September 2013 Meeting Notes

The Guild’s September meeting was at Chris and Christy D.’s house on a rainy Saturday, Sept. 21. Thanks again to our hosts for their hospitality. The meeting kicked off with our Belgian Specialty Ale competition. It was another great turnout as fifteen entrants, sixteen judges and four stewards participated. Thanks to all who made this happen, especially organizer Kathy M!

Treasurer Mike U. couldn’t make it, but submitted a balance of $1631.80 and 72 members. The October meeting will be held on October 19 at Kim and Lizbeth’s, and Justin and Carrie C. announced November 23rd for their meeting. December’s meeting is penciled in for the 14th at Chaos Mountain Brewing in Callaway. They’re planning on having their equipment arrive on Dec. 4 for us to marvel over. They will provide lots of meat!

Pros and cons of this year’s Blacksburg Brew Do were discussed. All had a good time, but improvements could be made in some areas especially with crowd/line management.

Learn to Homebrew Day will be Saturday, November 2. BRHH will provide ingredients if you’re willing to brew. Dan T. volunteered, for starters. We may want to consider helping Chris A. out with food…Buren P. has a friend who is willing to smoke meat for us if we buy it. Something to think about. Harry M. will apply for the ABC license. Thanks Harry!

Flying Mouse Brewery recently opened in Daleville. Kevin C. spoke to the owner, Frank Moeller, last week, and he is excited about working with the Guild, offering to brew a beer of our choosing on his system. This raises the question of how we will decide on the style and recipe of the beer to be brewed. Several suggestions were made including holding a separate competition, choosing from the four competition winners’ recipes from this year, brewing the 5th place style in the competition style voting for next year, having the public decide, possibly by a vote at Learn to Homebrew Day, voting on the style as a group and picking 2-3 names out of a hat to determine recipe, etc.

We then had a break during which members voted on a change or clarification of the Bylaws regarding the method of voting for styles for the next year’s competition. The membership voted for a change to the Bylaws in which BJCP categories will first be voted upon in October, and then members will vote on one style from each category at the November meeting.

The first Guild homebrew swap also took place during the break amongst four members. Looking forward to hearing how that worked out in October.

The raffle for judges and stewards was held as we reconvened, with Chris D. and Joan B. winning $15 to Mr. Bill’s, and Mike U. winning $40 to Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrewing Co. Finally winners for the Belgian Specialty Ale competition were announced. Justin and Carrie C. took first place with a Belgian Quad, Paul M. took 2nd place with a Raspberry Saison, and Kevin C. took 3rd place with a Brett Belgian Tripel IPA. Congrats to all the winners!