February 2016 Meeting – Notes

It was rainy and cold outside, but inside it was warm and full of beer and food and sparkling personalities! We had 30 members, two guests and one kid for a total of 33 people.
Thanks to Bill & Cindy for opening their home to us!

General Business
Treasurer’s report: Mike U. – before the start of the meeting, we had $2483.46 in the bank and 47 paid members.
Note: Please make sure you pay your 2016 dues as soon as possible! $20 for an individual, $25 for a “family” or couple. Paid membership is required for entry in competitions.
Future meetings:
  • March 20th (Sunday) – James & Joan (Irish red ale competition)
  • April 17th (Sunday) – Kevin & Bailie (American IPA presentation)
  • May 7th (Saturday) – Rudy & Diane (Big Brew)
  • June 18th/19th – Matt & Rachel (American IPA competition)
  • July 16th/17th – Darin P. (Historical beer presentation)
  • August 20th/21st – Doug & Kelleigh
  • September 17th/18th – Matt N. (if wife approves) (Historical beer competition)
  • October 16th – Big Lick Brewing
  • November 19th/20th – Justin & Carrie (Officer nominations)
  • December 17th/18th – Chaos Mountain Brewing (American barleywine competition, elections)
  • FastRack Speed Challenge – We will do the FastRack Speed Challenge at the March meeting. The people with the best times nationally will get free tickets to the NHC in Baltimore for a chance to compete for the “World’s Best” title and a few prizes.
  • Franken Yeast – Robb at Southern Hills has some out-of-date yeast. He will group them into three categories: Belgian/wheat, ale, and lager (if there is interest). The plan would be to make big starters with the combined yeasts. Those interested can use one of the yeast blends to make their own beer. Perhaps get together to brew? Further discussion required.
  • Labels – A guest at the December meeting (Steve’s father-in-law) suggested that we provide more details about the beers that we bring to share. Kevin volunteered to create a template and send it out before the next meeting.
  • NHC – June 9-11  in Baltimore – Takumi
    • Registration for event opens 10am MT on 8 March and tickets go quickly. Must be an AHA member to register.
    • http://www.homebrewcon.org/registration/registration-fees/
    • There was enough interest in participating in the “Club Night” activities that Takumi will pursue registering SCBG for one of the slots. We need volunteers to supply kegs of beer as well as volunteers to man the table for a specific time to pour. So far it looks like at least 8 members plan to attend the conference.
  • Tasting/critiquing sessions – Kathy
    • The first Session will be on Wednesday, 2 March at John & Kathy M’s house beginning at 7. This is a tasting for discussion purposes and if you want to have your beer critiqued, you must attend and participate. It is for members only. You choose the beer you want to get critiqued but no beer of the style scheduled for club competition this year is allowed. A separate email from Kathy was sent on the 23rd.
  • BJCP exam – Kevin
    • BJCP exam training begins on Sunday, 6 March at 3:00 and will be held at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply. Plans are to meet the 1st Sunday each month for on-going training in preparation for the BJCP exam to be held in about a year in Roanoke. Club membership is required. Contact Kevin C. if you are interested. A separate email from Kevin was sent on the 25th.
  • Southern Hills Homebrew Supply Anniversary – John B.
    • Southern Hills Homebrew Supply Anniversary & Brew demo event will be on Saturday, 19 March from 11-4. There will be presentations and a “Question & Answer” session with local professional brewers. Additionally a food truck and homebrew samples will be available. Anyone wishing to do a presentation should contact John Berg or Robb Burden. Volunteers are also needed to supply homebrew, pour samples, answer questions and brew for the demonstration. The club has agreed to get the ABC license required for this event.
  • Homebrew Demo Day – May 21st – John B.
    • John B. has volunteered to coordinate the details for the club to participate in events at both Blue Ridge Hydroponics & Home Brewing Company and at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply. More details to follow… volunteers will be needed.
  • “Group Night” at a Salem Red Sox game – Beth/Harry
    • Beth D. & Harry M. are organizing an outing to the Salem Red Sox game on Thursday, 21 April. They are asking that the $8 per ticket fee is paid in advance or at least commit to pay ( i.e., meaning if your plans change – you will still need to make the payment).We will be getting a block of box seats for a group price at a savings of $3/ticket. There is still time to sign up if you contact Beth or Harry soon.
  • Growlers – remember to pick up (and pay for) your growlers!
  • Activity volunteers – please sign up!
  • Open floor:
    • Brian S. has an immersion heater/cooler that he will lend to someone who will agree to teach him how to use it.
50/50 Raffle
  • John Z. won the 50/50 raffle – $45.50. Congratulations, John!
Irish Red Ale Presentation/Commercial Tasting
  • John Z. presented the American barleywine style. Commercial examples tasted…
Tech Talk
  • Rudy L. presented “Measuring SG using carboy weight.” A copy of the handout was sent out on the 22nd.