September 2019 meeting notes

– Thanks to Harry For Hosting!

– Next Meeting – SUN 10/27 at Justin & Carrie Cox      

– Treasurer’s Report– (Harry)


111 members

4 New members here at the meeting

– 2019 Upcoming Events

LTHB Day – November 2 (at SHHS & BRH)

Need some volunteers to do brew demos

Highland Games Wrap Up (Mario & Brian)

            Huge effort from Brian and Mario, because of their planning, event was such a success

            Have been invited back next year, and invited to Sedalia Center Celtic Festival

            30 folks signed up for email, 5 new members

            Better interaction with crowd than we’ve done at GoFest previously

            Need to do water station for future events

Shoutouts: Tim Paul great demo brew on three tier system, Adam K donated several beers and a couple brew kits which were raffled off.

Throwdown 2020

            Need volunteers, Ken S-K will be reaching out to help gather support

            Tentatively scheduled for late March, hoping that Big Lick will be willing to host again

– Competition Updates (Steve Lusk)

            Brew Do (SAT 10/26)

                        Entries due this week, Sept 23 and 24.

                        Judges still needed for TUE (10/1) at 1 PM (contact Brian Rorrer)

            Skirmish in the Triad

                        Just opened for entries

            Brian R submitted to competition in Scranton, PA

            Ken S-K has had beers judged on Dr. Homebrew podcast twice in the past month

– Big Willie Draft System Upgrades

            Glass rinser

            New lines

            Redo gas distibution for separate regulators per keg (6)

            Still need to figure out full plan and budget

– Bylaws Ammendment – Online Ballot

Bylaws currently say that we must do secret ballot, inferring paper

Proposed language to be amended to allow for online balloting of board and officers

Official vote will be done at October meeting  

– Work Shirt Order –

Order Form is Up

$30 per shirt from Spartan Silk Screening

Many colors available. 10 minimum order size.

Order will be submitted in approximately 2 weeks

Will look into getting t-shirts

– Competition 29A Fruit Beer results

            18 Entries

            Thanks to Rudy and Dianne for organizing

            3rd Place – Steve Lusk – Mango Pale Ale

            2nd Place – Matt Klumpp – Tangerine & Grapefruit Berliner Weisse (not present)

            1st Place – Ken & Jen S-K – Apricot Saison

            Raffle for Brewer – $40 Gift Card to Southern Hills – Jeff Drinkert

            Raffle for Judge – $40 Gift Card to Southern Hills – Brian R

            Consolation – brewer – StarSan – Chris G

                        Donated to new winner – Tim Paul

            Consolation – judges – AFOG 32oz Growler – Scott S

Congrats to all our winners!!

– 50/50 Raffle– Harry

            $76 total, $38 split

Winner: Renee & John Hines 

– Open Floor

Total Attendance: 37