October 2021 Meeting Notes

Star City Brewers Guild
October 2021 Meeting Notes
Sunday October 17th
The home of Harry Montoro

  • Thank you to Harry and Lynn for hosting.
  • The November meeting will be held at the Learn to Homebrew Day event at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply on Saturday November 6th.
  • The club has $7942.?5 in the bank account (I could not read the tenths digit, sorry.)
  • The next club competition will be held in December and will feature Irish Extra Stout. In preparation for the competition Keith Fields went over the BJCP guidelines and we all tasted a sample from the style – Guinness Irish Extra Stout.
  • Chris Stevens suggested that in addition to our normal quarterly competitions that we could also hold an “open” competition that was not limited to a specific style. Some discussion was made about the difficulties involved with our normal judging process regarding such a competition. It was then suggested that the competition could be held at an event like Learn To Homebrew Day and the judging could be handled by the public in a “People’s Choice” manner.
  • It is just about time to nominate and vote on new club officers. If you are interested in holding a leadership position within the Guild, please don’t hesitate to speak up. Robb announced that he would not be running for re-election. We are still looking for a few more growler orders before we are able to place the bulk order. If you are interested in a growler please contact Tim Paul.
  • At this time, I believe we have all the orders we need to fulfill a bulk workshirt/T-shirt order. However, if you would like to add to that order, please contact Robert Hedge as soon as possible.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Learn to Homebrew Day – Saturday November 6th
      • That is next Saturday
      • We still need volunteers for brewing demonstrations, homebrew to be served, and folks to operate Big Willy and serve the public
      • Harry Montoro has applied for an ABC Banquet License and we should be receiving that this week.
    • HomebrewCon 2022 – June 23-25 2022 in Pittsburgh, PA
      • Chris Stevens has volunteered to “refresh” the club display that we used at the Baltimore HomebrewCon in 2016.
      • If you would like to help Chris with the refresh, please contact him.
  • Open Floor – Matt Klumpp won the low alcohol mini competition earlier this year and one of his prizes was to be able to brew his beer at Twisted Tracks. That beer is now on tap and you should go check it out!