September 2021 Meeting Notes

Star City Brewers Guild
September 2021 Meeting Notes
Saturday September 11th
The home of Dave and Anna Gibson

  • Thank you to the Gibsonโ€™s for hosting.
  • The October meeting is scheduled to be held on Sunday October 24th, though that date is not written in stone, at the home of Harry Montoro.
  • Financial Update โ€“ weโ€™re flush with cash.
  • Event recap โ€“
    • Feeding Southwest Virginia Friday August 20th
    • Joan Brown said that it was a very well organized operation.
    • Members made 250 boxes of food by 3:30.
    • Members where asked where the beer was ๐Ÿ™‚
    • The members then cleaned up and some met at Olde Salem Brewing
    • Everybody said that they would do it again
  • Work Shirt Order โ€“ We need two more shirts to complete an order. If you are interested, please contact Robert Hedge.
  • Growler Order โ€“ We need 23 more growlers to place an order. If you are interested, please contact Tim Paul
  • Upcoming Events
    • Saturday November 6th โ€“ Learn to Homebrew Day. We need volunteers for brewing demonstrations and beer tastings. Harry Montoro is working on a banquet license. If you would like to volunteer on that day, please contact Robb Burden.
    • October 2022 โ€“ SCBG 25th Anniversary. We need someone to lead the event planning for this anniversary. Since this is such a large milestone for our club, we would like to plan an elaborate event. If you would like to lead this, please contact Robb Burden.
  • September Quarterly Competition โ€“ BJCP Category 10A, German Weissbier
    • There were 5 entries for this competition
    • All entries scored above 30 (Very Good)
    • 1st Place was won by Rudy Lyon with a score of 40 (Excellent)
    • 2nd Place was won by Matt Klumpp with a score of 39 (Excellent)
    • 3rd Place was won by Mike Usberghi with a score of 37 (Very Good)
    • Tim Paul got Honorable Mention
    • Thank you to Mike U. for organizing and Kathy Merkwan for leading the stewarding
  • December Quarterly Competition BJCP Category 15C, Irish Extra Stout
    • Keith Fields has volunteered to bring style examples to the next meeting
    • Mike Usberghi will bring a style writeup
  • Open Floor
    • GoFest will be held in downtown Roanoke this year. Robb will see if we are able to get involved at this late stage.
    • Chris Urbane is looking to buy used kegs and kegging equipment.