December 2017 meeting notes

Our last meeting of the year and holiday party was attended by 45 members, 3 guests and 5 children for a total of 53. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks again and again to Chaos for hosting our annual gathering. It was fun to have Joe H hang out with us as well. And while I’m in the thanking spirit; thanks to Kathy for coordinating the Q4 competition and BOTY tally and also to Joan, the dirty Santa Master, for her marvelous process and control execution. Most of all, I want to thank each and every member that worked throughout 2017 to pull off what was a very busy year. We started the year with 97 members and will finish it with 123. Even more exciting than a 27% growth in membership, is that 47 of 123 were not paid members in 2016. Speaking of members, let’s welcome Adam and Marcie Kendall who joined on Saturday.

As a reminder, you are encouraged to pay your 2018 dues via PayPal ($20 single, $25 couple) to before year-end. Be sure to click the send money to friends and family option to avoid PayPal fees. Also please add your “name-2018 dues” in comment field. Note that if you are a new member AND paid during or after September 2017, you are already paid through 2018. Please send me a note if you are unsure.


The meeting was quite noisy and as you know I’m not as loud as our past president, so please let me know if I’ve missed or incorrectly noted anything.


Meeting notes:

  • Next meeting is Sunday January 21st at Blue Ridge Hydroponics
    • English Brown style presentation-Darin P will present style
  • Treasurer’s report-Diane L
    • Balance $4052.10 as of 12/16/17.
  • Meeting locations & dates 2018 (see table)-Rudy L
    • If you are hosting a meeting, please insure the date is correct for host choice of Saturday or Sunday.
  • Competition styles for 2018-recap
    • March/Q1-English Brown-13B
    • June/Q2- Czech Pilsner- 3B
    • September/Q3-Specialty IPA- 21B
    • December/Q4-Russian Imperial Stout-20C
  • Offer from Twin Creeks for collaboration brewing-Rudy
    • It was suggested that Twin Creeks picks one or more of the competition styles and work with the winning brewers team to brew on the Twin Creeks pilot system.
    • Rudy will get with Jason, Andy and Barry to confirm agreement to brew competition styles and if so which one(s) they would like brewed.
  • Consideration for industry membership?-Rudy
    • Meeting will be held with new officers and BOD to discuss. I have reached out to insurance carrier to determine implications.
  • Viceland/Beerland participation?-Rudy
    • Unless I misread the mood, there didn’t seem to be a ton of excitement over this opportunity. In any case, Ian expressed interest as I recall.
    • I also think an interesting spin would be Father-Son (Chris and Dennis) or Pres and Vice Pres brew team (Allen and Chris). Ken & Jen-married chemistry teachers – brewers.
    • I’ll be sending out a form from Beerland for members that might want to be on the show. If a regional brew goes on to be brewed in LA, you’ll have a chance at winning $10,000 and having your beer brewed commercially.
  • Community building update-Takumi
    • No update without Takumi
  • SCBG branded items polling-Rudy
    • Looking for a volunteer to run with this ?? Polling indicated members want t-shirts, ball caps and nametags.
    • So far Ken S-K, Dane G and Mario C have asked for work shirts. I need to hit a minimum to hold the $28 price so let me know if you want one as we had six interested in our poll.
  • Open floor-anyone
    • Kevin recapped where we stand with BJCP exams (info dated now), quoting Kevin:

Monday (12/18) is the deadline I set for completing the online portion of the BJCP exam to secure yourself a seat for the tasting portion which will be January 13 at Southern Hills.  The online Entrance Exam is $10 per try.  Please carve out some time to try taking the Entrance Exam over the next couple of days if you are at all interested.  I would love to see more Guild members become certified beer judges rather than those from outside the Guild or out of town!  After Monday I will open it up to the public on a first come first served basis – I know there are several interested parties and I think we will fill up our 12 seats fairly quickly.

Don’t forget, if you pass the online entrance exam and sit for the tasting portion, your $50 in fees will be reimbursed by the Guild!

If you have taken the online exam and passed and want to save your seat, please Paypal me $40 at (or $15 if you are already a judge who wants to sit for the exam again to improve your score), or you can give me cash or check at the meeting today.

  • Officer voting
    • A round of applause and congratulations to Allen Francis-President and Chris Gray-Vice President. I’m excited to see where our new, and younger, leadership takes us.
    • Rudy will replace Paul Mahoney as a board member.
  • Baltic Porter competition & BOTY results-Kathy
    • Congratulations to our fourth quarter Baltic Porter winners:
      • First place-Mike C
      • Second place-Matt K
      • Third place-Andrew K
    • Tied with 145 points, our 2017 BOTY winner(s) are:
      • Darin P and Rudy L
    • Steward/Judge/Entrant drawing
      • SH and BRH gift cards went to Darin P and John M.
    • 50/50 drawing-John Z
      • Thanks to John Z for filling in for Harry, although Harry was able to use his crutch very creatively during the raffle. Thanks also to John Merkwan for donating a nitro tap for a silent auction.
      • 50/50 total $145 split with Matt K-congrats! Jeff Drinkert won auction buying nitro tap for $30.