June 2014 Meeting – Notes

General Business
Twenty two members (and one kid) along with five guests (and one guest kid), for a total of twenty seven adults and two kids, gathered on a beautiful June day at the lovely home of Jim and Sue Dodd. (If you didn’t make it, you really missed out seeing the amazingly beautiful wooden canoes that Jim built – the pictures don’t do them justice!)
Treasurer’s report: Mike U. (in absentia) 68 members, $456.54 (excluding t-shirt & cup payments) (Prez note: I deposited $945 after the meeting – t-shirts, cups, 50/50 raffle & one family membership)
Princess of Propaganda report: Carrie – Cups and t-shirts!! T-shirts were distributed to those that attended. If you were not able to make it to the meeting, please contact Carrie directly (coxcarrie.e@gmail.com) to arrange pickup of your t-shirt.
  • We ordered 15 extra t-shirts in a variety of sizes for those that were too undecided to pre-order (or want to add to your order – your Prez bought two extras as gifts). We need to sell 2 more shirts to break even.
  • We need to sell 9 more cups to break even.
  • T-shirts and cups are $10 each.
  • (Prez note: we will sell any remaining t-shirts and cups to the general public at Microfestivus for $15 each, which will drop the break-even quantity, of course.)
Future meetings:
  • July 19th – Doug and Kel M. (Oatmeal Stout presentation – I need a volunteer to present!)
  • August – Dan & Terri
  • September – Scott & Martha (Oatmeal Stout competition)
  • October – James & Joan (Munich Dunkel presentation)
  • November – Justin & Carrie
  • Virginia Beer & Wine Festival – May 10th – it was agreed that it was a very nice, albeit small, local festival marred only by the rain and lack of volunteers during the second shift (the brewers “volunteered” to pour at each other’s tents to make up for the lack of help, which was kinda cool…) Orange IPA from Blue Mountain was noted as memorable.
  • Teach A Friend, Spring Edition – May 17th – we had a good turnout with three people brewing, some good food and some great beer. One new member directly and we added about a dozen interested parties to our event/meeting mailing list. (And sold a cup…)
  • Beertopia – June 7th – a lovely day with quite a few good beers, but not enough volunteers (Jaycees did not ask help of SCBG). The current Beertopia leadership is interested in doing the homebrew competition next year, but several members felt that it is not in our best interest due to past issues.
  • WROV Homebrew Contest and Party – I was approached during Beertopia by a gentleman from WROV and they would like to organize a homebrew competition and event with us, possibly including us giving out free homebrew. Those attended the meeting felt that it was worth investigating, including looking into whether we can get sponsorship for the beer ingredients to use for the beer that we will give away. I will contact the VA ABC and WROV (unless someone wants to step up and run with it…)
  • Microfestivus – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! Please contact Harry Montoro directly (harry.montoro@verizon.net) if you can help set up, pour, judge, or clean up…
  • Brew Bug – Paul promised to give it a try. I’ll try it after he does…
  • Group brew at Chaos – Dan looked into getting funded by AHA, but the guidelines are too onerous. We agreed that we will do a brew similar to the previous yeast experiment. This time brewers will be invited to use different yeasts or adjuncts in the fermenter. More details as we work them out.
  • Road trip – Sierra Nevada (Asheville) for Beer-across-America was discussed but no interest. (Did not consider that there was sufficient value in renting a bus…)
  • State of Virginia Homebrewers Guild – Paul will take the lead discussing this with the James River Homebrewers (who came up with the notion).
Belgian Golden Strong Ale Competition Results
  • 1st place – Dan
  • 2nd place – John M.
  • 3rd place – Alex
Congratulations, brewers!
Gift Certificate Drawing and 50/50 Raffle Drawing
  • Gift certificate winners: Doug M, Paul, James
  • 50/50 raffle winner: John M. (John and the club split $48)