January 2017 meeting notes

Thanks to all that were able to attend our first meeting of 2017. A special thanks to Scott and Martha for hosting. The meeting was attended by 32 including one guest (Richard Powell-with his Kambucha samples) and three children.

Our next meeting will be Sunday February 19 beginning 3PM at Kevin and Baille’s home. Kevin will present the Brett Beer style for our September competition.


  • Vote on bylaws amendment (see appendix).
    • There were no objections to the bylaw amendment either at the meeting or by email voting.
  • Announcement of new treasurer & treasurer’s report.
    • We thanked Mike Usberghi for his many years of service as treasurer and welcomed Diane Lyon as our new treasurer.
  • Budget for 2017.
    • The final budget for 2017 accompanied the meeting announcement. A few club expenses planned for 2017 were mentioned.
  • SCBG branding & communication (internal-external) project. Volunteers?
    • Allen F and Carrie C stepped up to take on the challenge of reviewing our communication processes, both internal and external (website, two facebook pages and Yahoo). An added task, which I failed to mention, involves creating a new SCBG flyer/brochure.
  • Patrick’s Day SCBG float? Looks like we will have a tough time meeting guidelines.
    • No go this year but we’ll see what the 2017 requirements are and prepare a timeline for registration for the 2018 event.
  • SCBG 20th Anniversary thoughts. (Doug M)
    • I mentioned some of the ideas tabled by our BOD but suggested we allow Doug start a discussion at our next meeting.
  • GO Outside Festival October 14-16 (Takumi S)
    • Will discuss at next meeting.
  • Big Brew collaboration with Hill City HBC (Lynchburg) Yes/No?
    • The consensus was to keep it local. I’ll advise the Hill City group of decision.
  • BYO Magazine Promotion. 50% off if club generates 10 subscriptions. Interest?
    • We have eight (Alex B, Jeff D, Denver M, Ed S, John M, Doug B, Darin P and Rudy L) of ten needed to get the 50% off club discount. Please let me know if anyone else has interest….WE JUST NEED TWO MORE. The promotion.is attached. Personally, I enjoy the publication.
  • Renew Tech Talk meetings as separate gatherings?
    • There was interest in reviving Tech Talk discussion as events outside our monthly meetings. Tom B agreed to lead the first one on Foam tentatively looking at Feb 25. Location TBD. I mentioned doing one on water but cautioned the material can be pretty dry.
  • Tasting calibration vs pro review?
    • We’ll get something scheduled into a non-competition & non-style presentation meeting.
  • Open floor.
    • Rudy L was presented BOTY T shirt and plaque. Thanks to all.
    • Doug B had an example of the ceramic growler that can be made if we can get at least ten people interested.
  • 50/50 drawing.
    • Thanks to Alex B for running 50/50 and filling in for Harry. Ed S won $30 with the other $30 going to the club coffers.
  • American Porter presentation. (Doug B)
    • Thanks to Doug B for leading us through the American Porter. style presentation. Many were surprised with how different the samples were. The leeway in tasting the style was consistent with the broad scope within the BJCP guideline. Doug’s BJCP style sheet along with a listing of American Porters sampled are attached.