December 2014 Meeting – Notes

Thanks go out to Chaos Mountain (Joe, Wendy & Will) for hosting the December meeting! It was a chaotic meeting, but I guess that was to be expected…
We had 45 members (including three new members: Matt Nicholson, and John & Stephanie Trout), four kids, and one guest (Travis).
General Business
  • Treasurer’s report: Mike U: 80 plus members and $1500+ in the bank (sorry for the lack of detail – I’m not good at taking notes…)
Future Meetings
  • January – ??? (Specialty IPA presentation) Who wants to host the January meeting?
  • February – Kevin & Bailie
  • March – ??? (Specialty IPA competition)
  • Rounds of Applause!! Thanks to the following for all of the hard work they put in this year!!
    • Dan Tatarka, our VP
    • Mike Usberghi, our Treasurer
    • Kathy Merkwan, our Chief Steward (and Captain Organizer)
    • Carrie Cox, our Princess of Propaganda and Official Photographer
    • Kevin Campbell, for all of his behind-the-scenes support
    • And thanks to everyone in the club for making our meetings so much fun!
  • VOTE: March competition – by an overwhelming majority, we voted to allow all sub-styles for Specialty IPA. Who wants to give the presentation?
  • ELECTION: Vice President
    • Kevin Campbell
  • ELECTION: Board of Directors:
    • Three year term: Paul Mahoney
    • Two year term: John Merkwan
    • One year term: Harry Montoro
  • Open floor – upcoming festivals, brewery visits, tips & tricks, et. al.
    • Kevin announced that the reason he did not want to run for President is Bailie is expecting! A new assistant brewer is fermenting!
Munich Dunkel Competition Results
  • First place: Dan Tatarka
  • Second place: John Merkwan
  • Third place: James Brown
Brewer of the Year
  • Dan Tatarka
Gift Certificate Drawing and 50/50 Raffle Drawing
  • Judge/steward gift certificates: Doug Moyer & Carrie Cox
  • Brewer gift certificate: John Merkwan
  • 50/50 raffle: Mike Usberghi
Gift Exchange (AKA Dirty Santa)
  • Because I was unprepared for the complexities involved, I invoked Joan’s Rules of Order. I don’t know if everyone got what they wanted, but I do know that I finally got Alex back for stealing my bottle two years ago…
Merry Christmas! Happy Newtonmas! Happy Hanukkah!