April 2013 Meeting Notes

At least 35 members gathered at the home of Bryan and Jenny S. for our April 6th meeting.  Thanks again to Bryan and Jenny for their hospitality!

Treasurer Mike reported a balance of $1658.11 with 56 members at time of business.

The next meeting will coincide with Big Brew on May 4.  James and Joan B. will welcome brewers and others to their house starting as early as 9:00am.  We will conduct business and a toast at 1:00pm, and people are encouraged to stay to watch the Kentucky Derby.  Chris Davis will bring the club tent, though extra tents are always welcome.

A total of 44 fermenters were filled at your Yeast Experiment Brew Day at Big Daddy Brewing Co. on March 29.  Those who received wort are encouraged to bring their finished beers to meetings as they come available (starting with Big Brew).  Doug M., Harry M., and Chuck G. also offered to host separate meetings to focus on side-by-side tastings where Sean and Barry from Big Daddy will be invited to attend.  Once again, brewers are encouraged to bring a couple bottles of their finished beers to Sean as thanks for his time and assistance on this project.  Dan suggested we apply for a $250 educational reimbursement from the AHA, and we could still use a volunteer familiar with the project to write it up.  I think it will be right up their alley.

The new website was launched on April 1, and to assuage any fears of hacking or viruses taking place on the site in the form of unicorns and rainbows – April Fool’s!  You can thank a certain webmaster for that one.  Chuck will also be working on a new user database that will allow members to see each other’s profiles like the old site.  We also plan to add a recipe section which will include both beer and food recipes.  Send me your recipes if you want them to be included.

Our SCBG t-shirt order was completed during the meeting and will be available at Big Brew.  Please remember to bring $10 per shirt if you have not already done so.  A limited number of extra shirts were ordered for those that missed out.

Our annual May brewing demonstration to celebrate American Craft Beer Week is scheduled for May 18.  Blue Ridge Hydroponics is no longer allowed by the ABC to apply for a license for tastings, so that burden is now on the Guild.  Harry mentioned that Blue Ridge will reimburse the Guild for the $50 application fee, though we may want to vote on covering that for them.  The officers will be meeting with Paul to discuss potential liability issues for hosting an event such as this, as well as incorporation of the Guild as a possibility to address these issues.  Paul outlined the topics of discussion as follows:

1. Applying for license – applicants name is on license

2. Who will check IDs?

3. Liability – would applicant be liable, Guild, officers?

4. Incorporation – paperwork headaches, costs, keeping up with filing annually, keeping minutes, etc.  Not hard, but requires maintenance.

4a. 501c – Non-profit status – yes/no

We need to discuss this not only in light of having tastings at this May’s brew demonstration, but also for Learn to Homebrew Day in November, as well as potential beer festivals/competitions we may decide to host down the road.  The officers will present the results of our discussion to the Guild sometime next week.  Regardless of our decision as a Guild, we will continue to plan to have brewing demonstrations at BRHH on May 18, if not tastings.  Jeff D., Alex B., and possibly Chris M. have volunteered to brew.  Let me know if you’re interested in brewing – BRHH traditionally provides ingredients.

Beertopia judging dates are set for May 21, 23 and 28 at 7:00pm at Parkway Brewing Co.  Judges are needed (any member may judge), and will be given free admission to the Beertopia festival on June 8 at Salem Red Sox Stadium, with 5 tastings and a t-shirt. However judges will not be allowed to enter beers in the competition so members must decide which they’d rather do.  The winning beer will be brewed at Parkway on their 20 gallon system for sale at their tasting room.  See http://www.biglickbeertopia.com/ for more information and to register beers, and contact Carrie if you’re interested in judging.

Carrie mentioned a new opt-in service for Guild members called GroupMe, which allows users to text amongst other Guild members to coordinate meet-ups at bars, share pics beers they are drinking, etc.  Contact Carrie if you need directions on how to join.  Carrie will also post info on the website.

Chuck reminded us that simply hitting “reply” to messages sent from the Guild email list will be sent to the entire Guild.  If you are sending a message that only applies to certain people, please copy and paste their email address or addresses to the “To:” section of the email.  We’ll send out a list of member’s email addresses to the Guild and/or have them available in the Members Only section on the website.

In preparation for the next club competition in June, we concluded with a tasting of 8 commercial Imperial IPAs (Firestone Walker Double Jack, Oskar Blues Deviant Dales, Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, Bell’s HopSlam, Surly Furious, Green Flash Palate Wrecker, Stone Ruination IPA, Southern Tier Unearthly, and Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.  While all were clearly hop forward, there was quite a range of maltiness, body, alcohol, and hop flavor.  Among the universal favorites were the Double Jack, Deviant Dales, and HopSlam, while most of the beers received some votes.

Thanks again Bryan for the great presentation and we’ll see everyone at Big Brew!