August 2018 meeting notes

Despite many members being out of town for various activities, we still drew a large crowd at Hammer and Forge in Boones Mill. Thanks to Caleb Williamson for being a great host!

Dues Reminder- If you have not paid dues for 2018, please do so. Diane will collect dues at the next meeting if you wish to pay cash or check. If you would prefer to use PayPal, simply send money to president@starcitybrewers.org. Choose the “Friends and Family” option to avoid a fee.

  • Next Meeting– Harry’s Home- Sunday, September 23rd 3PM-6PM
    • This is also the Specialty IPA Competition.
    • Please let Kathy know if you have an entry
    • Judges needed! We expect a large turnout for this one given the category.
    • Entries must include the substyle.
      • Ex. Belgian IPA, Standard
  • Treasurer’s Report– $4,580.32
    • 131 paid members at the time of the report.
  • Microfestivus Recap
    • Thanks to all who helped setup, tear-down, pour, and judge at Microfestivus.
    • Special thanks to Harry for organizing the volunteers.
    • Special thanks to Doug Moyer for organizing beer styles. With over 250 unique beers, this is a difficult task to take on.
  • Competitions
    • Unfortunately, the Guild did not place in any categories at the Dominion Cup, but there’s always next year!
    • Steve L. dropped off entries at Ballast Point for Brew-Do. Best of luck to all who entered. Let’s hope the guild stomps all the categories again this year.
      • Related note- Starr Hill in Roanoke brewed Mike C.’s best of show Raspberry Brett beer on their 5BBL system earlier this summer and expect it to be on tap this fall. They were very true to his homebrew recipe and are aging the same length and method as did Mike.


  • Yeast Wrangling
    • Rudy held an event to isolate everyone’s bacteria/yeast for cultivation into a starter. More info to come!
  • Group Brew w/ Chaos Mountain
    • The date for this is Saturday, October 27th. This entails 5bbls of wort being brewed by Chaos Mountain and club members bringing fermenters and filling for $10 per 5 gallons.
    • We had a lot of participation last time we did this and we expect to have the same this time.
    • Chris G. will be coordinating with Joe and the crew for a base recipe.
    • Rudy and Takumi suggested that this would be a good risk-free way of testing out whatever yeast strain the SCBG Yeast Wranglers are able to culture.
  • Go Outside Festival
    • October 12th-14th Rivers Edge Sports Complex
    • Need Volunteers for the entire weekend.
    • Barebones brewing demos needed- think Extract brewing, ice bath to chill. No running water unless someone is really creative and motivated to do so.
    • This is a great event to pick up new members and gain interest. Widely attended festival.
  • Olde Salem Tech Talk
    • Kevin Campbell of Olde Salem will be holding a Tech Talk on pH on Sunday, September 30th at Olde Salem Brewing at 2:00PM. Please come if you’re interested in learning about pH from a brewer that makes award-winning sour beers.
  • 50/50 Raffle
    • Steve Lusk won the drawing for a pot of $46.
    • Steve Lusk then won the consolation prize of a Microfestivus shirt. Many called foul, but he won fair and square.
  • SCBG BBQ Team
    • Mario C. is putting together a BBQ team for a Buchanan BBQ fest. Star City Brewers Guild’s name will be associated with the BBQ team.
    • If you are interested in lending a hand, please let Mario know.
  • Women’s Brew Nite
    • Women’s Brew-Nite will take place at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply on Thursday. September 20th at 7PM led by Laura Barton (Newly hired as assistant manager at Three Notch’d Roanoke)
    • If you or anyone you know would be interested, please go check it out!
  • Imperial Stout Presentation
    • Adam K. led an imperial stout presentation consisting of 4 unique interpretations of the style.
    • Main consensus is that Old Rasputin is the king of Imperial Stouts. With its roastiness and full body, it is an excellent example of style.
    • Other examples included one from Boulevard as well as Oscar Blues Ten-Fidy. Boulevard’s example was softer and more yeast-driven, while Oskar Blues was upfront with more roasted character. Style guidelines allow plenty of leeway on ingredients.
    • Caleb provided a surprise 4th example of style with his very own Imperial Stout, “Romanov’s Return” brewed at Hammer and Forge. This was a treat and also very true to style.