February 2017 meeting notes

Thanks to all who attended our February meeting and a special thanks to Kevin and Bailie for sharing their home with us! We enjoyed an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon considering it’s the middle of February! Our meeting was attended by 37 members, 3 guests and four wee brewers, Luman, River, Parker and Lila! Kevin presented the Brett Beer category and we heard Robyn Smyth describe her plans to develop a “Business of Brewing” short course at VT.

Our next meeting will be held Saturday March 18th from 4-7PM at James and Joan’s home. This meeting will include our American Porter competition. If you are submitting a competition entry, please have it at the meeting by 2:45PM as judging will begin promptly at 3PM.

Agenda and minutes:

  • NEW! One-on-One feedback
    • A few members arrived at 2:15 to share and receive comment on their homebrew. All who participated agreed we should continue at non-competition meetings.
  • Treasurer’s report-(Diane L)
    • Diane advised we had $4,440.40 in our BNC account.
  • Go Outside festival-(Takumi S).
    • Takumi provided an update on Go-outside. He was questioned on the logistics of brewing without wort chiller water. I’m sure we can come up with a creative solution. He suggest one shift Friday and perhaps 3 or 4 for each shift Saturday and Sunday. Another suggestion was to use brew created to serve at Learn to Homebrew the following month. This would provide continuity for those attending both events. He will look into further details as event planning develops.
  • Allen Francis & team: SCBG branding & communication project discussion & update.
    • Allen proposed that we give a forum platform a try, perhaps using a Tech-Talk discussion as a test communication. Chuck Garst has agreed to set up a forum for the club.
  • SCBG 20th Anniversary planning. (Doug M).
    • Doug outlined a number of possibilities for the SCBG 20th He will lead the charge.
  • Team leader/coordinator needed:
    • Doug B has agreed to be the lead coordinator for Teach a Friend and Learn to Homebrew. Thank you Doug!
      • Teach a friend (May 20)
      • Learn to homebrew (Nov 4)
    • Tech Talk meetings as separate gatherings
      • Foam (Thom date TBD)
      • Water (Rudy date TBD)
        • I’ll send out a proposed date and list of topics soon.
      • Yeast experiment w/Chaos-(Kevin C)
        • Kevin estimated that we will need a commitment for 40 batches which will cost members about $10 each for each 5 gallon batch taken. Kevin will solicit commitments and provided meet the threshold, move forth with planning.
      • VT Business of Brewing/Bootcamp certificate program-(Robyn Smyth-guest)
        • Robyn spoke about her plans to design and offer a Business of Brewing short course. She was lucky to have a meeting well-attended by professional brewers & owners from Chaos, Big Lick and Hammer & Forge. She will send me an invitation for further discussion at the Hotel Roanoke.
      • Open floor.
        • Rudy L mentioned Brown Truck in High Point NC as a worthwhile brewery visit.
        • Doug M mentioned Wild Man Dan’s along Nelson 151 as a fun weekend getaway. I second that.
      • 50/50 drawing-(Harry M).
        • Congratulations to Chris S on his 50/50 win of $55.50…that’s a tongue twister!
      • Brett Beer presentation (Kevin C)
        • Thanks to Kevin for tackling a difficult yet very interesting beer style presentation. I believe the samples were enjoyed.


Please let me know if the minutes are incomplete or inaccurate.