April 2017 meeting notes

Thanks to all who attended our April meeting at Hammer & Forge in Boones Mill. It goes without saying that we also owe special thanks to Caleb for hosting the guild in his new & exciting brewery! Thank you Caleb and Mike! Let’s also thank Lynn for taking so many wonderful photos that she has shared on Facebook. Any finally, let’s thank Chris G and Allen F for walking is through the Belgian Dubbel style presentation for our June competition.


On a cool & rainy Sunday, where outdoor activities were curtailed for most, a total of 45 members, guests and a child gathered. The meeting consisted of 37 members, 7 guests and Blaise who became the star of many photos! We welcomed new members April and Doug (that’s Doug #3) Connel to our club. Even though April is relatively new at the brewing craft, she is already designing some creative recipes.

Our next meeting is Big Brew to be held at Rudy and Diane’s home on May 6th.

I will send out schedule a week before the meeting. We will also be holding our Baltic Porter style presentation at this meeting.


Agenda & notes:             

  • One-on-One (prior to meeting)
    • Guessing 5 or 6 participated. The one-on-one session went well with a wide cross section of brews sampled. Some participants simply wanted feedback and others had questions regarding known flaws or concerns.
  • Treasurer’s report-(Diane L)
    • Balance as of Sunday 4/23 was $4769.90.
    • There are debits (style beer, teach a friend) and credits (dues) that are to be posted.
  • Bylaws update
    • Forgive me but I forgot to announce that an amendment which was voted for and approved in November 2015 was added to the Bylaws. This change relates to how VP voting will be handled. It is on the website under bylaws/section 6 elections if you wish to review it.
  • Teach a Friend and Learn to Homebrew update. Volunteers and homebrew will be needed-(Doug B)
    • A signup sheet was passed round and zero-zilch-nobody signed up. PLEASE CONTACT DOUG B AND LET HIM KNOW IF YOU WILL HELP! I have re-attached a form showing how and where you can help.
  • Go Outside festival update-(Takumi S)
    • No change since last report in March. Application submitted for 10 X 20 space. Handling of beer tastings being reviewed.
  • Big Brew May 6th- (Rudy L)
    • So far tentative brewers are Allen F & Chris G, Matt K, John B, Bric F and Rudy L (in my dungeon).
    • Timing will be an hour earlier than normal to give anyone planning to attend or volunteer at the Chaos 3rd celebration some extra time. Here is a tentative schedule:
      • Brewing starting at 9AM
      • Group photo and toast 12PM (brewers may have to sneak away for a few moments)
      • Baltic Porter presentation & meeting 1PM
      • My Old Kentucky Home Sing-Along & Kentucky Derby 6:15PM
    • Allen Francis & team: SCBG branding & communication project discussion & update.
      • No news to report other than website improvements and content.
      • Forum was up for a little while but having problems…Chuck G is attending to it.
      • Request members to sign on to http://www.starcitybrewers.org/ as we make improvements and updates.
    • SCBG 20th Anniversary planning update-(Doug M).
      • Doug is working through some options & ideas and will get a team together when they are ready for discussion & planning.
    • Tech Talk meetings as separate gatherings
      • Foam (Thom date TBD)
      • Water (Rudy date TBD)
    • Yeast experiment w/Chaos-(Kevin C)
      • Looking like Sunday June 25 is the most popular choice for guild. Please add to the Yahoo Poll if you have not done so. We’ll see if that works okay for Will & Chaos?
    • Open floor
      • Al D added that Franklin County’s first LEGAL distillery called Frankin County Distilleries (FCD) is planning a tasting room for Boones Mill not too far from H&F.
      • Paul M shared his interesting experience being served Kolsch in Germany during his and Judie’s recent Viking River Cruise.
    • 50/50 drawing-(Harry M).
      • Thanks Harry for squeezing the team.
      • Chris S pocketed $50 from 50/50 and we all wished him the best with his wedding!
    • Belgian Dubbel style presentation-(Chris Gray)
      • Thanks gents! Great job.