June 2013 Meeting Notes

Around 35 members and several guests gathered at Kimberly and Rob’s house last Saturday for the Guild’s June meeting and Imperial IPA competition.  Thanks to the hosts for their hospitality!  We also welcomed new members David and Erica B., Ben S. (whose wife Ann also joined), and Thomas B.  Membership now stands at 72 members and our balance is $1666.80.  The next meeting will include our Belgian Specialty Ale tasting on July 27 at Doug and Kel M.’s house in preparation for the next competition in September.

Future Meetings

July 27 – Doug and Kel M.

August 17 – John and Diana S.

September – Chris and Christy D.

October 19 – Kim and Lizbeth

November – Justin and Carrie C.
We started the discussion with Jeff F. giving us a report about the Yeast Experiment.  He’s received data sheets for 24 of 43 batches, and would like to get some more so we can submit our paperwork to the AHA in the next month or two.  Please give him any data you can as you get it, even if it’s incomplete, so he can continue his work on the write up.
We had 5 new members join at the Craft Beer Week Demonstrations on May 18, and Chris and Fran also expressed being pleased with the turnout.  Chris M. has the tent, James B. has the tables, and Harry M. has Big Willy.
Carrie reported that Beertopia was a great success.  Parkway was easy to work with and a much better venue for the competition.  The Jaycees welcomed about twice as many people to the festival this year than last year, and actually wound up running out of glasses.  Most people seemed to enjoy the location on the concourse under some shade rather than on the field, which was off limits due to rain.  Congrats to Doug N. for placing first in the Dark category with a Russian Imperial Stout and Bryan S. for placing 2nd in the Light category with his Imperial IPA.
The Hopsanity in Hill City homebrew competition, being run by the Hill City Homebrewers in Lynchburg on July 20, is now allowing registration of entries until July 11 in their all IPA competition.  Check it out here:http://hopsanity.hillcityhomebrew.org/.  Bryan S. will take people’s entries to the drop off location on July 11.
Blacksburg Brew-Do is accepting entries July 29-31.  Winner of Best of Show gets to brew their beer at Bull and Bones in Blacksburg as usual.
Harry M. reported that he had 53 total volunteers for Microfestivus (Aug. 10), 40 of which are Guild members.  He has one brewer tentatively scheduled – if you’re interested in brewing, let him know.  We have reached our planned limit of 24 judges, but if you’re interested in being an alternate let Harry know.
John Z. thanked us for toasting to his late father at Big Brew, it was a nice gesture and much appreciated.
Chris M. visited Wolf Hills and was impressed by their selection of quality beers.  Thirteen beers were available when he was there, and they have samplers of any 5 beers.  Road trip anyone?
The drawings were made for gift certificates available to judges/stewards and entrants.  The two $15 Mr. Bill’s gift certificates for judges/stewards went to Kathy M. and yours truly.  The $40 BRHH gift certificate to entrants went to Mike U.  The results of the Imperial IPA competition were then announced.  Congrats to Doug N. (1st), Bryan S. (2nd) and Justin and Carrie C. (3rd).
There is now one blue XL Guild t-shirt left for $10.  Let me know if you’re interested.  If there’s enough interest, we might be able to make another run sometime soon.
Thanks to all who participated this month, and see you in July!