thanks to Kathy Merkwan for coordinating the judges/stewards and entries!


Dues Reminder- If you have not paid dues for 2018, please do so. Diane will collect dues at the next meeting if you wish to pay cash or check. If you would prefer to use PayPal, simply send money to . Choose the “Friends and Family” option to avoid a fee. At this time, do not use the link on the website since there’s no way to avoid the fee.

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February 2018 meeting notes

It was a foggy and rainy February evening, but 30 guild members showed up at Scott and Martha’s home for some delicious homebrew and a style presentation. Thanks again to Scott and Martha for opening your home to the guild as well as the crockpot full of chicken chili.

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January 2018 meeting notes

Despite the NFC and AFC Championship games, we were still able to bring a nice crowd of 30 regular members and 5 guests to Blue Ridge Hydroponics for a total of 35. We also had a dog in attendance!

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December 2017 meeting notes

Our last meeting of the year and holiday party was attended by 45 members, 3 guests and 5 children for a total of 53. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks again and again to Chaos for hosting our annual gathering. It was fun to have Joe H hang out with us as well. And while I’m in the thanking spirit; thanks to Kathy for coordinating the Q4 competition and BOTY tally and also to Joan, the dirty Santa Master, for her marvelous process and control execution. Most of all, I want to thank each and every member that worked throughout 2017 to pull off what was a very busy year. We started the year with 97 members and will finish it with 123. Even more exciting than a 27% growth in membership, is that 47 of 123 were not paid members in 2016. Speaking of members, let’s welcome Adam and Marcie Kendall who joined on Saturday.

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2018 Brewer of the Year

Quarterly Styles for 2018

March/Q1-English Brown-13B

June/Q2- Czech Pilsner- 3B

September/Q3-Specialty IPA- 21B

December/Q4-Russian Imperial Stout-20C

Download (XLS, 8KB)

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