May 2021 Meeting II Notes

SCBG May Meeting II Notes – May 16, 2021

First, thank you to Robert and Vanessa Hedge for hosting the meeting. We had 17 people in attendance, including some new members and visitors, and a good time was had by all. 

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May 2021 Big Brew / Meeting I Notes

Hey everyone!

I’d like to thank everyone that came out for today’s Big Brew Event. I’d especially like to thank Tim & Amanda, Keith, and Steve for their brewing demonstrations today. 

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March 2021 Meeting Notes

SCBG Monthly-ish Meeting – March 25, 2021

The March 2021 meeting was held via Facebook and there were 17 members present throughout the meeting.

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February 2020 Meeting Notes

FeBREWary 2020 Meeting Notes – Sunday 02/16/2020

Thanks to Southern Hills Homebrew Supply For Hosting!

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FeBREWary 2020 Meeting Notes – Sunday 02/16/2020

Thanks to Southern Hills Homebrew Supply For Hosting!

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January 2020 Meeting Notes

January 2020 Meeting Notes – Sunday 1/19/2020

* Thanks to Southern Hills Homebrew Supply For Hosting!

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December 2019 meeting notes

* Thanks to Chaos Mountain Brewing For Hosting!

            Also thank you to everyone who attended!

  • Next Meeting: Southern Hills Homebrew Supply
    • SUNDAY – JAN 19 (3 PM to 6 PM)
  • 2020 Meeting Locations: Who wants to host??
    • Ken & Jen SK – May
    • Adam K – June
    • Harry – September
    • Justin & Carrie – October
  • Treasurer’s Report– Mike U.
    • 120 Members
    • $6502.09
  • 2020 Club Competition Beer Styles – Rudy
    • 15C Irish Extra Stout – March
    • 10A German Weissbier – June
    • 14B Scotch Heavy – September
    • 17C Wee Heavy – December
    • We are looking for volunteers to do the style presentations. Any takers?
  • Throwdown 2020 – (Ken S-K)
    • Officially scheduled March 20 and March 21
    • Thursday at Barrel Chest 5:30PM first organizational meeting – all welcome
    • Need members for SWAG team especially (begging for free stuff)
    • Need volunteers to pull this off, so please reach out to Ken to volunteer
  • Competition Updates (Steve Lusk)
    • Website has been updated
    • Spring competitions coming up quickly (including Throwdown, wink wink)
    • Steve volunteering to keep track of points for BJCP competitions
  • Proposed Bylaws Amendment: Competition Rules and Scoring (discussion – not voting)
    • Brewer of the year proposed changes, could go the whole year with no medals and still be brewer of the year.
    • Possibly change this to member of the year to recognize those who may do things for the club other than just brew beer.
    • Allen proposed doing Member of the Quarter
    • We’ll coordinate via email, present final amendment to bylaws January meeting, Vote in February
    • No opposition to multiple awards
  • 2020 Officers Election Results
    • VP: Adam Kendall
    • President: Chris Gray
    • Board will remain the same: Rudy, Allen, Harry
    • Treasurer: Mike U.
  • Q4 Competition Results: 26D Belgian Dark Strong
    • 13 beers entered
    • Judging Drawing Prize: Matt Klumpp ($40 gift card SHHS)
    • Brewer Drawing Prize: John Merkwan ($40 gift card SHHS)
    • 3rd: Mike C.
    • 2nd: Jen & Ken S-K
    • 1st: Scott S.
  • Brewer of the Year
    • 153 Points, Rudy Lyon
    • 151 Points, Ken & Jen SK
  • 50/50 Raffle
    • $69 to club / $70 to winner – Ian M
    • StarSan consolation – Jim N.
    • 20$ GC to Craft Beer & Brewing Mag – Scott S
  • Open Floor (Nothing brought up)
  • Dirty Santa Exchange
  • Total Attendance: 50 +/-

October 2019 Meeting Notes

* Thanks to Carrie & Justin For Hosting!

Despite heavy rain the evening before we were surprised with gorgeous fall weather. Meeting was mostly held outside. Fantastic food and beer as usual and the Chocotale Chili was amazing!!!

Special Guest – Robyn Smith from VT

            Beer brewer certificate program and Business of Brewing

            Has received a grant to put on workshops related to brewing

            Planning for 4 workshops between Jan and March

4 hour sessions on a Saturday

Looking for ideas on what would be of interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact her to discuss.

Please email

– Next Meeting – Saturday Nov 16 (3-6 PM) at Brian and Vanessa Rorrer’s Home (Salem)

– Treasurer’s Report– Mike U.

            $6510.76 in the account

            117 total members

Bylaws Amendment – Online Ballot (Vote Today)

            Passes without discussion or nays

– 2019 Upcoming Events

LTHB Day – SAT November 2 at SHHBS (10 AM – 4 PM)

– Volunteers Needed: Setup/Teardown, Demo Brewers, Spokes People, ID Check, Pouring

Need beer for tasting

– Demo Brewers Confirmed: Brian Rorrer, Tim Paul, Chris Gray, Rudy L, Allen F (tentative)

Big Willie Draught System – Upgrades Adam Kendall

            New smaller ID lines

Completely soaked and cleaned faucets, shanks and chiller plate and reassembled

Pours very well now with higher pressures with little to no foaming

– BrewDo WrapUp

– Around 90 entries. Judging done at Three Notch’d.

– BIS Awarded to Carrie & Justin Cox (Elderberry Fruit Beer)

– Several Wins by Guild Members (as usual!!)

            Beth D. Tropical stout & Imperial Czech PIls

            Chris & Dennis S – Key Lime Pie

As a club, 7 out of 12 places

Throwdown 2020 – Updates

            Allen F will be heading up SWAG begging

                        Let him know if you have any hookups

            Electronic system for silent auction to curb sniping and help folks who may have to leave

– Competition Updates (Steve Lusk)

Steve not present

War of Worts in PA coming up in Feb   

– Work Shirt Order – LAST CALL! Ordering this week.

– Please pay today if possible or arrange for PayPal.

            Paypal address:

– $30 per shirt from Spartan Silk Screening

– 50/50 Raffle– Harry

            38.50 each to winner Tim Paul and club

            Consolation, Rising Silo growler with insulated carrier to John Shoundel

– Open Floor

Meeting adjourned

Attendance: 25

November 2019 meeting notes

November 2019 Meeting – Saturday 11/16/19

* Thanks to Brian & Vanessa For Hosting!

            Very nice environment in “Odells Pub”

Amazing food spread as well!!

– Next Meeting – Christmas Party at Chaos Mountain Brewing!!! Saturday 12/14/2019 (3 pm – 6 pm)

            Belgian Dark Strong Competition

            Dirty Santa gift exchange

            Brewer of the Year will be named

– Treasurer’s Report– Harry M.

            Over $7000 in funds, includes shirts money which will be paid out soon

            3 new members

– 2020 Officers Nominations (Voting is now active – Wed 11/20/19)

            Chris Gray nominated and accepts nomination for President

            Harry M nominated and accepts nomination for open board position

            Adam K nominated and accepts nomination for President and Vice President

            Carrie Cox nominated for President and declined nomination

            Tim Paul nominated and accepts nomination for Vice President

– 2020 Competition Beer Styles – Online Voting is active (email went out earlier this week.)

            Get votes in by Thursday for main categories, subcategory voting to follow soon after


– Thank you to all volunteers. We were out there at 9 am to setup and get started.

– Thank you Demo Brewers: Brian Rorrer, Rudy Lyon, Tim Paul & Chris Gray

            Brian brewed an Imperial Porter, will be adding vanilla soon

            Tim brewed a Juicy IPA

Chris Gray did extract/partial grain Belgian Saison on an induction cooktop. Then left   open for 24 hours on Robbs porch (coolship/spontaneous fermentation).

Rudy brewed a Russian Imperial Stout using no/slow chill. Experiment in water conservation. Took home & pitched kveik, probably too cool in basement, fermenting slowly, brought temp up to 73 and fermentation took off.

– Beer tastings were going all day. We had (3) kegs plus many bottles and cans. Thank you to those who donated beer.

– 3 new members from event, 6 new signups for email list

Throwdown 2020 – (Ken S-K)

            Saturday March 21 @ Big Lick, published via AHA

            Rudy started on swag campaign, “Team Grovel”,  looking for help

            125 total entries will be accepted

            2 days of judging

– Competition Updates (Steve Lusk)

            Will be updating website newsletter soon

            In addition to our quarterly competitions, looking to do a “Weird Ass Beer” competition

                        Beers that don’t fall under any real main category, similar to Iron Brewer competition

                        Early summer timeline

– Work Shirt Order

– Likely ready next week.

– If you haven’t paid yet please do so ASAP. Cash, Check or Paypal.

– Barrels for Sale at Barrel Chest

            (2) 55 gallon whisky barrels

            (1) 65 gallon cognac barrel

– 50/50 Raffle– Harry

            $50 to club, $50 to winner to James Wargo

            John S wins Bottle of Star San

            Matt B wins A Few Old Goats Gift Card

            Tim P wins Jack Brown’s Gift Card

– Open Floor

            For brewer of the year, additional points should be awarded for final table appearance/place.

                        Might have to change bylaws to make this come to fruition.

Very real possibility that brewer of the year could have the most points but not actually place in any quarter.

                        Additional 3 pts for 1st, 2 pts for 2nd, 1 pt for 3rd (as an example).

            Doug asks about interest in insulated growler, should be around $30 each

                        Laser etched with 4” logo

                        More than likely will require minimum order.

                        Chris G to research and present options

            NHC June 18-20 in Nashville, TN

                        Looking for interest in showing up as a club and doing club night, serving beer

            Off flavor tasting session. Kit to be purchased, will be tentatively scheduled first quarter 2020

Looking at purchasing a hops sensory kit as well.

Meeting adjourned.

Attendance: 30

September 2019 meeting notes

– Thanks to Harry For Hosting!

– Next Meeting – SUN 10/27 at Justin & Carrie Cox      

– Treasurer’s Report– (Harry)


111 members

4 New members here at the meeting

– 2019 Upcoming Events

LTHB Day – November 2 (at SHHS & BRH)

Need some volunteers to do brew demos

Highland Games Wrap Up (Mario & Brian)

            Huge effort from Brian and Mario, because of their planning, event was such a success

            Have been invited back next year, and invited to Sedalia Center Celtic Festival

            30 folks signed up for email, 5 new members

            Better interaction with crowd than we’ve done at GoFest previously

            Need to do water station for future events

Shoutouts: Tim Paul great demo brew on three tier system, Adam K donated several beers and a couple brew kits which were raffled off.

Throwdown 2020

            Need volunteers, Ken S-K will be reaching out to help gather support

            Tentatively scheduled for late March, hoping that Big Lick will be willing to host again

– Competition Updates (Steve Lusk)

            Brew Do (SAT 10/26)

                        Entries due this week, Sept 23 and 24.

                        Judges still needed for TUE (10/1) at 1 PM (contact Brian Rorrer)

            Skirmish in the Triad

                        Just opened for entries

            Brian R submitted to competition in Scranton, PA

            Ken S-K has had beers judged on Dr. Homebrew podcast twice in the past month

– Big Willie Draft System Upgrades

            Glass rinser

            New lines

            Redo gas distibution for separate regulators per keg (6)

            Still need to figure out full plan and budget

– Bylaws Ammendment – Online Ballot

Bylaws currently say that we must do secret ballot, inferring paper

Proposed language to be amended to allow for online balloting of board and officers

Official vote will be done at October meeting  

– Work Shirt Order –

Order Form is Up

$30 per shirt from Spartan Silk Screening

Many colors available. 10 minimum order size.

Order will be submitted in approximately 2 weeks

Will look into getting t-shirts

– Competition 29A Fruit Beer results

            18 Entries

            Thanks to Rudy and Dianne for organizing

            3rd Place – Steve Lusk – Mango Pale Ale

            2nd Place – Matt Klumpp – Tangerine & Grapefruit Berliner Weisse (not present)

            1st Place – Ken & Jen S-K – Apricot Saison

            Raffle for Brewer – $40 Gift Card to Southern Hills – Jeff Drinkert

            Raffle for Judge – $40 Gift Card to Southern Hills – Brian R

            Consolation – brewer – StarSan – Chris G

                        Donated to new winner – Tim Paul

            Consolation – judges – AFOG 32oz Growler – Scott S

Congrats to all our winners!!

– 50/50 Raffle– Harry

            $76 total, $38 split

Winner: Renee & John Hines 

– Open Floor

Total Attendance: 37

August 2019 meeting notes

Thanks to Doug & Kelleigh For Hosting!

            The pool felt great, and the food spread was incredible.

Next Meeting

Sunday Sept 22 (3-6 PM) at Harry Montoros

29A Fruit Beer Competition (Bring your Best!!)

Treasurer’s Report– Mike U.

            6385.25 in the account

            102 members, including 5 new

            New page likes on Facebook, up 37%

2019 Upcoming Events

Green Hill Highland Games – Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 9 AM – 6 PM (Brian R. & Mario)

            Still looking for samples, get in touch with Brian to donate

LTHB Day – November 2 (at SHHS & BRH)

MicroFestivus Wrap Up

Shoutouts: Harry M for overall organization, Ken S-K, Rudy & Allen for organizing judging and beer lists, Tim Paul for bringing pulled pork BBQ for volunteers, Adam K for bringing cooler with water and ice, All Judges and Volunteers for making this happen smoothly

(5) new members: (Chris Kile, Jim Wargo, Matthew Blankenship, Marlena and Cody Williams)

Water Station Wanted for Next Year

            Could use Big Willy and get members with kegs to donate full kegs of water

            10 Galllon cooler mash tuns filled with water

            Promotes re-usability of microfestivus glasses instead of plastic bottles

Appalachian Hub plans to do a booth next to us next year

Throwdown 2020 – New Organizer Needed

            Ken S-K officially nomintated by Thom Bradley and confirmed by members present

Competition Updates (Steve Lusk)

            Rudy Lyon Beers: Three Notch’d and H&F, still to brew at Big Lick

Blacksburg Brew Do, entries due by Sept 26 at Vintage Cellar Blacksburg or 3 Notched Roanoke

Work Shirt Order – Its Go Time!

Order Form is Up – Will be sending out information on email list soon

$30 per shirt from Spartan Silk Screening. May be slightly higher for different embroidery other than white like we’ve used in the past. Many colors available. 10 minimum order size.

50/50 Raffle– Harry

            Skipped this month. Harry was afraid of wet bills.

Open Floor – Nothing brought up.