About Us

The Star City Brewers Guild (“SCBG” or “the Guild”) is the area’s only homebrewers’ club officially recognized by the AHA (American Homebrewers Association). The SCBG serves the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas and includes members from as far away as Lynchburg, Martinsville, and Blacksburg, Virginia.  At the end of 2016, the Guild consisted of 90 paid members, including single memberships and couples.  The SCBG meets monthly, but is much more than monthly meetings.  The Guild as a group, and as individual members, has a recognizable presence in the Roanoke Valley as knowledgeable advocates for quality brewing and good beer, both homebrewed and craft-brewed.


Frequently Asked Questions How do I join? Show up at any of the monthly membership meetings. For the location details just contact someone listed on the “Contact Us” link, or find us on Facebook & IM for location. Membership is open to anyone interested in great beer that is of legal drinking age. Dues are $20 …


Star City Brewers Guild Bylaws 1. Name and Purpose The club shall be the Star City Brewer’s Guild. The club will strive to encourage a healthy interest in the history and culture of craftbrewing through lectures, demonstrations, educational activities, and competitions. The club will conduct homebrewing competitions annually with prizes and public acknowledgements. The club may choose to …

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