February 2022 Meeting Notes

Star City Brewers Guild
February 2022 Meeting Notes
Sunday February 20th at 4:45PM
Caleb Williamson’s brewery
Hammer & Forge Brewing CO.

  • Thank you to Caleb Williamson for hosting.
  • March 2022 meeting location: TBD.
    • Harry Montoro has volunteered as a backup host if another member does not volunteer.
    • Rudy Lyon reminded us that Twisted Track Brewpub is available for meetings on Mondays.
  • Financial Report
    • $8,200 in the bank
    • Continuing to collect 2022 dues
  • Q1 Competition 11A Ordinary Bitter Style Presentation
    • Mike Usberghi brought style guideline handouts and reviewed the style at the end of the meeting.
  • Tech Talks w\ Robb Burden @ Southern Hills Homebrew Supply
    • 1st tech talk of 2022 will be on the ASBC Hot Steep Method on 3/1 at 7PM
    • Tech Talks will occur twice a month and be held on Tuesdays.
    • Some Tech Talks will be open to the public and others will be closed to active Guild members only.
  • Upcoming Events
    • March 2022 – Q1 Competition
    • May 7, 2022 – Big Brew for National Homebrew Day
    • June 2022 – Q2 Competition
      • 19A – American Amber
      • Steve Lusk has volunteered to give a style presentation and bring commercial examples to the April 2022 SCBG meeting.
    • June 23-25, 2022 – Homebrew Con 2022 Pittsburgh, PA
      • Chris Stevens has the display which needs to be updated.
      • Tim Paul will direct the metal cutout for the new logo.
      • LED lighting is needed to backlight the future logo.
      • Costs direct to SCBG for materials.
    • 25th Anniversary Event
      • Committee members:
        • Rudy Lyon
        • Harry Montoro
        • Doug Moyer
      • Committee will work on proposals to be presented to The Guild.
    • November 5, 2022 – Learn to Homebrew Day
    • Brew sessions at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply
  • Feeding Southwest VA event interest
  • Robert Hedge has set up biweekly virtual pub nights on Thursdays at 8PM.
  • Open Floor
    • Harry Montoro is reaching out to our contact for MicroFestivus 2022 to see if the SCBG will resume usual activities at the festival. Setup/Take down, Judging volunteering etc.
    • John Thompson asked about the Guild’s interest in other forms of fermentation.

Meeting adjourned
Attendance: 15