2008 Meeting Notes

JANUARY 2008 MEETING President’s Notes
Written by Bryan Summerson
Sunday, 27 January 2008

Brief accounting of the January 2008 SCBG meeting held at Paul and Judy M.’s. Hello Brewers. Here is a brief (or not so brief…) description of the January guild meeting held at the lovely home of Paul and Judy M. Approximately 17 members were present and 2 guests, Justin and Carrie Cox. Justin and Carrie had visited with us at Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day. Welcome to them.

After thank you’s and intoductions Will gave us the state of the new club checking account. Some discussion was brought up as to whether the club would want to go Tax Exempt. Paul also inquired about us being incorporated. Will informed us that we didn’t have to become incorporated so long as our treaury remained under $5000, and we had no property. I think the consensus was that it would be easier to just keep our treasury as a personal account with the Treasurer(Will), and President’s(yours truly) signatures on the account. He is checking/finishing up this process with Suntrust. We had no balance or number of paid members as the Pats still have this info and were performing at Showtimer’s. Will will be transferring and collecting all of that information this month.Our next topic of discussion was future meeting sites. Chris and Pam M. have volunteered to hold the Febrewary meeting at their house which is out past the Pepsi bottling plant in Hollins. Date is February 23 at either 3:00 or 4:00. Chris will check with Pam and let us know the exact time. The March meeting is our Dunkelweizen competition meeting. No one stepped up to volunteer for sure, but Will said that it could be a possibility to hold it at his house. We were hoping for later in the month, because some members still hadn’t brewed their Dunkels. If anyone is interested in hosting the March competition for sure please let me know ASAP. The April meeting will tentatively be at Doug and Kelleigh’s home in Troutville. He is going to check his travelling schedule to make sure. Lastly, the May meeting is Big Brew and Ross/Nancy have volunteered to host this event again. It is traditionally the first Saturday of May, if I recall correctly. More info to come on meeting dates and times as I receive it.We then went on to discuss that there will be no more discount at Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrew until further notice. Business is slow and they will reevaluate the club discount in the spring/summer. We also discussed the hop shortage and stressed that everyone shouldn’t freak out and “hoard” hops. Things will get better.

After that, we asked for a show of hands as to who would be interested in pursuing a BJCP certification. 4-5 members present expressed interest, so I volunteered to check into it more. I had already checked on exam dates and locations. This is what is coming up in our general area: March 22 in Richmond, VA (probably not enough time to prepare for this one) and April 19 in Fredericksburg, VA (a definite possibility). Someone wondered if Patrick could contact David Houseman to see what our best options would be. More to come on this.

Next on the agenda, past members Kelly and Esther had sent out an invitation to a beer competition in the Wilmington, NC area on Feb. 23. We discussed if anyone would be wanting to attend. A minimum of 2 gallons kegged or bottled is a requirement. Highest score wins a new grain mill. Other prizes were TBA. No one present could attend and it was noticed that the date was the same as our Febrewary club meeting. Here is the link if anyone not present at the meeting is interested: www.capefearbiofuels.com

Lastly, all “other” topics were brought up for discussion. Kathy M. has some very potent dried pepper flakes from her brother to give away. If anyone is interested, drop her a line as she has lots of it. We then discussed members Dave and Trish’s current misfortune. If you are unaware, please read David’s blog here: http://members.cox.net/cyberdave2you/Trishie/Trishie.html . It would be great if the guild could step up and help out wherever needed. Contact Dave and Trish first please. Get well soon Trish!

We then had a brief break while Ross set up for his most informative presentation on the Dunkelweizen style. Ross was the perfect person to present on this style as he lived in Germany for many years. He was very prepared and even started out with a lesson for us on the German language! Ross had the appropriate glassware and showed us the correct way to pour any weizen. We tried not only Dunkelweizens, but started out before that with a brief history and example of the other hefeweizens. We started with Krystal-weizen(a filter wheat beer), then went on to a true hefeweizen, then lastly onto a rauch (smoked) hefeweizen, which all agreed was an “aquired” taste. We then tried approx. 6-7 dunkelweizens: Ayinger, Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg, Weihenstephaner, Tucher, Franziskaner, Erdinger and one other which escapes me at the moment. I think it was agreed that they all varied widely in aroma, taste and mouthfeel. There was no consensus for a favorite…

After Ross’ wonderful presentation, we then spent the rest of the evening eating and sampling some fine homebrews. Before allowing us to leave, Paul mentioned that he “had a device that he wanted us to blow into”… You can take that to mean what you wish, but many of our minds immediately went into the gutter. Turned out to only be a breathalyzer, whew! After the results from that, several of us had to drink a bottle of water before leaving. Thanks again Paul and Judy for allowing us to invade your home for the evening.

Respectfully submitted,
Bryan S.


Febrewary SCBG Meeting President’s Notes
Written by Bryan Summerson
Sunday, 24 February 2008

A narrative summary of the Febrewary Guild meeting at the home of Chris and Pam M.

     A lively group of around 30 gathered at the lovely home of Chris and Pam M.’s  in Hollins for the Febrewary meeting of the Star City Brewer’s Guild.  Thanks for being such wonderful hosts Chris and Pam!  Also, we got to help Pam celebrate her “29th” birthday!  Happy Birthday Pam!  We had many new members and guests visiting with us again:  New(er) members Jim and Joan Brown, new members Justin and Carrie Cox, Jeff and Kathy Leary with their friend John.  Welcome all.We then had a treasurer’s report from new treasurer Will.  He said the new account is up and running and if anyone needs reimbursing (Ross), please let him know at the March meeting.  Also, make sure he gets your receipts.  I will include a snippet from his email sent out today about number of members and account balance. OK. So we are at 35 paid members and 2 partials. The balance, after I make a deposit Monday will be $648.95. Anyone with reimbursements (Ross I know you are one) please get me receipts and we can square that up at March’s meeting.  Once again, 2008 dues are now being collected, $15 single/$20 family.Next, we discussed future meeting sites.  The March club meeting and Dunkelweizen competition will be held at the home of Chris and Fran A. on Bent Mountain.  The date is March 29th and the time will be 3:00.  Please bring competition beers by 3:30 so that the stewards can have everthing straight for the start of the competition.  Chris and Fran have alson graciously donated a door prize for a drawing for all who enter a beer in the competition.  The April meeting will “tentatively” be held at the home of Doug and Kelleigh in Troutville.  Date and time TBA.  In May, we will again be celebrating Big Brew ( the 30th anniversary of when Jimmy Carter legalized homebrewing) at the home of Ross and Nancy in Blacksburg.  There will be a 1:00 CST toast and a couple of homebrew recipes to brew.  Last year we brewed 15 gallons of beer!  More to come on the recipes when they are posted at the AHA website www.beertown.org .  The June meeting, our ESB club competition, will also be “tentatively” held at the home of Bryan and Sue P.  We will know more about April and June after Doug and Bryan speak to their significant others.

Then, Bryan S. mentioned that he had seen in the Nelson County newspaper that they are getting yet another micro. called Devil’s Backbone Brewing.  This brings Nelson County’s total up to 3 breweries, with Roanoke lucky to have one in August.  Perhaps another road trip will be in order?

Patrick K. then informed us that Mike at  Wine Gourmet is interested in doing another homebrew beer tasting at their store.  We had done one previously when they were located in Troutville.  A discussion will be ensuing on the club email for anyone who is interested in donating their beer to be tasted.  This is a great way to educate the public on craft beer and the merits of homebrewing!

Doug and Bryan P. then presented their ideas on style/recipe parameters for our August competition, which is Specialty Beer.  They have suggested a certain grain bill, hops(Galena, Vanguard, and ?) and amounts that can be used.  Judging will be strictly on which beer is liked the best and not on any particular style parameters, sort of a “free-style” comp.  They have some more tweaking to do and will post their suggestions/findings on the club email soon.  Should be interesting!

Paul M. also brought up that if we are truly trying to do our competitions correctly (i.e. AHA), that all entries in our club-only competitions should be bottled in 12 ounce brown bottles with no markings, instead of kegs, green bottles, 2 liter bottles etc.  The only way that the AHA and virtually every other compeition outside of our own will accept entries is in 12 ounce brown bottles.   If we have a competition and only one person brings their beer in a keg, then everyone judging will know whose beer it is.  That could lead to a problem with anonymity and the person’s score could be skewed.  We will need to bring this up for vote at a future meeting or perhaps by club email?

Lastly, we again discussed the possibility of some members becoming BJCP judges.  Patrick suggested we contact member Ed Wolfe who was one of the author’s of the BJCP guidelines, and get his input.  However, because he has a Virgina Tech email address, he has not been receiving club emails.  We need to change their email over to Carol’s so that they can receive guild mail.  Also, Bryan S. gave out a web address for practicing style parameters (O.G.’s/F.G.’s, IBU’s, Color, ABV, etc.).  It is located at http://www.tastybrew.com/bjcp/ .  Happy studying!

Club business was then wrapped up and everyone enjoyed all of the delicious food and homebrew/craft brew.  Thanks again Chris and Pam for being such gracious hosts.  Get those Dunkelweizens bottled and we’ll see everyone on the 29th of March.

Respectfully submitted,
Bryan Summerson, SCBG Pres


March 2008 SCBG Meeting/Competition President’s Notes
Written by Bryan Summerson
Sunday, 30 March 2008

Brief summary of the March SCBG meeting and competition.

    A large group of SCBG members and 3 guests assembled at the mountain-top home of Chris and Fran A.  Despite it being a cool and blustery day, the views were gorgeous.  Thank you Chris and Fran for opening up your home to us and also for providing a shuttle up your precarious driveway.The business part of the meeting began at approximately 4:00.  Will gave us a report on the club funds, which I believe stand at around $638 if I remember correctly.  Also, we currently have 37 paid members and one more was added that day, for a grand total of 38.  Please remember that if you haven’t paid your dues for 2008 yet that they are due immediately, $15/single and $20/couple.The April club meeting will be held at the home of Doug and Kelleigh M. in Troutville on April 19, beginning at 4:00.  This will be the meeting where we discuss the ESB style and also taste commercial examples.  If anyone would like to volunteer to give the club a brief description/history on ESB, please let me know ASAP.  Also, if you come across any commercial examples of that style, pick up a few bottles for the tasting and Will will reimburse you.  John M. has stated that he already purchased Fuller’s ESB so we don’t need any more Fuller’s.

The May meeting is Big Brew, which happens to be the 30th anniversary of the legalization of homebrewing.  This meeting will again be held at the home of Ross and Nancy A. in Blacksburg.  The date is May 3rd and the the time to show up is around 12:00 so you can join in the toast that occurs world-wide at noon central time.  We also gather to brew the same recipe as others all over the world.  The particulars and recipes for this year may be found at this website: http://www.beertown.org/events/bigbrew/index.html  Ross and Nancy have plenty of room for those who wish to spend the night.  Also, there are several hook-ups for water and electricity for brewing.  This is one of our most enjoyable annual events, so come on out and celebrate with us.  Bring your non-brewing friends also!

The June meeting will be held at the home of Bryan and Sue P.  The date and time is still to be determined.  We will let everyone know as soon we find something out.  This meeting will also be our ESB competition, so plan your brewing accordingly.

The July meeting will be held at the home of Bryan and Jenny S. (my home) on July 26th.  Starting time will probably be 4:00.  There will be no commercial tastings at this meeting, but we hope to have all of our info ready for the Sept. competition style which is a “Brewer’s Choice”.  Everyone will have a list of ingredients to use to brew whatever kind of beer they want.  Beers will be judged strictly on which one tastes the best.  No particular style parameters.

Next on the agenda was a discussion on the World Beer Festival held in Raleigh on April 26th.  We found out that  all the on-line tickets have been sold-out.  Today (3/30), we heard from Joe W. down in Raleigh that pretty much all of the local outlets are also sold out.  Looks like we will have to attend in October in Durham instead?

We also briefly discussed the National Homebrew Conference in Cincinnatti that is to be held 6/19-6/21.  It seems as if no one has any plans to attend.  Discussion was brief.

We then took a brief break while our head-stewardess Kathy got the tables set up for our Dunkelweizen competition.  Thank you Kathy, Cindy and helpers for doing such a great job!  There were 11 beers entered and judged at 3 initial tables.  Four beers were sent on to the final round where the judges picked the following winners:  third place went to Chris M., second place went to Paul M., and the first place trophy went to…John M.!  Looks like it was a good day to have a last name that begins with “M”!  Congratulations to all on some great beers.  We also added something new and wonderful to the competition, thanks to Chris and Fran of Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrewing.  They donated a very nice bench capper and bottle caps to be given as a door prize.  All of the 11 people who entered a beer in the competition had their names put in a hat and a winner was drawn.  Will, our treasurer, had his name pulled out.  Congrats Will!  Everyone’s first round scores will go toward the Brewer of the Year award, so keep brewing and entering the competitions.

Everyone then enjoyed some more homebrews and food, until it was time to take the shuttle back down to our cars.  Thanks again Chris and Fran!  Look forward to seeing everyone on April 19th.

Respectfully submitted,
–Bryan Summerson
SCBG President



April 2008 SCBG Meeting President’s Notes
Written by Bryan Summerson
Sunday, 20 April 2008

A summary of the April SCBG meeting at Doug and Kelleigh M.’s.

    A lively bunch of SCBG members and guests gathered at the home of Doug and Kelleigh M’s on April 19th.  Special thanks to Doug and Kelleigh for opening up their home to us and being such great hosts.  There were approximately 20 members and 3 guests with us.  Guests were Will’s dad Pete and his significant other Donna.  Ginger and Pat had their friend Tony along with them also.  In addition, Joe and Marsha, who were in Roanoke/Salem finishing up their packing, were able to join us.First on the agenda, Will gave us a treasurer’s report.  The club account stands at $683.95 (before reimbursements for ESB’s) with 40 paid members.  Thanks Will.Next, we discussed the May 3rd meeting, which also happens to be Big Brew.  It will be held at the home of Ross and Nancy A.  They live in Blacksburg and I’m sure that directions from Ross will be posted ASAP.  John and Kathy M. have volunteered to head up the food situation again this year, thanks to them.  So, please post to the list what food-fixin’s you plan to bring so they can make sure we don’t get a lot of one thing.  For those who don’t know, Big Brew is an all day event.  Ross says that anyone wanting to brew may show up as early as they like, just let them know you’re coming. There are at least 2 water supply and electrical outlet areas outside of his house.   Ross has been so kind as to allow some new extract brewer (if needed) to borrow his brewing set-up.  Ross suggests that all bring lawn chairs to sit on and also, Big Willee will be there for those who have beer in kegs.  A poll was taken to see who might be brewing that day and 4 members raised their hands as possibilities.  If anyone who was not in attendance at this meeting wants to brew, it would be advisable to post to the list so Ross can make sure times/facilities are coordinated.  There will be a world-wide toast at 1:00 eastern to celebrate Jimmy Carter’s signing of the bill allowing homebrewing again (30th anniversary).  I have already registered our site with the AHA, so you may check out the details/recipes there http://www.beertown.org/events/bigbrew/index.html .

The June meeting, which is also our competition meeting for the ESB style, is tentatively scheduled to be at the home of Bryan P.  He was not in attendance, so we are not sure on a date or time yet.  That information is very important and will be posted ASAP.

The July meeting will be at the home of Bryan and Jenny S. on July 26th, beginning at 4:00.  We will be having a discussion on our September competition style which is “Brewer’s Choice” using a uniform list of ingredients, with a couple of variables remaining open to the brewer (i.e. yeast).

Joe and I then gave a brief report on our recent road trip to Hickory Hops beer festival in Hickory, NC.  We both agreed that it was one of the most well-run events that we’ve been to in recent memory.  Almost reminded us of how Microfestivus used to be.  There were approximately 30 or so breweries there, with a total of over 150 beers to try.  Most also had beer on cask.  A local brewpub and homebrew club run it with perfection, cost was $25.  There was more than enough beer to taste and never any chance of it running out.  Lines(when there were any) moved very quickly.  We also got to see and hang out with displaced SCBG members Kelly and Esther.  Kelly had his tasty IPA on tap with Azalea Coast Brewing.  Every homebrewer’s dream!   This is highly recommended as a club event for next year!

Next,  due to the hop shortage and high prices of them, we discussed the possibility of a “hops exchange” between brewers.  In other words, if Ross needed an English bittering hop and I happened to have some on hand, we could trade/exchange for something that I needed or for a draft-pick to be determined later.  Ross also mentioned that a small homebrew shop in Blacksburg called “Eats” has a small but fresh selection of hops($2.65/oz.) and yeast on hand.  They are located across the street from the Vintage Cellar.

Bryan S. has planted hops this year and has a couple of rhizomes left over (one of which was claimed by Doug).  So, if anyone would like on let me know via email.  Doug also offered up the use of his vacuum sealer for anyone who needs to break up large amounts of hops or what-not.  I will be taking him up on it when my harvest comes in.

After a brief break, John M. gave us an informative presentation on the ESB style with several commercial examples to try.  I think it was agreed that the Fuller’s ESB and Otter Creek’s ESB were the two best examples (out of 7 or 8).  We did agree that we needed to be careful when judging not to hold all beers to the standards of Fuller’s, as that is only one of a broad range of flavors in the ESB BJCP style guidelines.

Thanks to all for coming and see you all in 2 weeks for Big Brew!

–Bryan Summerson
SCBG Pres.


June 2008 Club Meeting/ESB Competition
Written by Bryan S.
Sunday, 29 June 2008

A brief summary of the June club meeting and ESB competition held at the home of John and Kathy M.   Despite the menacing thunderstorms, a group of around 20+ members and friends made it to our June meeting and ESB competition held at the home of John and Kathy M.  We had 3 guests with us this day, including Dave’s friends Larry and Ros from Boone’s Mill and newest member Kevin C.  Welcome to you all.  Special thanks to John and Kathy for hosting again and to Kathy for being our very organized head stewardess.

We didn’t have a treasurer’s report this month due to the fact that our treasurer is on vacation.  We did however gain another new member, Kevin C.  I believe this takes our total number of paid members up to 51?  With this many members, hopefully we will begin to have more than 9 entries in our competitions?  Just Brew It!

The locations of the next few meetings was discussed next.  The July meeting will be held at Bryan and Jenny S.’s home in Roanke City on July 26th beginning at 4:00.  There will be further discussion about our “Specialty Beer” competition which will be held in September.   It was then suggested that since we don’t have any commercial tastings that meeting (which we normally would do), perhaps we could have a “Tech-talk” type presentation on some brewing-related topic.  Perhaps how to build a kegerator, or how to keg homebrew, or a brewing technique.  Any suggestions for our first presentation can be posted to the list for further discussion?  So, all you DIYer’s put on your thinking caps!  Chris M. has tentatively volunteered his home for the August meeting.  He will get back to us on possible dates and times.  The September meeting and Specialty Beer competition has yet to be volunteered for.  Anyone interested in hosting this meeting please contact me ASAP and we will discuss the details.  Jeff F. has already volunteered his home in the Crystal Spring area for the October meeting.

Next on the agenda was a discussion about the Montgomery County (Maryland) Fair Homebrew Competition.  Patrick told us about the time he entered (5 years ago) and placed 1st for his Oatmeal Stout.  You get a State Fair ribbon for this, not some small homebrew ribbon!  I will be entering and if anyone else would like to also, they can contact me and we will see about shipping.  Entries and fees ($5 per entry, 2 bottles required) are due by July 26.  Details can be found here at http://g_a_b_s.tripod.com/ .

I then shared a correspondence I had with Shooting Creek Farm Brewery in Floyd, Va.  I had bascially emailed them welcoming them to the area and told them how glad we were that there would be such a brewery in the area.  I also expressed interest in the club coming for a tour/tasting or helping out the brewery in some capacity.  The response I got said that they were having trouble getting their ABC license and had to go to a public hearing in the near future.  But they would still love for us to come visit even before they officially open for business.  They would also love/appreciate any “volunteer” help we would be willing to give them.  So, I smell a road trip in the very near future?

Our past Prez. Pat K. then filled us in on his newest gig at Showtimers, “Guys and Dolls”.  Should be a great show, so go out and support the Pats.  Showtimers is just off of 419/Electric across from AllState.

After a very brief break for some food, Kathy had two tables set up with 3 judges per table.  There were 9 entries for the ESB style.  After the initial round of judging, 4 beers were sent on to the final table of judges.  After much deliberation, 3rd place went to Paul M., 2nd place to Chris M., and 1st place went to our very own ESB, Ross A.!  Congrats to all!  They are some quality beers.  Once again this month, Chris and Fran at Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrewing donated a door prize for a drawing.  This month the prize was a case of 1 liter fliptop bottles.  In order to qualify for the drawing, you had to have entered a beer in the competition.  The winner of this month’s prize went to Pat K.  Congrats Pat!

Hope to see you all next month at our house!

-Bryan S.
Primary Fermenter, SCBG



The July SCBG Meeting
Written by Bryan S.
Sunday, 27 July 2008

Summary of the July 26th SCBG meeting held at the home of Bryan and Jenny S.

   An unexpectedly large, enthusiastic crowd of 30 members and guests gathered at the home of yours truly yesterday for what is traditionally a lower-turnout monthly meeting.  We had many members present as well as new members Beth & Al Durham.  Welcome Beth and Al.  We all got to taste her yummy Nut Brown ale, batches #2 and #3.  Also, new member Kevin Campbell brought a visitor along with him, Chris Davies.  Welcome Chris.First on the agenda was the treasurer’s report given by our treasurer Will.  The club stood at 41 paid members (not including Beth and Al), with a balance of $570 (also not including Beth and Al’s dues).  It is nice to see the club growing at a pretty rapid rate!  Now we need to get you new brewers entering the competitions!We then discussed the future meeting sites for the club.  The August meeting will be at Chris McD’s on the 16th beginning at 4:00.  We will have a demonstration on how to can starter wort.  Chris lives out in Hollins near the Pepsi bottling plant and will send out directions at a later date.  The September meeting, which is our Specialty Beer competition meeting, will tentatively be held at Doug and Kelleigh M.’s in Troutville.  They will let us know date and time ASAP.  The October meeting is spoken-for also.  It will be held at Jeff and Cindy F.’s house in Crystal Springs.  They will also give us a date and time ASAP.  The Brown’s have offered to host the November meeting and Will is once again hosting the December meeting (Robust Porter Comp., Brewer of the Year Awarded).  So, we are set up to the New Year for our meeting sites.  Thanks to all for stepping up and volunteering your homes.

Next, we discussed the status of several local breweries/brew-pubs.  Roanoke Railyard is still awaiting approval from the ABC on their liquor license.  John M. and Kevin gave us a report on the “focus groups” that they were a part of to try to guage what Roanokers want RR to brew.  Didn’t sound all that promising…  I then informed all of the problems that Shooting Creek Farm Brewery in Floyd were having.  They also are having trouble securing their ABC license, but theirs is due to objectors on their road and others from farther away.  They have to attend a public hearing on Aug. 4th @ 2PM at the Virginia ABC regional offices on Peter’s Creek Rd. in Roanoke.  They would love if we could attend the meeting to show our support.  Or, let anyone you know that appreciates craft beer to come out and show support.  They also stated that letters of support will be presented to the court, so if you’d rather write than speak, go for it.  I would really love for the guild to show our support in some way.  Perhaps a well-written letter to the court from the guild?  Any volunteers?  Then we discussed Awful Arthur’s brewpub at Tower’s mall.  All is moving along well from what we can tell.  Will stated that they have $300,000 to spend and that they have already hired a head brewer and assistant brewer.

Last on the agenda was a heated discussion about our Specialty Beer style for the competition in September.  The ingredients were stated again for all.  Someone asked the question “Is this gonna count toward Brewer of the Year?”  Most said “yes”, but the scoring seemed to be a bit fuzzy.  We will still use the 50 point scale for Aroma, Appearance, Mouthfeel, Taste, Overall Impression.  It was suggested that we should probably use the BJCP style #23(Specialty Beer) as our “guide”.  This was met with what could best be described as “mutiny” by the authors of our ingredient list.  They state that these beers should not be to any style, just pick the ones that taste the best!  Let the brewers use their creativity to make whatever crazy concoction they want!  I would agree, but also state that that’s what BJCP style #23 is all about.  It would give judges some kind of path to follow as they were scoring all these different (I would assume) beers.  Someone also stated that the brewers who enter should include a sentence or two describing their intended concoctions to the judges and drinkers (i.e.- “This is loosely based on a Hefeweizen, but I hopped it up quite a bit with Glacier and Palisade hops and added some chocolate malt to give it a hint of chocolate/roastiness”).  That would give the judges some kind of idea how to score their beer, rather than just saying “this one tastes better than that one, to me”.  I would like to generate some discussion about how we want to score this competition before it gets to be September.  So, send an email to the list stating your opinion on the matter and all you older guys may know something about what the by-laws say.  If so, feel free to chime in and set us all straight.  Here is the link to the BJCP style #23 Specialty Beer http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style23.php in case you want to peruse it and see what it has to say about it.

Once the hubub died down on that topic, we all commenced to eating and drinking and the playing of Cornhole, otherwise known as “Beanbag Toss”.  John was quite the ace at that game and will probably not be asked to play again… ;^)  Special thanks to Chris for trying his darndest to allow Ethan to win.  You have the patience of Jobe there brother.

–Bryan S.
“Primary Fermentor”, SCBG



August 2008 SCBG Meeting
Written by Bryan S.
Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Summary of the August club meeting at Chris and Pam’s.

Hello Brewers.  We had a very nice gathering of homebrewers and friends (25+) at the home of Chris and Pam M. on Saturday.  Thanks to them for opening up their home to us!  The club tent was erected in Chris’ back yard and most enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We did get two new members, Ros and Larry Bartell, who many have met already through Dave F.  Welcome to the club Ros and Larry.   I believe this brings us up to around 45 paid members!

    When a sufficient number of folks showed up, many of us ascended to Pam’s kitchen to begin the demonstration on canning starter wort.  Due to the extreme amount of time it seemed to take and the inability to use one of the pressure cookers, we were only able to make 5 quarts of starter.  For those who missed out, here is the link to the recipe and procedures:
http://maltosefalcons.com/tech/startermadeeasy.php .  Chris, Carrie & Justin, Kevin, and Jeff (?) all went home with a quart of starter to use the next time they brew.  Due to the time it took to get the pressure cooker up to temp., the business part of the meeting didn’t get started until 6:00.

The club meeting sites for this year are all spoken for, with Doug and Kelleigh hosting the September competition meeting.  Date and time to be announced ASAP.  The October meeting will be at the home of Jeff and Cindy F.   They said that the last Saturday(25th) would be best.  The November meeting is scheduled to be held at Jim and Joan B.’s house.  They are in the middle of travelling and were not present at the meeting this month.  So, their date and time will be announced at a later date.  The final meeting of the year, in which we have our last competition, voting for president, and awarding of Brewer of the Year will occur again at the home of Will and Jen L.  Date and time TBD.  Thanks again to all for stepping up to host our meetings.
Next, John, Kathy and Bryan gave a brief report on this year’s Microfestivus.  Consensus was that it was very well run, with lots of beer, lots of porta-johns, and very reasonable wait-time in lines.  There were 100+ beers on tap this year!  We also got to speak with the owner of Roanoke Railhouse Brewing, Steve Davidson, and he says they should have beer in restaurants within 45 days.  I had suggested that the guild hold a club meeting at the brewery and he was very excited about the possibility.
We were then reminded of Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day which is coming up on Nov. 1.  We are hoping that Chris and Fran are able to host it again this year?  What say you Chris and Fran?  Last year was a whopping success and many new brewers were added to our ranks (Jim and Joan, Brian M., and more).  We are looking for volunteers to lug their gear out and homebrew for the community.  Bring out any of your friends that may have an interest in brewing for a very informative and fun day.
Some other topics discussed were a beer festival in Greensboro, NC which is to be held this weekend.  The Pats have attended previously and speak highly of it.  It is to be held on Saturday at the Coliseum.  AFAIK it is a one price pays for all event ($30-35).  Also, a reminder was given about the Bramwell Oktoberfest which is well-attended by guild members each year.  Many members are planning on attending this year.  Visit here for details about this wonderful event  http://www.bramwelloktoberfest.com .  They also have a nice sized homebrew competition which the club has historically done quite well in.  Chris then showed us all pictures of his visit to the Anheuser Busch plant in Jacksonville.  Thanks for sharing Chris.
Lastly, we once again discussed the format for the September Specialty Beer competition.  It was agreed upon that we would have to use BJCP 23A in order for the points to count towards Brewer of the Year.  So, basically, brewer’s need to let the stewards know what basic type of beer are you entering (light or dark, hoppy or malty).  The one or two sentence description idea seems to be a good way to do that.  For expample, “This is a hoppy,  belgian-inspired IPA, brewed with American hops and belgian abbey yeast.”  This way, the stewards know to have your beer judged after all the milder, less bitter/hoppy beers.  We are trying to save the judges palates by presenting the beers in the correct order for tasting.  A bitter hop-bomb, if judged first, would ruin the palates of the judges, if then followed by a wheat beer or blonde ale.  Does this make sense to everyone?  I hope so…
Then the business part of the meeting was adjourned and we commenced to merry-making.  Lots of good food and beer was brought by all.  Until September,
–Bryan S.
Primary Fermentor, SCBG


3rd Quarter Competition and Guild Meeting
Written by Bryan S.
Monday, 29 September 2008

Report on the meeting/competition held at Doug and Kelleigh’s on Sept. 27th.

     A very large and lively group of 30+ SCBG members gathered at the home of Doug and Kelleigh M. on a cool, rainy Saturday evening for the club’s 3rd quarter competition.  Thanks to Doug and Kelleigh for hosting us on this messy day.  Also, we welcomed one visitor, Bailey, who is Kevin’s girlfriend.
Will gave us the treasurer’s report and the club funds stand at $603 and 45 paid members.  These are both club highs I believe?  Looks like we need to be spending some money…  Can someone say “roadtrip”?  Thanks Will.
Next on the agenda we discussed future meeting sites.  Due to unforseen home repairs, the Fries had to give up hosting the October club meeting.  The Merkwans stepped up and offered to be our hosts for that meeting,  The meeting will take place on Oct. 18th beginning at 4:00.  This meeting is the commercial tasting of our final quarter competition style, Robust Porter.  Patrick will be giving us a presentation on the style.   Also, we will be discussing beer styles for 2009.  The November meeting is tentatively set to be held at the home of Jim and Joan B.  They weren’t in attendance this month, so we’ll have to hear from them about whether they are still planning on hosting.  This is an important meeting, as we will be voting on beer styles for next year’s competitions as well as nominating folks for president.  Will and Jen have once again volunteered to host our last competition and meeting of the year in December.  We will be voting for our new Pres. as well as awarding our new Brewer of the Year.  Date and time to be announced.  Jeff and Cindy did offer to host the first meeting of 2009, date and time also to be announced later.
We then talked about Teach a  Friend to Homebrew Day; which is November 1st this year.  Chris and Fran A. have offered to host it again at the shop.  Those who have offered to brew that day so far are Jeff and Bryan S.  Many have offered to bring samples of homebrew to pour.  Chris and Paul are working on the ABC license for this event.  We will discuss more via the email and meeting at the Merkwan’s.
Bramwell Oktoberfest was the next event discussed.  Several of us are planning on attending (Merkwan’s, Pats, Bryan S., Eric).  This is a really fun event, so if you think you  can make it you should really try.  It is October 11th in Bramwell. WV which is about 12 miles from Bluefield, WV.  If you cannot attend and would like to enter the homebrew comp. please get your entries to one of the above folks prior to the 10th.  The SCBG always does quite well in this event.
We then tried to update the guild on the couple of brewpubs/micros set to open in the Roanoke area.  Not much was known, except that Awful Arthurs was brewing last Saturday.  They will definitely be serving a Pale Ale and an ESB.  They are excited to hear from us and possibly to have our help.  Carrie and Justin told us about a Green Drinks club that they are members of.  They will be meeting on Tues. Oct. 14th at 7PM at Allsports Cafe in Salem.  The guys from Shooting Creek are supposed to be in attendance.
We then had a brief break while our hostesses with the mostestes got us set up for the competition.  We had 10 beers entered this month.  Two tables of judges each judged 5 beers.  The top 5 were sent to the final table and 3rd place went to Chris M.  This is his third trophy this year and makes him the front-runner for BOY.  2nd place went to Patrick for his very nice American Brown Ale.  Drumroll please….and 1st place went to Will for his Belgian Pale Ale.  Congrats Will on your first winner!!  I must say that all of the beers were definitely unique.  Winner of the doorprize for brewers was John Merkwan.  BRHP donated a case of bottles and a bag of oxygen absorbing caps.  Thanks to them.
See you all next month at the Merkwan’s.
–Bryan S.
Prez., SCBG



October SCBG Meeting
Written by Bryan S.
Thursday, 23 October 2008

A summary of the events/discussions held at the October SCBG meeting at Kathy and John’s.

     A small but lively group gathered at the home of Kathy and John Merkwan for our October SCBG meeting.  We had many things to discuss and a beer style to learn about!  Thanks to Kathy and John for opening up their lovely home to us again.  There were approximately 16 members present and no visitors this month.
Will filled us in on our membership, which stands at approximately $610 and 45 paid members.  He did have to reimburse John for our robust porter samples, so that amount will change.  Soon it will be time to pay up again for 2009, so keep that in mind.
Future meeting sites:  The November meeting will be held at the home of Jim and Joan Brown.  It is scheduled for Nov. 15th beginning at 4:00.  This will be a busy meeting, so plan on attending if at all possible.  We will be nominating people for president for next year, voting on beer styles for next year, etc.
The December meeting and final quarterly competition will be held at the home of Will and Jen Landry.   They are thinking about Decemeber 13th as the date.  The start time is usually a bit earlier because of all that has to be done.  This meeting will include our final beer competition (robust porter) and the awarding of Brewer of the Year for 2008.  Also, we will be voting on our new President for 2009.  This is typically one of our most attended guild meetings.
Next, we discussed Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day which is Nov. 1 at Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrewing.  We have received our ABC license, which states we are only allowed to serve 4 beers at a time.  We need to have beer donated for tasting, so please post to the list what, if anything you are going to bring/donate.  We also like to bring food to this event, just like a regular guild meeting.  The people brewing that I know of are Jeff Fries, possibly Chris and Eric, and myself.  Please let us know if you plan to brew that day so Chris and Fran can plan for water hookups and etc.  We had discussed a start time of 11:00 and finishing up at 4:00. I know that I will need to start earlier than that to get my all grain beer brewed and cleaned up, possibly 10:00 or earlier.  Will this be OK with you Chris and Fran?  We will also need the club tent and Big Willee(Tad?).  I am going to check downstairs to see what I have in a box left over from last year.  Possibly cups and for sure table cloths.  I guess we need someone to volunteer to take care of the food stuff again this year.  Any takers?
We also talked about Awful Arthur’s three beers on tap.  They have a Wit, Pale Ale, and now an ESB.  All are good and so is the price, $2.50 all the time.  My wife and I were eating there a week ago and he was just finishing up his IPA, so it may be ready now also.  Go by and check them out if you haven’t already.  Support Local Beer!
Patrick gave a very informative style presentation on Robust Porter.  Thanks Patrick!  After discussing the style, we then tasted several examples of Robust Porter and some we weren’t sure about.  We tasted Smuttynose Robust Porter (one of the fav’s.), Rogue’s Mocha Porter, Bell’s Porter (also one of the fav.’s), Coal Porter, Anchor Porter and Sierra Nevada Porter.  They were all very different, but I think we all agreed that Bell’s and Smuttynose were closest to our interpretation of the style.  Here is a link to a style discussion if you missed Patrick’s link from the Brewing Network .
Lastly,  we discussed the fact that we need a quorum to be able to change our bylaws so that we can vote on beer styles for the next year.  It was thought that we were supposed to vote on styles in November when in fact the bylaws state December.  So, a motion was brought up and seconded to move the voting to November.  I inquired by the list for the necessary votes ( a majority, 23) required to change it and I have received 25 votes in favor and none opposed.  So, if we have followed the rules correctly, I’d say we have our quorum and can change the bylaws to read that voting on beer styles will take place in November of each year.  If anyone is more familiar with the rules, feel free to let me know.
Hope to see as many of you as possible at Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day!
–Bryan S.
Primary Fermentor, SCBG


Novembeer SCBG Meeting
Written by Bryan S.
Sunday, 16 November 2008

Report on the November club meeting.

     A group of 20 SCBG members gathered at the beautifully done home of Jim and Joan Brown yesterday.  Jim began by taking us all on a tour of their immaculately restored home, all of which was done by Jim.  All the ladies were jealous of the bathrooms and all the men were jealous of the workshop and brewing area.  Well done Jim and Joan!
Next month’s robust porter competition meeting is to be held at Will and Jen’s on the 13th beginning at 3:00.  This is an earlier start time because of all the many things that have to be accomplished at this last meeting of the year 2008.  We will have our last competition, award Brewer of the Year, and vote for our new president for 2009.  This is always one of the best, if not the best meeting of the year.  So, plan on being there if you can.  Jeff and Cindy have volunteered their home for the January 2009 club meeting, and the Summerson’s can host the February meeting.
Will gave us a treasurer’s report and we currently stand at 48 members with a balance of $579.67 in our club account.  It is also time to be paying your dues for 2009.  Single memberships are $15 and family memberships are only $20.  Please pay Will ASAP.  Will also gathered clothing from members to send to Spartan Silkscreening to have embroidered with our club logo.  Cost is roughly $6-$6.50 per item with a turn-around time of about a week.  Many items were brought by members.  Carrie and Justin will be taking them to the store sometime in the next week.  So, if you would like to add your items to the order, get in touch with them ASAP.
We also discussed the way we spend/don’t spend our club funds.  It was suggested by our treasurer that we come up with a budget for next year so we can account for how we want to spend our money.  There were several things talked about, such as a club brewing event, reimbursal for beer-style samples, the upcoming liability insurance through the AHA, advertising, etc.   It was brought, up and then voted on favorably to reimburse Chris and Fran for the cost of the sandwiches from Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day.  We didn’t feel it should be their responsibility to pay for these items, it should be the club’s.
Patrick then reminded us that the new change to the bylaws went into effect on the 15th.  It basically says that voting on beer styles for the next year will take place in November instead of December.  Chuck, would you please make that change on the website?  James inquired about a new, up-to-date member spreadsheet with addresses and phone numbers.  Will said he would work on that.
Nominations were taken for president 2009 and the following 5 members were nominated:  Chris McDonald, Will Landry, John Merkwan, Doug Moyer and Bryan Summerson.  We will vote at the December meeting and the top vote-getter will be President and the runner-up will be Vice President.  Treasurer will be appointed by the new President.
Following these discussions, ballots were passed out for voting on the beer styles for 2009.  There were 11 styles on the list and four ended up standing out above the others.  The beer styles for competition next year are as follows:  March-American Brown Ale, June-Saison, September- Oatmeal Stout, December-Imperial Anything.  So, start planning your recipes and brewing for next year!
Lastly, Beth Durham informed us of a wine club that she is a member of.  They have two open-houses each year and one is in December (coming up).  The get-together is held at the home of the owners of Valhalla vineyards and the requirements to attend are as follows:  Each person must bring a bottle of red wine, each couple should bring a food item to share, and there is a $25 charge to each person which is donated to charity, attire is dressy, but not black tie.  Any questions please inquire with Beth.
The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the many bottles of homebrew and excellent food brought by the members.  Joan’s gumbo was a huge hit and rightly so, because it was “out-of-this-world” good!!  Thanks Joan for taking the time to make it.
–Bryan S.
SCBG, Pres.


December SCBG Meeting and Competition
Written by Bryan S.
Sunday, 14 December 2008
Click to see full size

2009 SCBG President Elect John Merkwan

The minutes for the December 2008 club meeting.

     A rowdy crowd of 35 SCBG members and guests assembled at the home of Will and Jen for our final meeting of 2008.  Special welcomes to Chris, Pete, Mike and Tim, who were all visiting us for the first time.  Big thanks to the Landry’s for hosting us for the second year in a row.  You are most excellent hosts!  This is always one of our best-attended meetings of the year and this year was no exception.  We had much to accomplish this day!
Will gave us a brief Treasurer’s update.  We stand at 48 members and our club balance is in the $600 range.  Remember to pay your dues for 2009 if you haven’t already.  The dues are $15/single and $20/family.  If you aren’t a paid member you can’t enter beers in the competitions, vote, or voice your concerns/suggestions, so please take care of that ASAP.  Patrick made a motion that the club pay for the babysitter(s) for this particular meeting.  It was seconded, and then voted on and passed.
Carrie and Justin passed out the clothing that we had embroidered and it all came out really nice.  Thanks to Will, Carrie and Justin for taking this on.  Remember that you can take clothing to them at any time and they can take care of it for you.  Cost might be higher, but you can have it done anytime if you missed out on this order.
Future Meeting Sites:
January 31 at Jeff and Cindy F.’s  Start time is 4:00. Presentation on the American Brown Ale style and tastings.
February ? at Chris McD.’s.
March ? at Chris and Fran’s.  This will be our first quarterly competition (American Brown Ale).
    We then elected our new president  and V.P. for 2009.   Will Landry, Chris McDonald, and John Merkwan were all on the ballot.  The candidate with the most votes is our President and the runner-up is our V.P.  The results were Chris as V.P. and John is our new President for 2009.  Congrats to both!  We look forward to the new year under your leadership.
After the election, we had a brief break while Kathy got us set up for judging of the competition beers.  There were 12 beers entered in the Robust Porter style.  Judging was done at 3 different tables, each with 3 judges.  We tasted some very fine beers!  After all was said and done, 3rd place went to John M., 2nd place to Ross A., and 1st place to Ginger.  Congrats to all for their most excellent examples of the style.  Chuck took the first round scores and added them into everyone’s scores from the other competitions to come up with our Brewer of the Year for 2008.  After tallying the scores, Ross Angel is our Brewer of the Year for 2008.  Congrats Ross!  This is his second BOY award.  Thanks to all for entering beers into competitions all year.  This is what it’s all about in my book; learning how to make better beer.
Lastly, we had our door-prize drawing of items given by Chris and Fran at Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrewing.  This drawing is open to all members who entered a beer into the competition.  This time they donated a book, “Extreme Brewing” by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and a carboy brush and long plastic spoon.  The book was won by yours truly, and the brush/spoon was won by Beth D.  Thanks Chris and Fran for donating these items to the guild!
We then ate, drank (many fine beers!) and made merry into the night.  On a personal note, I would like to say that I enjoyed being your President this year and hope that I did the club the justice that it deserves.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, and watch out next year… ;^)
–Bryan S.
Prez., SCBG

2007 Meeting Notes

Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 21 January 2007

Narrative summary of SCBG monthly meeting held Saturday, January 20, 2007.

There may have been only 19 members at the opening meeting for 2007, but there was certainly no shortage of beer, food or good times.

Hearty thanks to Doug and Kelleigh for hosting this winter gathering.

She-Pat gave us a treasurer’s report and membership summary. At the start of the meeting there was $538.62 in the club checking account.

That figure had changed by the end of the meeting as several folks paid-up their 2007 dues. By the end of the meeting, we had 32 paid-up members, including our lifetimers, Kelly & Esther.

The Febrewary meeting is still set to be hosted by Bryan and Jenny S., probably on the 17th, however, watch your email for further details.

Kathy and John M. are currently out of the country, but we are assuming that they will still host the March meeting. The 17th (St. Paddy’s day) was recommended as the date for the March meeting, but we will need to confirm that with Kathy and John once they are back stateside.

A brief break followed and then Doug treated us to his presentation on the history and characteristics of the Bohemian Pilsner style. And I do mean “treat!” Doug gave us a lively, informative, artistic and professional Power Point presention that lasted over a half-hour and, I dare say, most of us would gladly sit through it again–it was that good. I’m afraid Doug has raised the bar on style presentations so much so that none of us may ever again come close. Thank you Doug; it was worth coming out in the cold and wind just for your excellent presentation.

Afterward, we tasted 3 Bohemian Pilsners from the Czech Republic and one “Czech Style” Pilsner from the U.S. None of us could quite understand why the Czech’s (and many other Europeans) bottle their beers in green glass. Some “skunkiness” was detected to one degree or another in all three of the Czech-brewed beers. Someone may correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Czechvar was the favorite of the 3 European-brewed pilsners. The American-brewed “Czech-style” pilsner, from Lagunitas in California, was good but not really to style, being more akin to a German pilsner.

As the meeting was concluding, Keira and Dyson checked-in just to make sure we all knew that it was bedtime. Barley did an excellent job in her position as sargent-at-arms the entire evening. Once again, many thanks to Kelleigh and Doug for hosting. I’m sorry more members didn’t make it to this meeting–you missed a really good one!

Patrick Kennerly


Star City Brewers Guild

January 21, 2007


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 18 February 2007

A narrative summary of the SCBG monthly meeting for February held Saturday, Feb. 17 at 4 PM.The blustery chill of a winter afternoon did not deter a sizeable contingent of homebrewers from gathering at the home of Bryan and Jenny S. on Saturday afternoon, Febrewary 17th.

Many thanks to Bryan and Jenny for opening up their home to the club–your home is cozy and inviting and the fireplace made the setting ideal.

The meeting kicked off at 4 PM, but folks were still arriving after 6 PM; a head count at that time revealed a total of 24 members present.

She-Pat presented the treasury report and membership summary.  At the beginning of the meeting, the club account held $598.62 and there were 32 paid members.  By the end of the meeting, 4 additional couples had paid their dues and the membership count was up to 40.

John & Kathy M. confirmed that they will be hosting the March meeting and the Czech Pilsener competition.  The date for that event is Saturday, March 17th–yes, St. Patrick’s Day–beginning at 4:00 PM.  John & Kathy will send directions to their home via this club email forum a little closer to the event.

Your President made a plea for stewards for the Czech Pilsener competition.  Stuart, faithful steward that he is, volunteered to serve once again.  If other members would like to steward with Stuart, please make your intentions known to this forum or to your President privately.  Since this is a lager style and members may wish to bring their competition beer in a keg, Big Willee can be available for service.

Martin has volunteered to host the April meeting.  The date for that will be forthcoming, after Martin consults with wife Sandra.

Your President then broached the subject of Big Brew, the national homebrewers’ event that will be held on Saturday, May 5th this year.  Ross & Nancy hosted Big Brew last May.  An email has been sent to them inquiring about their plans for this May.  Should Ross & Nancy’s mountaintop retreat not be available, we’ll have to explore other possibilities.

This year’s Festival in the Park was also mentioned briefly.  Your President asked all members to ponder that event and help make a good group decision as to whether or not we wish to participate this May 26th.

John M. presented a mouth-watering description of his and Kathy’s participation in the Manchester, England Winter Beer Festival.  By the time John was finished, we were all ready to charter a flight and book rooms for the next Manchester festival.

Business being concluded, the meeting was adjourned and all retired to the kitchen, dining and living rooms of the S’s. home to enjoy excellent food, company and homebrew.

Thanks again, Jenny and Bryan, for a great job of hosting.  Until next month, keep those pilseners lagering!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
Sunday, Febrewary 18, 2007


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 18 March 2007

A narrative summary of the SCBG meeting held Saturday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), 2007.

William Shakespeare put these words into the mouth of his tragic hero,
King Lear:
“Blow winds and crack your cheeks!”The winds did blow on a chilly St. Patrick’s Day and, though cheeks
may not have cracked, plenty of cheeks took on a suitably ruddy
complexion spanked by the gusts that blew through John and Kathy M’s.
screened-in deck.Not to be daunted, however, the Star City Brewers Guild filled their
March gathering and first quarterly competition with good food,
excellent fellowship, and a treasure pot loaded with fine brew.

A very special thank you to John and Kathy M. for opening up their
beautiful home to 24 members and several guests.  John and Kathy made
everyone feel at home and provided for our every need during the

She-Pat reported that the treasury stood at $677.45.  An additional
paid membership during the meeting brought the treasury up to $692.45
and the paid membership count to 42.

Will & Jen L. have (once again) volunteered to host a meeting when
previous location plans did not work out.  After some discussion,
Saturday, April 14th was chosen as the next club meeting date.  The
April meeting would be the appropriate time to have a presentation on
the next competition style  —  American Pale Ale  — as well as taste
commercial examples of APA.  If anyone feels inspired to give the club
a brief presentation, just volunteer by club mail.  Will & Jen will
let the group know what time to converge on their home and, I’m sure,
will post directions for those who don’t remember our meeting at their
home in December.

Will presented an idea to the group that holds a great deal of
promise, especially for those who haven’t been able to come to
meetings for lack of childcare.  Will suggested that the group might
hire a young person (aka, babysitter) to provide childcare at the
meeting site.  The cost of pooling resources to hire one sitter for
several members’ kids should certainly be less than the cost for
several members to pay for childcare separately.  She-Pat suggested
that the club might even vote to pay for the sitter with treasury
funds.  It was agreed that an email conversation regarding these ideas
be commenced in order to gauge club interest.

Ross & Nancy have graciously offered to host Big Brew for the second
time on Saturday, May 5th.  That event is, more or less, an all-day
affair, but Noon is the target arrival time on Brush Mountain in
Blacksburg.  Ross and Nancy will provide directions closer to the
event.  Your president suggested that members who plan to brew on that
Saturday make Ross & Nancy and the rest of the Guild aware of your
intentions by way of club mail.  This year’s Big Brew recipes are
already posted on the American Homebrewers Association pages at

Your president shared with the group a contact made to him by someone
from Tanglewood Mall about setting up a booth at their June Leisure
Living Expo.  When the paperwork arrived in the mail a shocking and
astronomical fee was expected of all participants.  So much for that!

Joe W. then gave us a detailed description of the World Beer Festival,
scheduled for Saturday, April 28 in Raleigh, NC.  Over 150 breweries
will be providing tastings during two 4-hour sessions.  Several club
members have already purchased tickets for the 12 Noon to 4 PM
session.  The Guild looks to make a good showing at this beer-
bountiful event.

Next, Bryan P. led a discussion regarding the Home Brewers’ Digest
(HBD), including a description of what HBD is and what it provides to
the homebrewing community.  The HBD is in desperate need of a new
server and is soliciting large scale sponsors to fund a new server and
defray other expenses.  By email earlier in the week, Doug M. had
suggested the idea of the Guild making a one-time donation to HBD to
help in their cause.  Discussion was positive about helping HBD, but
when Bryan P. made a motion to contribute $100 to HBD from treasury
funds, several members suggested it might be good to contact the folks
at HBD to get a better idea of how a one-time donation might benefit
them.  Bryan’s motion was tabled to allow further investigation into
an SCBG donation  —  Bryan P. will spearhead that effort.

After a brief break, Judie M. and her team of stewards (Stuart, Bryan
P. and Paul M.) coordinated the judging of a dozen members’ renditions
of the Bohemian Pilsener style.  Three first-round tables and one
final round table judiciously evaluated the lagers to arrive at these
results:  3rd Place: Martin C.;  2nd Place: Will L.; 1st Place: Bryan
S.  Congratulations to all three and many thanks to our terrific head
steward, Judie, and her very capable crew, as well as to all who
judged, with a special nod to Cliff, our guest judge.

Again, thanks to John and Kathy for hosting and to all who brought
beer and food.  Until we meet again in April, keep those emails comin’
and brew on!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 15 April 2007

A narrative summary of SCBG Meeting held Saturday, April 14, 2007

Perhaps mother nature is playing an April Fools prank on us with this
crazy weather.  However, the weather did not hinder our April meeting,
which was held at the home of Will and Jen L.  Will and Jen have twice
come to the rescue when meeting plans at other locations did not work
out.  We are very grateful to Will and Jen for their gracious and
timely hospitality.
Will, Jen and others arranged for childcare during the meeting.  The
kids were downstairs content with movies, pizza and teenage
supervison.  This idea worked out very well and holds great promise
for future meetings.  It may enable members with youngsters to attend
meetings they might not otherwise be able to attend because of childcare
issues.The meeting was attended by 21 members and 2 guests, one of which had
joined the club by meetings’ end.  Welcome, Matt, to the Star City
Brewers Guild!  Matt brought some of his homebrew to share at the
meeting–it was quite good.She-Pat informed us that there was $581.91 in the club treasury, after
reimbursements for American Pale Ales purchased for the tasting and
after reimbursing Bryan S. for his club-only competition entry costs.
That figure is also prior to Matt’s dues payment.  There were 43 paid
members at the start of the meeting; 44 at the end of the meeting.

With no other members expressing interest, the Pats agreed to host the
June meeting, which will be the 2nd quarterly competition, the style
being American Pale Ale (BJCP #10A).  The date for that meeting and
competition will be Saturday, June 9th, beginning at 4:00 PM.  Details
will be forthcoming.

There followed a discussion about the May meeting, which, of course,
is Big Brew, Saturday, May 5th.  Ross and Nancy will host this major
homebrewing event for the second year in a row.  Ross and Nancy live
on Brush Mountain, just beyond Blacksburg and just off route 460.
Ross will send out directions soon.

As this is a national (actually, an international) homebrewing event,
the timetable is somewhat determined by the American Homebrewers
Association.  There is nationwide toast to National Homebrew Day at
1:00 PM EDT (12 Noon CDT).  We usually try to snap a few group photos
during the toast.

If you are planning to brew (3 or 4 at the meeting indicated that they
might) at Ross & Nancy’s, either one of the recipes offered by the AHA
or something else, please email Ross and the club so we’ll have an
idea of who will need set-up space and chiller water.  Last year,
brewers arrived so early that Ross was still in his ‘jammies, so it
might be nice to give Ross an idea of your anticipated brew time.

Kathy M. has graciously agreed to coordinate the food for this event.
Ross and I have designated Kathy the Food Czar and have given her
absolute power (over things edible).  Kathy will communicate to the
group via club mail regarding this aspect of the day-long gathering.
Everyone is encouraged to bring beer!  Your own brew in kegs or
bottles or other beer.  Last year we ran dry before the event was
over  —  embarrassing, to say the least, for a brew club!  Big Willee
will be attending, and he can support 6 kegs at a time.

Ross also mentioned that they have ample sleeping space if anyone
should choose to spend the night.  Once again, it would be helpful if
you could make such plans known to Ross and Nancy in advance.  Other
news and information regarding this special meeting will be
communicated by this club mail.

Several members have made plans to attend the World Beer Festival in
Raleigh, NC, in two weeks (April 28th).  Bring cameras!

After a brief break, your Vice President, Bryan S. gave the club an
informative presentation on the American Pale Ale style.  That was
followed by everyone sampling about 13 commercial APAs.  After a wide
range of interpretations of the style were sampled, most agreed that
the Nectar Pale Ale was the best example.  This beer was purchased at
the “Kroger Teeter” at the corner of Brambleton and Colonial (the one
with a “Starbucks” in it).  It was a bit pricey ($9+ a six-pack), but
it was very good.

Be sure to plan for Big Brew on May 5th and watch your email for
updates and information.

Brew on!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
April 15, 2007


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 06 May 2007

Narrative summary of SCBG May monthly meeting and 2007 Big Brew event.

Once again, the first Saturday in May proved to be less than ideal
weather-wise for the annual Big Brew event.  Nonetheless, 21 SCBG
members met near the summit of Brush Mountain for a day of brewing,
eating, fellowship and homebrew sharing.  Oh yeah, and for the May
monthly meeting.
The official business meeting got underway about 2:30 PM. Many thanks
were expressed to Ross and Nancy who, for the second year in a row,
took on the monumental task of hosting the Big Brew meeting.  Your
president would also like to express special thanks to Kathy M. for
coordinating the day’s cuisine and to Stuart B. for hauling Big Willee
and the club tables to and from the meeting site in his van.She-Pat reported that the treasury currently contains $509.64 and paid
membership stands at 46.The June meeting and second quarterly competition will be held at the
Pats on Saturday, June 9th, beginning at 3:00 PM.  The style for this
competition is American Pale Ale, BJCP style guide #10A.  Judie M.
graciously volunteered once again to serve as Chief Steward for the
APA competition.  Directions to the Pats’ home in the Grandin Court
section of Roanoke City will be sent out closer to June 9th.

Doug, who was brewing on the opposite side of the house from the
meeting, sent down a proxy stating that he and Kelleigh would host a
pool party at their Botetourt home for the July meeting (7/14/07).
Carol W. tentatively offered her and Ed’s home for the August meeting
(8/2/07) while John & Kathy M. volunteered to host the September
competition meeting (9/22/07).  Jeff and Cindy offered to host the
October meeting again this year, complete with haunted doorman.

So much had been discussed regarding the previous weekend’s World Beer
Festival in Raleigh during the pre-meeting socializing, your president
decided there wasn’t much else to bring up.

Paul M. then led a lively discussion regarding the “Second Wind” event
scheduled for September15th at Woodmen of the World on Peters Creek
Road.  Paul answered concerns about the $150.00 booth fee with the
news that the fee would be waived for the SCBG.  Points made during
the discussion included the fact that our involvement would include
demonstrating the hobby of home brewing, possibly by brewing three
extract batches beginning at staggered times so that the demonstration
would last throughout the event (10 AM to 6 PM).  Another point made
was that someone would need to coordinate the production of “sampling”
beer to be brewed in advance and brought to the event for public
consumption.  Paul also told us that Wendi Schultz assured him that
the ABC licensing and regulations matters would be taken care of by
her office.  Paul agreed to coordinate the SCBG’s involvement with
this event.

While we were talking about brewing beer for the “Second Wind” event,
someone suggested that it might be fun to have everyone brew to the
same extract/all-grain recipe only each brewer would use a different,
single hop variety.  It was suggested that we could bring the
resulting beers to the October meeting.  All agreed that this would be
fun to do.

Following the conclusion of the business meeting, hamburgers, hotdogs,
smoked sausages and a couple of marinated tuna steaks hit Ross &
Nancy’s gas grill with a flare and the serious eating got underway.

As has become tradition, a Derby drawing preceded the televised
activities from Churchill Downs.  After an exciting race, # 7, Street
Sense, stood in the winner’s circle, as did our Stuart.

For Big Brew accounting purposes, the SCBG brewed 4 batches of beer
totaling 25 gallons.  See you in June!

Patrick Kennerly
May 6, 2007


JUNE 2007 Meeting President’s Notes
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 10 June 2007

Narrative summary of June Meeting & Second Quarterly Style Competition.The late spring weather provided for a splendid outdoor SCBG meeting Saturday, June 9th.  The backyard of the Pats’ home in Grandin Court offered a comfortable setting with lots of grass, trees and plant life.  Special thanks to she-Pat who worked arduously, both indoors and out, in preparation for the meeting.  Her sacrifical thumb offering must have been pleasing to the beer gods.  A steady breeze and ample shade made the 87-degree temperature seem quite comfortable.

At the top of the meeting, we welcomed two newcomers: Alec and Karen.  They moved to Roanoke from Florida about a year ago and Alec, who is a seasoned homebrewer, has been settling into brewing in his new environs.  Before coming to the meeting, they secured a used refrigerator for Alec’s fermentations and loaded it onto their pickup truck.  It was the first time in SCBG history that a homebrewer came to a meeting carrying his own refrigerator.

She-Pat reported that the treasury stands at $529.64, with one Big Brew expense check still outstanding.  Currently, there are 47 paid members.  We hope Alec and Karen soon will make that 49.

A discussion of future meeting dates and locations yielded these results:

July at Doug & Kelleigh’s in Botetourt County (with pool & castle) on Saturday, July 7th, gathering at 1:00 pm.

August at Ed & Carol’s in Blacksburg, Saturday, August 11th, gathering at 2:00 pm.

September (IPA competition) at John & Kathy’s in Roanoke City, Saturday, September 22nd, gathering at 3:00 pm.

Bryan S. volunteered his and Jen’s home for the October meeting and I, your President, forgot that Jeff & Cindy had already offered to host October.  So, Jeff & Cindy graciously offered to host the November meeting instead.

Paul M. then presented a detailed description of the “Second Wind” event being sponsored by Roanoke County and shared with the group his vision of our contribution to that event.  Summarizing, the Guild will brew up to three extract batches of homebrew so that the brewing demonstration will cover the day-long event.  Star City Brewers will also provide attendees with samples of homebrew and information on the homebrewing hobby, with the help of Chris & Fran and Blue Ridge Hydroponics & Homebrew Supply.  Brewers are asked to brew for this event beers that would be suitable “introductory” beers so as not to “scare away” those whose tastes were formed on the likes of Bud Light, Miller Lite, etc.  The “Second Wind” event is scheduled for September 15th at Woodmen of the World on Peters Creek Road.  Paul M.  wil coordinate SCBG participation, primarily through club email.

Following a short break (to partake of some wonderful edibles), the second quarterly club competition got underway, with good and faithful Chief Steward, Judie M. at the helm.  Two tables judged a total of 9 American Pale Ales submitted by members.  A second-round table selected the trophy winners: 3rd Place went to Doug; 2nd Place went to your President; and 1st Place went to Bryan S.  That makes two 1st Place finishes for Bryan S. so far this year; three in a row, counting the December 2006 Scottish 80 competition.  Scores from all entries will be posted on the club website.  Congratulations to the winners AND thank you to all who brewed an APA for the competition.

A huge “Thank You!” to Judie M. and her very capable crew of stewards!

Your President would also like to thank everyone who brought such a wonderful and varied assortment of foods and homebrew to the June meeting.  This group really knows how to score a culinary victory.

Another special thanks to Doug for bringing his “Randalizer” with its two ounces of Cascades and Amarillo whole hops through which were served several of the beers brought to the meeting in kegs.  Nice work, Mr. M!

Until time to splish and splash at Kelleigh & Doug’s in July, keep a lookout for club emails!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
June 10, 2007


July 2007 Meeting President’s Notes
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 08 July 2007

A brief narrative summary of the SCBG meeting held Saturday, 07-07-07.I don’t have a clue as to the whereabouts of most of the rest of the members, but a lively group of 14 gathered at Doug and Kelleigh’s Botetourt farm for a summer afternoon of food, fellowship, and fine brew.

Kelleigh and Doug always provide a warm and gracious welcome to the club and 07-07-07 was no exception. She-Pat reported a current treasury balance of $500.45. Reimbursements to club members who purchased IPAs for the day’s commercial tasting still need to come out of that figure.

Your President reviewed meeting locations for August through November. The next meeting is scheduled for August 11 at Carol & Ed W’s. in Blacksburg, beginning at 2:00 PM. Check the club’s website calendar for other meeting dates and locations.

An announcement of the 2008 American Homebrewers’ National Conference was up next; that will be June 19-21, 2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is about an 8-hour drive from Roanoke, so it is feasible to have an SCBG presence at that AHA 30th Anniversary gathering.

No “Second Wind” update was presented due to Paul’s absence.

Your President then gave a brief presentation on the American IPA style and we proceeded to taste a wide variety of commercial examples. Red Hook’s Longhammer IPA fared surprisingly well.

Moylan’s IPA from Marin County, CA was the hands down favorite, with its distinct spicy hop notes and full malty backbone. Doug provided that 22 oz. bomber and those present were grateful for his offering.

Once again, many thanks to Doug and Kelleigh for hosting and to all who provided the delicious food and brought the wonderful array of malt beverages. Those of you who could not make this one, missed a treat. Hopefully, we’ll see you next month in Blacksburg.


Patrick Kennerly


Sunday, July 8, 2007


August 2007 Meeting President’s Notes
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 12 August 2007

Narrative summary of SCBG monthly meeting held Saturday, Aug. 11, 2007 in Blacksburg.The lazy, hazy days of summer netted a small representation for the August monthly meeting of the Star City Brewers Guild.  Small in numbers  —  not small in spirit or enthusiasm.

A total of 18 members gathered at the lovely home of Ed and Carol W., high on a hill overlooking the Montgomery County country side.  Two of those present represent some of our “distance members.”  Kelly and Esther, who now live in coastal North Carolina, stopped in on their way to the 20th anniversary Mashout event.  Kelly shared with us a corney keg full of his famous “Beachin’ IPA;” the one that was brewed by the brewpub near their home and will be entered in the Pro/Am competition at the Great American Beer Festival this Fall.  It was delicious!

The treasurer’s report noted a club checking account balance of $500.45.  Their are 48 paid members to date, with two other members stating their intention to join.

Upcoming Meetings were discussed:

September 22nd at John & Kathy M’s. (American IPA Competition) 4:00 PM.  V.P. Bryan S. will chair this meeting as Patrick will be otherwise engaged (see below).

October 13th at Bryan & Jen S’s. 3:00 PM (Tasting & Style Presentation Sweet Stout).

November 17th at Jeff & Cindy’s 4:00 PM.

Paul M. updated us on plans for our participation in Roanoke County’s “Second Wind” event.  The event will run from 10 to 6 at the Woodmen of the World site on Peters Creek Road on Saturday, September 15th.  To date, three club members have agreed to brew an extract batch at the event: Jeff, John M. and Will.  Paul is on standby as a backup in case one of the three can’t brew.  Those who have stated their intentions to bring homebrew for tasting: Will, Bryan S., Paul, Jeff and possibly Doug.

Paul informed us that there are a couple of issues that have not been resolved:  the extent to which Fran & Chris will be allowed to represent their shop; and, the matter of an appropriate ABC license to allow for the beer tasting.  The latter is the responsibility of the organizers of the event.

Next, we discussed upcoming events.  Mashout is sold out and has been for a couple of weeks.  Bramwell, West Virginia Oktoberfest and the Durham, N.C. World Beer Festival both occur the same Saturday:  October 6th.  Durham will be huge, like the one in Raleigh.  Bramwell is small and laid back and includes a homebrew competition.  The Pats have reservations for Bramwell and will be glad to tote club members’ competition entries.  Just email to alert.  Bryan S. has reservations in both places.  Either he chooses one or he is a Belgian Dubbel and never told us.

The Pats displayed a poster of the musical they are involved in this September.  It is a fund-raiser for Interfaith Hospitality Network (sheltering homeless families), RAM House (Roanoke Area Ministries providing food, clothing and medicine to the poor) and ACTS II Ministries (helping inner-city youth).  The musical, CHILDREN OF EDEN, by Stephen Schwartz (PIPPIN, GODSPELL, WICKED) will be performed at William Fleming High School’s Dickinson Auditorium, Sept. 21-23 and 28-30.  Email the Pats for ticket info.  Club member Ron C’s. daughter, Emily, is the show’s stage manager.

Very special thanks to our wonderful hosts for this meeting, Carol and Ed W.  Ed & Carol brewed before the meeting got started, so folks got to see Ed’s impressive B-3 brewing sculpture in operation as well as his twin, temperature controlled, stainless conicals.  Ever the competition organizer/MC, Ed posed some challenging beer/brewing questions to the group, offering doorprizes to the first to voice the correct answers.  The prizes were significant and included a March magnetic pump and a draught tower assembly.  Many thanks again to Ed & Carol for hosting and for sharing with all of us some excellent beer and mead.  Thanks, also, to Isaac (their oldest son) for sharing his enormously entertaining collection of mice and classic cars!
Patrick Kennerly
SCBG President
Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Monday, 24 September 2007


Special thanks to John & Kathy who hosted the September club competition/meeting at their beautiful home.  Approximately 25 members were present, along with two visitors, Ginger and Carl, who brought along Carl’s Red Ale which was quite tasty.  Welcome!
We discussed the treasury, which I believed to be around $500 +/- .  After which, future club meeting places/times were talked about, with the October meeting being held at the home of Bryan & Jen S. on October 13th, at or before 4:00.  The November meeting will be held at the Cindy & Jeff’s residence in Crystal Spring on Nov. 17th beginning at 4:00.  Also, Will volunteered their home for the December meeting again this year.  The date and time TBA.  We will also have babysitting service again this year for that meeting!
Yours truly, the V.P., reminded the brewers that November is the month when we nominate new officers for the new year and vote on new styles for our club competitions for 2008.  It was suggested that we start emailing our preferences for styles for next year so that we may tally the ones with the most votes and then bring those styles to the club for voting.  Also, Will suggested that we email out the styles that have been brewed in the last several years so that folks may know what has recently been brewed.  I am not sure, but I believe the Pat’s have been keeping tabs on this for the last couple of years?  Emails should follow.
Next on the agenda, we discussed last weekend’s SCBG presence at Second Wind.  In Paul Mahoney’s absence, Stuart filled us in on most of the particulars.  3 batches of extract beer were brewed and we had a steady flow of folks in the tent tasting beers and being educated on homebrewing.  All in all, it was felt that this was a most positive experience.  Paul M. may fill us in on how the organizers felt about it, upon his return from the Nation’s capitol.
Upcoming events were discussed next.  Bramwell is on October 6th and several club members will be in attendance.  Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day is coming up on November 3rd and Chris/Fran have volunteered BRHP&HB again this year as our site.  Jeff F. queried as to whether we can serve samples of our beer at this event.  Typical ABC rules/regulations would apply.  Jeff said he would be willing to check up on that matter.  More to come on that…  Also, on Oct. 5th, Wine Gourmet will be hosting an Octoberfest celebration, so go on out and show your support(and drink free beer!).
Patrick made a motion via email that the club purchase a new regulator for Big Willee.  It was unanamously approved and either Patrick or I will check into purchasing for the club with club funds.  Also, Patrick motioned that the club purchase a 20# CO2 tank for Big Willee.  I said that I would check my cellar, as I believe I have one available for free.
Other news– The Merkwan’s reported on “Children of Eden”, a muscial that our beloved Pat’s are involved in.  They went opening night and said that it was absolutely fabulous!!  Good for the entire family!  So, go on out and show your support for our Prez and his lovely wife, and be highly entertained at the same time.
We then took a break while Marsha and Kathy set up for our American IPA club contest.  We had, I believe, 10 beers to judge at two tables.  After much contemplation, 3rd place went to Martin, 2nd place to yours truly, the V.P., and 1st place to our Prez, Patrick.  All in all, I must personally say that this entire group of beers was of the highest quality!  Keep up the good work Brewers!  We then finished off the evening sampling numerous commercial and homebrewed beers and eating all of the scrumptuous food provided.  A good time was had by all!
Respectfully submitted,
Bryan Summerson
Vice President
Star City Brewers Guild


OCTOBER 2007 President’s Notes
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Saturday, 13 October 2007

Narrative summary of the SCBG meeting held Saturday, October 13, 2007.A gorgeous Fall afternoon on the recently completed, spacious back deck of the Vice President’s and Mrs. VP’s home was the setting for the October meeting of the Star City Brewers Guild.  15 members gathered for the occasion which was complemented by some excellent food offerings and a wide variety of homebrew.  Many thanks to Jen and Bryan for hosting and allowing us to “play” on their home renovations.
Our lovely Treasurer reported that the club checking account contained $445.45, after a $55.00 reimbursement was made to your President for the application fee he paid to the Virginia ABC Board to obtain a Special Events License for the November 3rd, “Teach a Friend to Homebrew” day.
Our next meeting will be at the South Roanoke home of Jeff and Cindy F. on November 17th starting at 4:00 PM.  Directions will be forthcoming.  Will and Jen L. could not be present for the October meeting, but will still host the big December meeting;  they are still deciding upon a date.
A lively conversation followed regarding the club competition styles to be selected in November for the 2008 brewing year.  VP Bryan S. provided a tally sheet of the styles offered thus far by email.  We should have no trouble providing the membership with a ballot of 6 or 8 styles at the November meeting.  Your President also reminded the group that November is the month we need to make nominations for 2008 club officers.
After a good discussion surrounding the purchase of a regulator and CO2 tank exclusively for Big Willee, it was decided the we should try to purchase a multi-gauge regulator so that the CO2 on each of BW’s six taps may be controlled independently.  Chuck G. volunteered to search for that item as well as a good price on a 20 lb. CO2 tank for BW.
“Teach a Friend to Homebrew” day was then discussed in considerable detail.  Fran & Chris will, once again, host the event in the parking lot of their shop, Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Home Brew Company, which is in Lamplighter Mall at the north end of Williamson Road near Happy’s Flea Market.  The event will be from 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, November 3rd.  Fran & Chris will supply any brewing ingredients necessary for the brewing of two batches of homebrew:  one all-grain and one extract.  Bryan S. will be the all-grain brewer and is planning to transport his B-3 system to the site to brew a dark beer–possibly a sweet stout.  Jeff F. will be the extract brewer and will brew an ale of lighter color.  Fran & Chris will work with the sub shop located in Lamplighter Mall to provide the primary food contribution.  Members will sign up to bring accompanying dishes and some non-alcoholic beverages.  Your President has already applied for an ABC license for the day so that we may offer samples of our homebrew to adult attendees.  Several conversations with a Special Agent from the ABC Board have occurred and everything looks positive.  Of course, we will need members to bring homebrew to the event to share with our guests if the ABC license application is approved.  Watch your email for details in the coming weeks.
Following a short break, John M. gave us a very well-prepared and enlightening presentation on the history and characteristics of the Sweet Stout (aka Milk Stout or Cream Stout) style–BJCP #13B.  As John informed us, this style is not terribly popular, at least around Roanoke, so commercial examples were not easily obtained.  Two of the commercial examples listed in the BJCP style guide were available (Mackeson’s XXX Stout and Left Hand Milk Stout) and we sampled them.  I believe most agreed that Mackeson’s XXX was the best example of the style that we tasted.  John also provided us with some examples of the American Stout style to compare and contrast with the two sweet stouts.  An Imperial Stout also made it to the tasting before the day was done.  Thank you, John, for a job well done.
The next two months will be among the most active of the year for the Guild, not to mention the added madness of the Thanksgiving & Christmas holiday seasons, so I ask all members to look out for Guild mass emails, respond as quickly as possible and provide your brewing expertise, physical presence and assistance wherever and whenever possible.  Brew on!
Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
Sat. Oct. 13, 2007 10:00 PM


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Saturday, 17 November 2007

Narrative summary of SCBG meeting held Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007.


Jeff and Cindy F. opened their comfortable and cozy home Saturday,
November 17th to a lively group of homebrewers and their guests.
Thank you Jeff and Cindy for providing us with such a hospitable
environment and for being a great host couple!
This pre-holiday weekend saw a good number of members in attendance
and a wonderful collection of guests who brought a wide variety of
scrumptious foods and a generous sampling of craft and home-brewed
beer.  16 members attended the meeting along with 6 guests, two of
which became members during the course of the meeting.She-Pat reported that there was $393.80 in the club treasury, after
reimbursing Chuck G. for improvements to Big Willee and expenses for
Teach a Friend to Homebrew.  That figure was recorded before our two
newest members paid their dues for 2008; we give a big welcome to
Kathy and Jeff L., our newest members, who came to us via Teach a
Friend to Homebrew day.The December meeting, our last meeting for 2007, will be held at the
home of Will and Jen L., the same place as last December’s meeting.
Childcare will be avaialble at Will and Jen’s; details on that will be
forthcoming in emails.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 3:00 PM
on Saturday, December 15th.  Directions to the meeting will be
forthcoming from Will.  The December meeting will include the final
competition of the year; Sweet Stout is the style.  We will also see
the 2007 Brewer of the Year (BOTY) announced and elect a new President
for the 2008 brewing year.

We did not get a volunteer for the January, 2008, meeting.  If you are
inclined to host this meeting, please write to Patrick at your
earliest convenience.

Next, John M. presented a plan for a club road trip in early December
(Saturday, December 1st to be exact).  John has been in contact with
Mark Thompson at Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, Va. (near
Charlottesville) and with Taylor Smack, master brewer and co-owner of
Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, Va.  Both brewers will make themselves
available to the club for tours and tastings.  The plan is to start at
Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet at Noon and head to Blue Mountain Brewery
after.  We should be home in Roanoke by 6 or 7 PM.  Watch your email
for more information on the details of this trip, including ride
sharing and gathering points.  While John gave his presentation, the
club enjoyed tasting Blue Mountain Classic Lager, one of Taylor
Smack’s flagship beers.

There followed a brief discussion on the styles that had been
nominated for 2008 competition beers.  After the discussion, paper
ballots were distributed and members voted for 4 out of 9 possible
styles.  The winners and the quarters to which they were matched are
as follows: Dunkelweisen in March, ESB (Extra Special Bitter) in June,
Specialty Beer in September and Robust Porter in December.

She-Pat motioned that a small committee be named to establish the
parameters for the Specialty Beer.  The motion was seconded and, after
discussion, it was decided that Doug, Jeff F. and Bryan P. would serve
as that committee.  They are charged with the task of establishing the
ingredients and parameters (both all-grain and extract) with which
each participating brewer will create his or her specialty beer.  They
have until March to present the club with their results.  The
Specialty Beers will be judged in September.

Next, the floor was opened to nominations for SCBG President for the
year 2008.  Two members were nominated, Bryan S. and John M.  Provided
no one else is nominated by group email between now and December 15th,
we will choose that day between Bryan S. and John M.  The one with the
majority of votes will be our new President while the other will be
the Vice President.

That concluded the business for this meeting.  Jeff and Cindy’s place
continued to buzz with brewing conversation and beer banter as all
present sampled Doug’s selection of beers from his world-wide travels
as well as a generous supply of other brews, watched the Hokies
clobber Miami and feasted on a Cornucopia of edibles.

The next two weeks should be busy with email activity, so check your
mail daily!  Meanwhile,

Brew on!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
Nov. 17, 2007


DECEMBER 2007 MEETING President’s Notes
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Saturday, 22 December 2007

Retiring President, Patrick Kennerly’s, narrative summary of the final SCBG meeting and quarterly competition for the 2007 brewing year.Although the official start of winter is still a few days away, Mother Nature and the weather service conspired to present such an ominous winter storm outlook for the day that many SCBG members who had planned to attend the year’s final club gathering opted out.

Nevertheless, a sizeable crowd of nearly 30 hardy souls made their way to Will and Jen L’s beautiful and spacious home for a terrific meeting and competition. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Will and Jen who hosted this large and busy gathering for the second December in a row. You two are true troopers!

Quite a few newcomers joined us for this meeting and, by the evening’s end, had become members. Welcome aboard Jim and Joan B., Brian M. (Brian with an “i”), and Ginger and Pat who have joined us for several previous meetings. Brian and Ginger both brought some of their homebrew to share and their produce was quite good. It was good to have some members back who we haven’t seen in awhile: Lawrence, Matt and Martin–we will miss Martin, he has taken a job in Greensboro.  Guess we’ll have to get John M. to organize a trip to Natty Greene’s and Foothills so we can toss back a few with Martin next year.

She-Pat, retiring treasurer, gave us a financial report: the club checking account stood at $413.83 before 2008 dues were collected at this meeting.

January’s meeting will be at the home of Paul and Judie M. Date and time will be announced by email. Chris and Pam M. will host the Febrewary meeting, time and date also to be announced.

John M. then shared with the group an interesting re-cap of the club road trip to Starr Hill brewery in Crozet and Blue Mountain brewery in Afton. As one who had planned to go and then couldn’t, I was hop- green with envy listening to John’s travelogue. I hope he’ll plan other Guild road trips for us in the future.

During the “from the floor” segment, John M. presented your retiring President & first beer wench with a retirement gift: a charmingly cute little wooden biermeister–handcrafted by Kathe Wohlfahrt in Germany.  It now occupies a prominent place on our Christmas tree.  She-Pat and I express much gratitude!

Following a short break to organize, seven “sweet stouts” were evaluated by two tables of judges who then passed along several entries to the second-round judges. Third place trophy went to our two brother brewers, Eric P. and Chris M.; second place went to Bryan S. and first place to your retiring President.

Tallying up the year’s BOTY scores proved more than a little challenging as the company that provides the platform for our club’s web-site server had been making changes during the day and no one was able to access the BOTY page on the web site. Fortunately, our very own web meister, Chuck G., was on hand for the meeting (as were his lovely wife and precious daughter). Chuck worked through computer and telephone and was able to complete the compilation shortly after the meeting ended–all should have received an email telling you that Bryan S. is the 2007 Brewer of the Year. Bryan S. was also BOTY last year AND is our newly elected President. John M. is our new VeePee and Bryan has asked Will L. to serve as club Treasurer, which position Will has accepted.

Once again, Judie M. did an outstanding job as Chief Steward for the competition; many thanks to Judie and her crew of excellent stewards.

As always, Guild members rounded out the meeting with a sumptuous and varied array of incredible edibles. Thanks to everyone who brought food and who shared the fruits of their brewing labors.

Under my presidency during the past three years, the Guild has seen lots of ups and downs. In 2005, we reached a pinnacle with our support and labor for Microfestivus; an achievement that proved to be the end of our part in that event. We embarrased our host at AmRhein’s beach bash–not intentionally, but just by being so damn good at what we do–so that chapter in our club history is now closed. Festival in the Park’s original organizers loved us; their successors didn’t know what to do with us.

Still, the membership has blazed new trails in the effort to promote quality beer and the craft of homebrewing. “Teach a Friend to Homebrew” has grown tremendously in only two years. An entirely new opportunity was opened with our participation in the County’s “Second Wind” event. Wine Gourmet’s location move from Botetourt County to Roanoke City has the potential for a number of Guild opportunties and the owners want to work with us.

Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed my three years as your president; I wouldn’t trade them for anything. If I could leave just one lasting impression on you, the members, it would be this: that you realize, down deep, that you are an awesome, incredibly diverse and mightily talented assembly of creative characters. Your humor, your intelligence, your warm and generous spirits are what really draws people to the Guild. Your brewing and your beer are icing on the cake–the whirlpool that collects all that other stuff toward the center. Here comes 2008! Happy Brew Year!

Patrick Kennerly, President

Star City Brewers Guild

Dec. 15, 2007

2006 Meeting Notes

Presidents Notes January 2006
Written by Patrick Kennerly
Sunday, 22 January 2006

January SCBG Meeting President’s Notes 01/22/06

The Star City Brewers Guild officially kicked off the new year with the January 2006 meeting on Saturday, January 21st.  Bryan and Sue P. hosted a lively meeting in their cozy Vinton home—thank you Bryan and Sue for allowing us to overtake your home and lives for the better part of Saturday.

A lively start to the new year indeed:  by my count, there were at least 24 people present for the meeting, counting members, spouses, and guests who became members during the course of the meeting.  A hearty welcome to our newest Guild members: Eric P., Chris McD. and Martin (& Sandra) C. We look forward to sharing many good times and good brews with all of you as well as with Jeff and Cindy who became Guild members in December.

She-Pat opened the business part of the meeting with the Treasurer’s Report:  As of the end of Saturday’s meeting, the Guild has 25 paid members.  Our current treasury balance is $585.88.

After some discussion, the following locations were decided upon for upcoming meetings:  Febrewary will be at the home of Doug and Kelleigh M. in Troutville.  March will be hosted by Paul and Judy M. in the Cave Spring area of Roanoke.  April will be hosted by Joe and Marsha W. in Salem.  Specific dates have not been finalized for any of these meetings, so watch your club email for further details.

After discussing the idea of all brewers brewing a beer from the same list of ingredients, Bryan P., Doug and Ross volunteered to come up with a list of ingredients that could be used to make either an extract recipe or an all-grain recipe.  Their committee of three will also formulate the guidelines that all brewers will follow, with the yeast type/strain being the wild card in the equation.

Your president next shared with the club the invitation we have received from Cary Bednarek, Vice President and part owner of Wine Gourmet wine and beer shop in Daleville.  Cary would like to feature the Guild and our home brewed beer as one of his Friday night tastings.  The Wine Gourmet would provide all the elements necessary to do a tasting (cups, ABC matters) so that the Guild would only be responsible for bringing homebrew.  Doug, who doesn’t live far from the shop, pointed out that this is a very small store and that the numbers of customers who attend these tastings is small.  The discussion ended with a vote that we accept Cary’s invitation and proceed with planning for this event.

A lengthy discussion of the May 6th “Big Brew” event culminated in the decision not to hold this Spring’s “Big Brew” at Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrew Supply, though we are very grateful to Fran and Chris for their offer to host it.  In fact, we discussed the possibility of doing a smaller scale home brewing demonstration with Fran and Chris at their store apart from “Big Brew,” as well as talking with them about the possibility of celebrating the “Teach a Friend to Homebrew” day at their store in the Fall.  Ross and Nancy have volunteered to host “Big Brew” at their mountaintop home in Blacksburg; they will keep us informed as they research the logistics.

Your president then shared with the group some of the emails he has received from brewers, judges and brewing company representatives regarding the Guild’s decision to withdraw from the planning and production of the Microfestivus event.  That was followed by a very intelligent and sensitive discussion with some very excellent thoughts and ideas shared by numerous Guild members.  Ultimately, it was agreed and voted on that, while the Guild will not help plan and produce Microfestivus 2006, we will plan to have a Guild party/gathering of some kind the Friday evening before the Microfestivus event and we will personally and discretely invite the out-of-town brewers and brewery reps to join us at that gathering.

After a short break, your Vice President, Bryan S., gave us a well-researched presentation on the “Dry Stout” style.  His presentation was followed by 2005 Brewer of the Year, Tad S., cracking open and distributing commercial examples of the “Dry Stout” style, including Guinness Draught, Beamish, Murphy’s, Dorothy Goodbody’s (!!) and Orkney Dragonhead.

Before, during and after the business portion of this first Guild meeting of the new year, much homebrew, craft brew and excellent cuisine was shared among all those present.  Thanks once again to our hosts, Bryan and Sue P., and especially to all those who provided the wonderful food and beverage on this lovely Saturday in January.  Brew on!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
Sunday, January 22, 2006

Presidents Notes Febrewary 2006
Written by Patrick Kennerly
Sunday, 19 February 2006

Febrewary Meeting President’s Notes 02/19/06

WOW!  What a great party…er…I mean… what a great MEETING we had at Kelleigh and Doug’s wonderful home in Botetourt County!  On behalf of the more than 25 members, guests and spouses that were present on this blustery Saturday afternoon, I want to thank our hosts for allowing us to really kick back and have a super time—Doug and Kelleigh, thank you so much; it was a GREAT meeting.

She-Pat reported that the Guild has 34 paid members as of this meeting and that the club checking account stands at $507.93.

MARCH:  this will be the first quarterly competition meeting of the year.  Dry Stout (BJCP #13A) is the style.  The meeting will take place at the home of Paul and Judie M. in the Cave Spring area of Roanoke County.  The date is Saturday, March 18th, and we will begin at 3:00 PM with the business meeting. IF YOU HAVE A STOUT for the competition, please email either me or Paul and let us know if it is bottled or kegged, so we can decide if the services of Big Willee are needed.  In order to prevent problems with late beers arriving and being missed, we are asking that ALL STOUTS for the competition be at Paul & Judie’s house no later than 3:30 PM the day of the meeting.  If your stout is kegged and you want to bring it to Paul & Judie’s before the 18th, contact Paul by email.

I have asked that Judie head up the stewarding for this competition.  If you don’t have a stout in the competition and you don’t wish to judge, I would ask that you consider helping Judie as a steward—you can learn a lot and still have fun during the proceedings.  If  you would like to help as a steward PLEASE let me know so we can plan the division of labor.  Also, Bryan P. had suggested inviting Roanoke Times’ feature writer, Gordon Kendall, to one of our meetings.  We decided to invite him to the March meeting as a guest beer judge.  Ross & Nancy know him from their wine club, so Ross will issue Gordon the invitation.

Joe and Marsha W. have settled on the date they will host the April meeting—it will be Saturday, April 8th.  The May meeting, which, of course, is BIG BREW, is still slated to be held at Ross & Nancy’s mountain-top chalet in Blacksburg on Saturday, May 6th.  Watch your email for more information on those meetings.

We briefly discussed (again) our providing beer and commentary (that is, our experienced presence) for a tasting at the Wine Gourmet shop at Botetourt Commons shopping center in Daleville and chose two dates to offer Carey, the co-owner.  The dates are Friday evening May 12th, or Friday evening May 19th.  Patrick will run those dates by Carey this week and see which he’d prefer.

Dan H. led the discussion of a possible ROAD TRIP to Charlottesville and the two brewery operations based there, Starr Hill and South Street.  This would be an overnight stay.  Dan can get us a reduced rate on a van, as he did last April when club members took a trip to Calhoun’s Brewery & Restaurant in Harrisonburg.  Dan will also check out the possibility of getting a reduced room rate for the club at The Omni, which is situated directly between the two brew pubs.  Patrick will contact Mark Thompson at Starr Hill when we think we have a timeframe, to arrange a tour of his new Starr Hill brewery in Crozet.  We are looking at April for this possible excursion.

During a brief discussion of the Floyd Fandango event scheduled for some time in October, and the Floyd producers desiring the Guild’s assistance, Dan pointed out that we need to know their dates to see if they conflict with Bramwell West Virginia’s Oktoberfest, to which many in the Guild often go for a weekend stay.  Patrick will check on those dates and inform the club via email.

Patrick informed the group about some interviews that had taken place between Roanoke Times’ feature writer, Beth Macy, and the two Pats as well as Dan H. and Carey at Wine Gourmet.  Beth Macy is working on an article about beer, with the emphasis on craft beer and home brewing.

During the libation period following the business meeting, Cindy F. and I talked about club apparel and the fact that we have not had an embroidery run made at the Salem printing shop for awhile.  Marsha W. had already volunteered to coordinate such a task, so watch your email for a garment call for SCBG-embroidered apparel.  Most likely we will have several apparel drop-off points such as the Pats’, Jeff and Cindy’s place and Marsha & Joe’s.

On a personal note, I’d like to say a special “thank you” to all who were present at the end of the meeting for my surprise birthday cake, card and the celebration of the fact that I am now a half-century old!  Hopefully, I am aging well like a good mead or barleywine.  I’d hate to think I’m oxidizing!

Once again, thanks to all for excellent edibles, some very fine brews and fantastic fellowship—and to Kelleigh & Doug:  Well Done!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
Febrewary 19, 2006



Presidents Notes March 2006
Written by Patrick Kennerly
Sunday, 19 March 2006

March Meeting President’s Notes 03/19/06A little leftover St. Paddy’s partying, perhaps?  Our own version of March Madness, maybe?

Call it what you will, the March meeting of the Star City Brewers Guild was definitely a memorable event.  First, the numbers: 27 members and 4 guests descended upon Paul and Judie’s southwest county home.  Many, many thanks to our hosts who made the whole crowd feel at home.  A very special thanks to Judie, who not only fulfilled her host duties with excellence, she also presided over the stewarding of the Dry Stout competition, making order out of potential chaos.

Treasurer, She-Pat, reported a club checking account balance of $549.70 after collecting dues and reimbursing Marsha for logo wear expenses.  I am very happy to report that She-Pat’s dues collection included a first-time membership from Fran & Chris A., owners of Blue Ridge Hydroponics & Home Brew Co. With Fran & Chris coming onboard, total SCBG paid membership stands at 40!

I asked Chris to bring us up to speed on their homebrew supply business and he shared with us news of their potential buy-out of all of the inventory of another area homebrew supply shop, as well as their intention to move to a larger retail space, possibly in the Brambleton Avenue area.  Many (though not all) members cheered that possibility.  Sorry, Doug.  Chris concluded by reminding those present that SCBG members get 10% off homebrew supplies at their shop.

Your President welcomed several guests:  Gordon Kendall and Ed Wolfe, whom we invited as guest judges for the first quarterly competition; J.T., a long-time homebrewer and friend of Gordon’s, and Kent’s fiancé, Rosalie.

The April meeting will be at Joe & Marsha’s mountain-top Salem retreat on Saturday, April 7th at 3:00 PM.  Directions will be forthcoming.  Bryan S. volunteered to give us a brief presentation on the American Amber Ale style at the April meeting, that style being the style for the second quarterly competition in June.

BIG BREW (National Homebrew Day)—Saturday, May 7th — will take place at Ross and Nancy’s getaway on Brush Mountain, just past Blacksburg off 460 West.  Since Ross and Nancy are on the road quite a bit the week before we descend upon their home for this major event, Dan H. (as befits the Social Director) will coordinate the day’s dining activities.  Your President will coordinate brewing matters, for those who wish to brew a batch to be counted in the national summary.  This year’s recipes are now posted on the AHA website (http://www.beertown.org/events/bigbrew/recipes.html).  There is a nationwide toast to homebrewing at 1:00 PM Eastern time (12 Noon Central time), for those who’d like to be included in our annual group photo op.!  Ross elaborated to the group what was available at their abode as far as spaces to crash for the evening.  Much discussion will follow on club email regarding this very important event and the preparations for it—–including numbers planning to attend so that we may secure a Port-o-John, if necessary–which we probably will, considering the amount of liquid libation we are dealing with here!  The May meeting would also be the appropriate time to taste commercial examples of American Amber Ale.

Your President then briefly spoke about upcoming activities:  a tasting of our homebrew at The Wine Gourmet in Botetourt County on May 19th at 6:30 PM.  Our commitment to participate in this year’s Festival in the Park with a homebrew tasting and brewing demonstration on Sunday, May 28th.  Floyd Fandango, an Oktoberfest-style event, October 21st and 22nd, at which we will pour beer to some degree or other (theirs, not ours).  And I stated that I will attempt to learn more about “Taste of the Blue Ridge” and possibilities for our involvement.  Help from other members on that topic is welcomed.  I concluded the “events” portion of the meeting by sharing with the group the fact that the Guild will not be invited to participate in the AmRhein’s Summer Beach Bash this July.  To quote, “Russ has decided to focus on just the wine this year.”  Personally, I do not believe this comes as a surprise to anyone who was at this gig last July.  Nuff said.

Since Social Director, Dan, was unable to attend this meeting, She-Pat and I briefly highlighted the good things about a Guild road trip to Charlottesville to visit South Street Brewery (Taylor Smack) and Starr Hill Brewing Co. (Mark Thompson).  The Omni would be the ideal hotel accommodation due to its centrality between the two pubs.  Bryan S. mentioned that his sister Beth’s boyfriend may be able to assist with some accommodations gratis.  More about this possible trip, either in April or some other time) will be discussed via club email.

I then brought the group up to speed about a couple of things that have transpired since Beth Macy’s newspaper article of Feb. 22nd.  The most important being a contact I received from Bob Crawford of Crawford Commercial Real Estate Services.  Mr. Crawford read the article and contacted me to see if I knew of any brewmasters he might talk to since he represents a small group of businessmen possibly interested in opening a brew pub in Roanoke.  I gave him several names, including Paul Schmisek and Chris Surrusco.

BIG NEWS:  It is with great pride that I share with all Guild members and friends some exciting news that almost went unmentioned at this meeting, because of the extreme modesty of the member it is about.  Check this out: http://bhc.wort.org/winners2006.shtml   Our own GEORGE STEIN was selected 1st Runner Up as Novice Brewer of the Year in the Boston Homebrew Competition on Saturday, February 18, 2006!  Not only that, George’s Lambic (Ouiji’s Framboise) took Silver Medal in the Sour Ale category.  Congratulations, George!  Well brewed!

The Dry Stout competition followed a short break in the meeting.  11 member-brewed Dry Stouts were entered into competition.  Judie and her stewarding team coordinated 3 first-round tables with four judges at each table.  Four beers were passed to the single second-round table for judging by another four judges.  The scores for the first-round of judging, which contribute to the annual Brewer of the Year total, will be posted to the web site by our webmaster, Chuck.  The second-round of judging for the Dry Stouts produced these results:  Third Place: Tad S.;  Second Place: Dan H.; First Place: Patrick K.

In closing, I’d like to express great pleasure in the fact that new member, Martin C., entered a Dry Stout in the competition; that brothers Eric and Chris shared with the group the fruits of their first homebrewing labor: a very nice brown ale;  that Marsha is doing a great job stepping up to the plate as logo garment coordinator; and that all of our newest members brought some most excellent eats and drinks to Paul & Judie’s place. This post-St.Paddy’s-Day collection of beer lovers produced one heck of a meeting!  Thanks again to our special guests—we hope you’ll join us again soon. Until next time: Brew on!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
March 19, 2006


Presidents Notes April 2006
Written by Patrick Kennerly
Sunday, 09 April 2006

April Meeting President’s Notes 04/09/06

A small but merry band of brewers and others enjoyed the gracious hospitality of Joe and Marsha W. on Saturday afternoon the 8th of April.  Joe & Marsha’s beautiful home, high above Salem, provided the perfect setting for the sharing of excellent food, homebrew and the tasting of commercial examples of American Amber Ale.  Thank you Marsha and Joe for hosting us so wonderfully!

By my count, there were 15 members present, along with 4 guests of Joe & Marsha’s.  She-Pat gave us the treasury & membership report: the current checkbook balance is $560.70 and we have 42 paid members.

Future meetings:  Big Brew is Saturday, May 6th and will be held at Ross and Nancy’s home on Brush Mountain in Blacksburg.  Three, possibly four, members indicated they plan to brew that day.  The recipes are listed on the AHA area of the www.beertown.org site.  We are already registered with the AHA as an official Big Brew site, which means that our attendance numbers and amounts brewed will be counted in the nationwide total.  The official toast to homebrewing will be at 1:00 PM our time (12 Noon Central Time).  We will try to take pictures of the group with our SCBG banner.  Please coordinate by email what food you will bring and, if applicable, your brewing plans.  Ross will send out directions and other info in the coming weeks.

Several people have expressed interest in hosting the June meeting—Brian S., Brian P., Dave F, ( and the Pats as a back-up).  We are strongly looking at June 10th or 17th for this competition meeting, as May is very full and busy up to the very end of the month (May 28 Festival in the Park).

The tasting of our home brew at Wine Gourmet in the Botetourt Commons shopping center is set for Friday, May 19th from 6-8 PM.  These tastings are small, so I’d suggest limiting it to one or two of your best brews.  We will develop a list on email over the next month or so.  The folks at Wine Gourmet are excited about having us.

As stated above, May 28th (the Sunday before Memorial Day) we will be a live attraction (!) at Festival in the Park.  We will be setting up in the same spot as last year, in front of the hedgerow between the stage and the beginning of the reflecting ponds.  We are shooting for a 10 AM set-up of our tent, tables and brewing equipment.  We are scheduled to offer tastings to the public 21 and over from our tent/tables, which will be surrounded by orange plastic fencing.  Bryan P. is bringing his Gott Cooler for use as a mash tun. The Pats will bring the Phil sparge system, a boil kettle and gas cooker.  Still unspoken for would be ice, big jugs of water (for brewing) and ingredients (last year’s were donated by Lee & Edwards).  I thought we’d do another Festival Pale Ale.

Dan H. gave us a lot to think about by leading a discussion about the beer trip to Charlottesville we’d previously discussed.  Among the possibilities discussed were just an overnight trip (going up on Friday after work, doing South Street that night, doing Starr Hill for lunch the next day, then returning home.  This would require a rented van and designated driver).  Going up early Saturday morning and visiting both breweries in one day, staying over Saturday night and returning on Sunday is another possibility—one that would not necessitate renting a van.  Stopping by Queen City Brewing Co., in Staunton, while in transit to/from Charlottesville was also to be considered.  Whichever option we choose to pursue, we decided that the trip needs to wait until June, at least.

Dan also enlightened us on how we could do a beer/food paring event as a club, just for our own enjoyment.  He and Linda have organized many group dinners where a menu is planned and each participant brings an assigned dish.  This would be similar, but we would coordinate each course with an appropriate beer paired to it.  All we would need besides coordinating the beer & food is a suitable place to hold it.  A motion was passed to plan for this event, with info and discussion to proceed via email.

She-Pat informed the club that the other homebrew group in the Valley is registered for Big Brew and that she now has a contact address for them.  She suggested that it might be a good thing if we attempted to contact them for a combined future effort sometime—like for Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day in the Fall.  She-Pat also explained to the group what has happened with the server that has been hosting our club website—how everything since November 7th has been wiped out because the server owner had not backed-up since then.  Our webmaster, Chuck G., now has a server and has offered to host the club’s site in a much safer and more locally controlled environment.  A motion was made to have Chuck proceed with that offer as well as possibly compensate him if need be.  The motion passed unanimously.

After a short break, the club listened to Vice President, Bryan S., deliver a presentation on the American Amber Ale style.  This was followed by tastings of commercial examples of the style, including Avalanche Amber Ale by Breckenridge Brewery, Rogue’s American Amber Ale, Mendocino Red Tail Ale, Avery Redpoint Ale, and Rogue’s St. Rogue Red Ale.

Once again, many thanks to Joe & Marsha for their great hospitality and thanks to all who provided beer and food for this small but memorable meeting.

REMEMBER  —  BIG BREW,  MAY 6th!  Let’s do it BIG in honor of our distant members, Kelly & Esther!  Brew on!

Patrick Kennerly
Sunday, April 9, 2006


President’s Notes May 2006 & Big Brew 2006
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 07 May 2006

Notes from Big Brew & May Meeting Held Saturday, May 6, 2006

Perhaps we owe a special thanks to St. Gambrinus, patron saint of brewers, for his intercessions regarding the weather on Saturday, May 6th.  As most of you know, the past several Big Brews have been cool and damp if not outright rainy.  Last year turned out nice after a shaky start.  This year the entire day was beautiful.  Cool in the morning, but not wet.  Except for a breeze, perfect outdoor brewing weather.  The afternoon and evening were fantastic.

Many, many thanks go out to Ross and Nancy for allowing us to overtake their beautiful home and land atop Brush Mountain.  Hosting Big Brew is even more demanding than hosting a competition meeting and Ross and Nancy did a stellar job.  In addition to the usual amenities, they made sure that those who were brewing had easy access to power and water, as well as miscellaneous brewing equipment when things didn’t go as planned.  Thank you both for all your effort and hospitality.

A total of 20 participated in the Big Brew event.  Five batches of beer were brewed:  Tad S. brewed a 10-gallon batch of the Big Brew Summer Kolsch, all-grain recipe; Kent (EKG) brewed a 5-gallon batch of the Poor Richard’s Ale extract with grains recipe; Patrick and Chuck each brewed 5-gallon batches of the extract version of the Kolsch recipe; and Doug and Joe W. teamed up to brew a 10-gallon batch of over-the-top-hopped IPA.  A total of 35 gallons of homebrew were brewed on site for Big Brew participation.  At 1 PM, those present assembled on Ross & Nancy’s front porch, under the SCBG banner, for a photo op and for the traditional toast to homebrewing and National Homebrew Day.

Practically all of us stood around Doug & Joe’s set-up to witness the inaugural running of Doug’s Christmas present, a plate chiller from Blichman Enterprises.  This was truly amazing!  Once the hoses were all in place and the heat was turned off the brew kettle, Doug activated his pump (impressive in itself) and a stream of wort flowed out of the kettle at about 215F, through the plate chiller and out the other end at about 60F!  In fact, Doug had to throttle back on the rate of flow because the wort was exiting the plate chiller at too cool a temperature!  Doug definitely received a great Christmas present.  Way to go Kelleigh!

Ross delved into his cellar stash and produced a dust-covered bottle of (what we all supposed to be) a Cyser—probably 5 years old or more.  It was very tasty. Folks brought some wonderful homebrew served in bottles and from Big Willee, and Social Director Dan H. supplied the group with some killer Mint Julep.  Lots of good eats were provided by all present.  Dan & Chuck conspired to produce some delicious marinated chicken on Chuck’s smoker.  Dubbed, “Pollo Negro,” because of it’s deceptively dark appearance, it was devoured about Kentucky Derby time.  Speaking of the Derby, Dave F. won the Kentucky Derby pool, having picked #8, “Barbaro” in the pre-race drawing.

The business portion of the meeting didn’t get started until about 4 PM.  Dave F. confirmed that he and Trish will host the June meeting, which includes the Amber Ale competition.  That meeting is tentatively set for June 10th  —  watch your email for updates.  The Pats will host the July meeting on Saturday, July 15th.

Dan’s Social Director’s report dealt mainly with the group excursion to Charlottesville.  Discussion centered around making the trip two days or one.  Ultimately, it was agreed that we would plan for a two-day trip (Friday/Saturday) and those who only wanted to do a one-day trip, could drive up on Saturday and join us.  We will aim for a Friday evening get-together at South Street Restaurant & Brewing Co. with Taylor Smack, followed by a Saturday tour through Starr Hill’s new brewery in Crozet with Mark Thompson and then heading back to Main Street to the Starr Hill brewpub.  Tentative dates are Friday, June 16th and Saturday, June 17th.  Again, please watch your club email for further details.

Marsha displayed some of the most recent shirt embroidery done by the shop in Salem.  Particularly striking was a bright navy-blue Polo shirt with a red & white SCBG logo and a charcoal grey long-sleeve T with the logo done in that same brilliant red.

Events:  Two more big events are planned for this month.  Friday, May 19th at 6:30 PM, we will provide a homebrew tasting at the Wine Gourmet shop in the Botetourt Commons shopping center.  Patrick will coordinate the homebrew being shared at the event, so watch your club email for an official “call for samples.”  Two or three twelve-ounce bottles should be more than sufficient from each brewer who plans to provide for the tasting.

Festival in the Park  —  our day is Sunday, May 28th.  We will set up the club tent & tables at 10 AM in the same spot as last year.  Fran & Chris have volunteered to donate ingredients for brewing a pale ale from Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Home Brew Co.  Patrick will bring all the necessary equipment except the thermal cooler for the mash, which Bryan P. will bring.  Chuck & she-Pat will prepare a PowerPoint slide show about the SCBG which Chuck will show under the tent throughout the event.  We will need Big Willee for this event and a call will be forthcoming for homebrew donors for this event—kegs and/or bottles.

In a lively discussion that followed the “events” information, everyone agreed that we need to support the efforts being made by Fran & Chris at Blue Ridge Hydroponics & Home Brew Co., even if we have concerns about some of the pricing.  Several people pointed out the fact that, while item prices on internet shops might be less, overall cost rises when shipping expenses and potential fuel surcharges are added in.  Additionally, Chris and Fran are eager to work with us in any way they can; they have already proven that.  Besides all that, they are now SCBG members.  Keep up the good work, Chris & Fran.As mentioned numerous times above, please watch your club mail as the next couple of months are busy ones.

Cheers & Brew on!

Patrick Kennerly


Star City Brewers GuildSunday, May 7, 2006


President’s Notes June 2006 Meeting & Competition
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 11 June 2006

Narrative Summary of June Meeting and Second Quarterly Competition for 2006

     The sun shone.  The breeze blew.  The people came.  The food filled the house with tantalizing aromas. The beer flowed.  And flowed  And flowed.
A more pleasant June afternoon could not have been wished for as the Star City Brewers Guild met at the home of the Pats and the Cats on Saturday June 10th.  Although I failed to get an exact headcount, I’d say there were at least 25 members present, plus two guests.  The group could not be contained in any one part of the house; there were clusters of conversation in the kitchen/dining area, the brew room, the patio behind the brew room, the sun room and the patio behind the sun room.  The first members arrived at 2:30 and the last to leave did so around 9:30.  It was an excellent gathering.
The business meeting was held on the patio and in the yard behind the brew room.  We welcomed Stuart to his first official meeting.  He brought with him several of his creations which were very good, as well as shared with some of us his plans for a mulberry wheat beer (he has a large mulberry tree in his backyard).  We also had the pleasure of welcoming our newest members, Ed and Carol W., from Blacksburg.  Ed and Carol are no strangers to the Guild; both are nationally ranked BJCP judges who served on the judging panel for the inaugural Star City Challenge craft beer competition at the 2005 Microfestivus.  Ed also helped judge the Guild’s Dry Stout competition this past March.  We anticipate some very fine contributions to the club from all three of these new members.
She-Pat gave us the treasurer’s report; the club account stood at $508.70 before reimbursements were made during the meeting.  As of Saturday’s meeting, the Guild has 45 paid members.Dave F. offered to host the July meeting, which will include tasting commercial examples of Belgian Dubbels.  Tad S. volunteered to host the August meeting at his home in Blacksburg.  Watch your club email for dates and times of these upcoming meetings.
A brief wrap-up discussion on the two May events in which the Guild was involved revealed that our tasting at the Wine Gourmet in Botetourt was a definite success and Cary Bednarek (co-owner of the shop) wants to have the Guild back with a twist: our homebrew head-to-head with commercial examples of various styles.  We will definitely plan to do that in the future.  Less successful, in some respects, was our second appearance at Festival in the Park.  It is doubtful we will take part in that event next year—but then again, that event has suffered much in 2006 and it is anyone’s guess what it may look like next Spring.  Some members of the Festival in the Park Board expressed to some Guild members the desire to do some sort of beer festival together in the future.  These folks are distinct from the Event Zone people who actually produced this year’s Festival.
Social Director Dan H. led us in a brief discussion regarding Club beer trips.  Mark Thompson, head brewer/owner of Starr Hill Brewery, emailed us that July has possibilities if we are interested in the trip to Charlottesville.  Your president shared the fact that he had spoken with Scott, head brewer at Natty Greene’s in Greensboro—he is willing to arrange a Saturday tour with a little advanced notice.  Someone mentioned that there is a new brew pub in Winston-Salem.  It could be possible to do Greensboro and Winston-Salem on one Saturday.  Dan also made the group aware of a new brew pub in the works in Lynchburg.
The Old Dominion craft beer festival behind Old Dominion Brewing Company in Ashburn, Virginia is June 23, 24 & 25.  Your Vice President, Bryan S., shared some insights on that festival, which he attended last year.  Bryan and his wife and the two Pats have already made plans to attend—other Guilders are encouraged to join the party.
Vice President Bryan S. also called to our attention the fact that the Star City Brewers Guild is the featured homebrew club in the July-August 2006 issue of Brew Your Own (BYO) magazine.  Look on page 8 for the brief article and two photos from a past Big Brew at Kelly & Esther’s South Fork Brewery.
After a brief adjournment, the second quarterly competition, American Amber Ale, got underway.  14 member entries were judged at 4 tables.  5 of those entries were passed on to the second round of judging.  For first-round scores, which contribute toward Brewer of the Year totals, consult the Guild website after she-Pat and Chuck (our webmeister) have had a chance to consult.  Second-round finalists were as follows: Third Place to Patrick; Second Place to Bryan S.; First Place to Dan H.  Thanks to everyone who submitted an Amber for the competition, and special thanks to head Steward She-Pat and her masterful crew of Marsha W., Linda H., and Bryan P.  Of course, thanks to all who judged.  Personally, my favorite moment in the competition was when Ed W. was about to announce the winners.  Once he had gotten everyone’s attention, he announced, “I’ll say one thing about this group: you really like hops!”
Keep an eye on your club email and… Hop on!
Patrick Kennerly


Star City Brewers Guild

Sunday, June 11, 2006


President’s Notes July 2006 Meeting
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Narrative summary of meeting held July 15, 2006.

   Recent SCBG history would lead one to conclude that the first meeting of a quarter is usually only sparsely attended.  Somewhere between 12 and 16 attendees would be a fair average.  The July 2006 meeting held at Trish and Dave F’s. on Saturday, July 15th shot that average all to helles.  20 SCBG members (out of 46) made their way to Southwest Roanoke County, to be wonderfully hosted by Trish, Dave, 2 Dalmatians and 1 Samoyed.  Thank you Trish and Dave for hosting an excellent meeting!

   She-Pat opened the meeting’s business by giving us the paid membership count noted above and by informing us that the club bank account held $490.70, before Ross was reimbursed for the “porta-loo” he provided for Big Brew in May.

   NOTE THIS CHANGE:  Tad S. confirmed that the August meeting would be held at his and MC’s home in Blacksburg on Saturday, August 12th.  At the meeting, 3 PM was set as the start time. HOWEVER, upon my arrival home the evening of July 15th, I was greeted with a court order to appear for DIP (Driver Improvement Program) class on Saturday, August 12th from 8AM to 5PM.  This educational opportunity is being provided to me by the Commonwealth of Virginia in recognition of the fact that I was doing 77 mph in a 60 mph zone on I-81 while driving to Richmond on business back in May.  Since this is an invitation I can’t refuse, I must accept their offer to spend the day in punitive remediation. Your Vice President would normally step in on such an occasion, but he will be in Pennsylvania that weekend.  SO, I would like to propose (with Tad’s consent) that the start time for the August 12th meeting be moved to 5:00 PM, so that I can get there by 6:15-6:30 to lead the business meeting.  If this change is a terrible hardship on anyone, please let me know.

   Martin has offered his land in Meadows of Dan for a September camp-out meeting, which would be a competition meeting for the Belgian Dubbel style.  Martin explained to us that there are no facilities whatsoever on the property—everything we’d need/want would have to be brought in with us.  Chuck suggested that he might be able to secure an elaborate camping set-up that is equipped with all sorts of amenities.  Chuck also offered to look into some camping property in the Shawsville area held by his family, as a back-up September option.  Discussion via this email forum is encouraged.

Jeff & Cindy are still on the books as hosting the October meeting.

   Paul M. then gave us a detailed and action-packed report on the National Homebrewers Conference which he attended in Orlando June 22-24.  Among Paul’s many excellent points was his discovery that many of the clubs represented at the conference were no bigger than ours and Paul is convinced we could make an outstanding showing the next time the conference is within striking distance of Roanoke.  Paul also noted that he judged several flights in the conference’s National Homebrew Competition, including a flight in which he was teamed-up with Guild friend Dave Houseman.

   Your President then shared the information from Marsha W. that Salem Printing now wants a minimum of 8 to10 garments at a time to do our logo embroidery.

   A brief discussion of Microfestivus followed.  Among the many things noted were the small numbers of volunteers on their web sign-up compared to this time last year.  Brian P. told us how he recently contacted the Square Society volunteer coordinator to try to volunteer for a particular brewery.  He was told that the brewers had not been finalized (even though their own deadline for brewer sign-ups was June 15th).  Since our August meeting is now scheduled for the 12th in Blacksburg (the same day as Microfestivus) I would hope that members would prefer to spend their time drinking homebrew at Tad’s and MC’s.  If anyone from the Guild does volunteer, your President requested that they NOT wear garments bearing the SCBG logo.  It would only be natural for festival goers familiar with Microfestivus to assume we are still helping to produce it, if they see volunteers sporting the SCBG logo.

   After a short break, Vice President Bryan S. gave us an informative presentation on the history and style characteristics of Belgian Dubbels.  That was followed by tastings of 4 commercial Belgian Dubbels.  They ranged from very sweet/fruity/malty to more complex/malty with some fruity esters noted.  Thanks to the VP for his research and presentation.

   The meeting officially adjourned after the Dubbel tastings, but the party continued accompanied by excellent food and very good homebrew.  Many thanks, again, to Trish and Dave for opening their lovely home to us, and thanks to all who brought food and brew to share.  Remember to partake of email discussions whenever possible, especially on topics like meeting times and places.  Till next month, cheers and… Brew on!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
July 18, 2006  —  9:00 PM


August 2006 President’s Notes
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 13 August 2006

Narrative summary of SCBG meeting held Saturday, August 12, 2006 at Tad & M.C.’s in Blacksburg

     An unseasonably cool August evening in the hills surrounding Blacksburg, VA, provided a delightful setting for the August gathering of the Star City Brewers Guild.  As has come to be the standard at our meetings, hosts Tad and M.C. presented the club with a gracious welcome, lots of  room to mingle, both indoors and on the wonderful deck out back, and a table large enough to accommodate all the delicious dishes brought by the membership.  And, oh yes, the deck had plenty of room for the various coolers and kegs of homebrew provided by our brew crew.
By the time she-Pat and I arrived at 6’ish (I being thoroughly DIP’ped), most of the attending membership was already present and the aroma of some really GOOD food was wafting through the house.  Members were enjoying good company and homebrew on the deck.  The business meeting got started about 7 PM with a total of 13 members present.She-Pat gave a treasury report, noting that we had a total of  $411.95 in the club account, before additions made during the meeting (thanks Jeff & Cindy).
After some discussion about Martin’s generous offer to host the September meeting as a campout on his property near Chateau Morrissette, it was decided that we would postpone a camping outing on Martin’s land at this time—primarily because of the demands of a competition meeting, which the September meeting is—and all agreed that we would like to do the camping gig with Martin at another time.In light of that discussion, Bryan P. volunteered his and Sue’s home in Vinton as the location for the September meeting and Belgian Dubbel competition.  The date for that meeting remains the same:  Saturday, September 23rd.  Start time and directions to Sue and Bryan P’s. will follow through club email.  A call for stewards, including a head steward, was made at the meeting.  More on that will also follow via club mail.
Jeff and Cindy F. are still “go” as hosts for the October meeting, details on that gathering will follow a little later on.  We discussed the month of November and Fran & Chris’ desire to host “Teach a Friend to Homebrew” day at their shop in Lamplighter Mall.  That event, an annual AHA event similar to “Big Brew,” is always held on the first Saturday in November (November 4th this year).  Fran & Chris have offered to provide the location, the ingredients for brewing a 5-gallon batch of homebrew and the advertising for the event.  The Guild would provide the necessary equipment, the skill/labor to brew the beer and the membership presence to “teach a friend to homebrew.”  We agreed to work with Chris & Fran to realize this event in November.  We also agreed that the regular November meeting, with its demands regarding competition style discussions and nominations of officers for 2007, should be a separate occasion.  Watch your email for details.
The December meeting was discussed briefly, including a general call for a host volunteer and a summary of the many matters that must be accomplished at the final meeting of the year (voting on competition styles and President for 2007, as well as the Scottish 80 competition and the subsequent declaration of Brewer of the Year for 2006).
A few topics were mentioned in passing:  Mashout (which is this coming weekend); Greensboro’s second annual craft beer festival, which is Saturday August 19th from 4-8 PM; and Bramwell Oktoberfest in Bramwell, WV on Saturday, October 7th.
Your President summarized the transaction with Custom Glassware and our order for 144 pint glasses emblazoned with the SCBG logo.  The glasses should be ready August 23rd, followed by shipping (from California) of about a week.  They should be available at the September meeting or possibly sooner. She-Pat will prepare a spreadsheet based on the emails members sent declaring their desired quantities.  There should be more than enough available.  The total production & shipping cost looks to be about $428.  That would make the glasses about $2.98 each.  Those present at the meeting declared that they’d still be willing to pay $3.50 per glass with the extra money helping supplement the treasury.  She-Pat will also work on some quantity discounts, such as 6 glasses for $20, saving the buyer a dollar over the per-glass price.
A lengthy discussion ended the business meeting.  That discussion included an evaluation of the Microfestivus event that took place earlier in the day, without our participation for the first time in at least 6 years.  Coupled with that discussion was the idea that Cary Bednarek, co-owner of Wine Gourmet, proposed to me and she-Pat about joining forces with Wine Gourmet to produce a craft beer festival in the parking lot of Botetourt Commons shopping center.  This discussion needs to be carried forth via email and in person at future meetings, and possible overtures of reconciliation from the Square Society regarding future Microfestivus events would also have to be considered and discussed.  IMHO, it is too early in the discussion to include much of substance in these notes.
As your President brought the business meeting to an official close and called for all present to “eat, drink and be merry,” the door from the dining room opened onto the deck and out of the house stepped long-distance members, Kelly and Esther!  In transit to Mashout this coming weekend, they paused in their travels at Tad & M.C.’s and shared with all present their adventures in their new North Carolina home, complete with some excellent photos of Kelly’s new brew house.  Their surprise visit—and it was a total surprise, as not a single member knew they were coming—helped some of the newer SCBG members to finally put a face (and a character!) with a name.  Now they’ll have a “larger than life” reference point whenever the names “Kelly & Esther” come up. Hmmm, is that TMI?
Till next month—or the next email—Brew on!Patrick Kennerly
August 13, 2006
 September 2006 President’s Notes
Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 17 September 2006

Narrative Summary of Guild Meeting held Saturday, September 16, 2006

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Bryan and Sue P. provided a beautiful and completely accommodating setting for the September meeting and Quarterly Competition of the Star City Brewers Guild.  Bryan and Sue had just completed an expansion of their back deck and it was just in time!  We welcomed two new members into the Guild at this meeting, John and Kathy M.  John and Kathy moved from New Jersey into the Roanoke Valley earlier in the summer.  We welcome them into the Guild and we offer many thanks to Bryan and Sue for their wonderful hospitality to a group that numbered about 26. She-Pat gave us a treasurer’s report which included the fact that the logo glassware order is now paid off.  Several members have yet to pick-up and pay for their glasses—the funds from those orders will be pure profit for the club account.  Not including funds collected at this meeting for glassware orders, the club treasury stands at $271.75.Jeff and Cindy confirmed that the October meeting will be at their home in South Roanoke on Saturday, October 28th, commencing at 4:00 PM.  Jeff will post directions on club email, so be on the lookout for that.  Your Vice President, Bryan S., again volunteered to give the group a short presentation on the history and style of 80-shilling Scottish Ale, which is our final competition style for the year.NOTE: If you encounter any commercial examples of 80-shilling Scottish Ale in your beer shopping, please purchase at least four 12-oz bottles (or the equivalent) for tasting purposes at the October meeting.  PLEASE post your purchase on club email so we don’t have needless duplications AND save your receipts so she-Pat can reimburse you from club funds. Paul and Judie M. volunteered to host the November meeting, which will include voting for competition styles for 2007 and nominations for the office of President for the year 2007.  Discussion of style choices for 2007 should be conducted by group email between now and November so that a ballot of selections may be finalized before we meet at Paul and Judie’s home.The Pats volunteered to host the final meeting of the year in December, which will include voting for President for 2007, the Scottish-80 competition and the computation for and announcement of the 2006 Brewer of the Year honors.  November and December meeting dates will be announced later  —  watch your email.

Floyd Fandango, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, October 21 & 22, was discussed briefly.  The response to a call for members definitely committed to volunteering at this event was not overwhelming, so your President will try to gather further information on volunteer requirements and will post another call for volunteers on club email.

Bramwell Oktoberfest is Saturday, October 7th in beautiful Bramwell, West Virginia. Check out their website for info or ask Dave F., the Pats, Dan & Linda or Ross and Nancy. http://www.geocities.com/bramwelloktoberfest/

After a brief discussion, it was unanimously decided that the Guild would forego participation in the Sedalia Chili Cook-off this year.

Although Fran and Chris were not able to attend this meeting, your President advocated that the Guild accept their invitation to do “Teach a Friend to Homebrew” day at their shop on Williamson Rd.  That event, an American Homebrewers Association national event, is set for Saturday, November 4th.  Several members suggested that we do an extract brew, rather than an all-grain brew, as that would be the most likely method utilized by beginning homebrewers.  Everyone agreed.  Detailed planning for this event as well as necessary registration with the AHA will take place soon, and, of course, will include Fran and Chris.

The regular business portion of the meeting concluded with a discussion about this year’s Microfestivus.  Some who attended, including our newest members, John and Kathy, offered thoughts from their perspective.  Most agreed that the seeming success of this year’s event in terms of numbers attending will probably hurt the event next year because of this year’s short supply of beer and bathroom facilities, as well as knowledgeable and adequate volunteers.

Following a short break, judges took their positions at three judging tables in order to evaluate Guild members’ efforts at brewing the Belgian Dubbel style.  Eleven SCBG Dubbels were judged during the first round of the competition.  For individual scores from that round (which contribute to the cumulative totals for Brewer of the Year), please see your club website under the BOTY heading.

Second-round judges at a single table then evaluated beers forwarded to them by first-round judging tables.  These judges selected three beers which were awarded top honors:  Third Place to Doug M., Second Place to Patrick K., and First Place to Joe W.  Kudos to all who placed and congratulations to all brewers who attempted this style.  Everyone agreed that this is a very difficult style to capture and one that could take years to master.

Once again, our most sincere thanks to Bryan and Sue P. for their terrific hospitality.  The next few months will be filled with activity and discussion so please watch your email for Guild postings.  And, don’t forget to:  Relax and have a homebrew!

Patrick Kennerly
SCBG President
Sept. 17, 2006


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 29 October 2006

Narrative summary of October SCBG meeting held Saturday, Oct. 28th. ImageThe charming, early 20th century home of Jeff and Cindy F. provided a warm and welcoming setting for the October 2006 meeting of the Star City Brewers Guild.  Many thanks to Jeff and Cindy for their wonderful hospitality!  18 members and 2 guests attended.  One of the 18 was our newest member, Will L. who comes to us by way of Massachusetts and Minnesota, among other places.

She-Pat presented the treasurers’ report, noting that the current balance in the club checking account is $424.44.

After some discussion, it was decided that the November meeting would be held at the Pats’ home on Saturday, November 18th.  We plan to start that meeting in the early afternoon since it will be dark earlier in the evening.  The December meeting will be held at the home of Paul and Judie M. on Saturday, December 16th.  The exact times for both meetings will be announced closer to the meeting dates.

Patrick, Bryan S. and Stuart offered their perspectives on Floyd Fandango, with additional input from John and Kathy M., who also attended the Floyd event.  If the Guild were to consider volunteering for this event next year, Patrick suggested a slightly different approach to volunteering, in order to deal with the 5-hour volunteer shifts wanted by the Fandango folks.  Patrick suggested that the Guild “adopt” two (for example) breweries for one day and agree to provide all of the volunteer pourers for those breweries.  In this way, we could develop our own volunteer schedule so that those who can and want to pour for a long shift may do so, but others, who may want to pour for only 2 or 3 hours, may also participate.  Patrick suggested this arrangement as a possibility to this year’s volunteer coordinator, as well as the idea that we could set up our club tent near the “beer garden” and have home brewing stuff on display.  Of course, this would also provide us with a “base camp” where we could relax and enjoy the festivities.  Patrick will report to the Guild if and when he receives feedback from the producers of Floyd Fandango.

At this point in the meeting, as well as later, when Fran and Chris arrived from their shop, the “Teach a Friend to Homebrew” event was discussed.  This event is scheduled for this Saturday, November 4th.  Fran and Chris have already been promoting the event and they will provide hamburgers and hotdogs for the day.  Club members who come are encouraged to bring a side dish and a discreet drinking vessel for any homebrew that may find its way to Lamplighter Mall.  We will set up the club tent in the parking lot of the shop.  Patrick will bring a turkey cooker, propane, brew pot, brewing water, sanitizer and a carboy for a primary. Jeff will provide the chiller. Fran and Chris will supply a kit (it was suggested that a dark beer would suit the season).  She-Pat made a motion that the club give Chris and Fran $60.00 toward expenses.  That motion was passed unanimously.  Patrick & Pat will be at the Lamplighter Mall at 11 AM this Saturday (the 4th) and encourage all who can do so to come help set –up and help talk-up the craft of home beer brewing.  Though we will not be giving it to the public, your own homebrew is welcome and Chris will make refrigeration arrangements.

An update on style discussions for the 2007 quarterly club competitions followed.  Many members have not yet suggested styles.  Those who have not done so are encouraged to do so via club email, as a ballot will be developed for the November meeting based on input from the entire club.

Marsha W. reminded members that Guild logo wear is still available to order by getting your desired garment and logo details to her at the next meeting.  Marsha must have a minimum of 5 garments to place an order.  Cost is $5 per embroidered logo if you provide the garment.  Bring garments and money to the November meeting.

Jeff led a discussion of the troubles the Guild continues to have with club email.  He is on AOL and hasn’t received club mail for over 10 days.  Fran and Chris are also on AOL and they, too, have missed the last two weeks worth of mail.  She-Pat offered to develop a “work around” mail list that members could use direct from their own address.  Will suggested the possibility of setting up a Group on Yahoo or MSN and members could subscribe to the Group, electing to immediately receive posts to the Group.  She-Pat has since communicated with Doug M., our List Master.  Doug states that he was unaware (not made aware) of the problems AOL users are having.  He and Chuck (our Webmaster) have worked diligently to resolve the earlier issues we’ve encountered with Cox and Va Tech.  If you are on AOL and have not received club mail lately, please write to Doug and let him know.

Following a brief break, in which those present availed themselves of some delicious dishes provided by members and our hosts, we heard our Vice President, Bryan S., offer a presentation on the Scottish Export 80-shilling style of ale (BJCP # 9C).  That was followed by a tasting of Old Chub, which turned out to be more of a Wee Heavy, although a delicious one at that.  Next we sampled the bottled version of Belhaven Scottish Ale.  In contrast to the bottled version, which is carbonated with CO2, we also sampled the canned version of Belhaven Scottish Ale, which is on Nitrogen.  These cans are not available around here and we thank our newest member, Will (and his Dad in Massachusetts), for providing them.  Most everyone found the two versions of the Belhaven quite different.  Lastly, we sampled St. Andrew Scottish Ale.  We look forward to sampling the fruits of our own brewers in December.

Remember, we’ll be at Lamplighter Mall this Saturday at 11 AM for the Fall counterpart to AHA’s Big Brew, “Teach a Friend to Homebrew” day!

Patrick Kennerly


Star City Brewers Guild

Oct. 29, 2006


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 19 November 2006

Narrative summary of SCBG meeting held Saturday, Nov. 18, 2006.

A large and lively crowd filled the home of the SCBG President and Treasurer Saturday afternoon, the 18th of November.  A total of 22 members were present for the occasion along with 3 guests.  We were pleased to welcome Jackie, Lawrence and Andy as guests and especially happy that Lawrence decided to join the club during the festivities.  Lawrence lives in Martinsville, so he joins the Botetourt/Bedford/Blacksburg/Christiansburg members who go to great lengths to enjoy the group’s gatherings.  Welcome, Lawrence!

As a side note, it was very interesting to talk with our guest, Jackie, who, along with Kenny Lefkowitz (creator of New River Pale Ale) helped start the Blacksburg homebrewers’ club in the 90’s.  Jackie and our own Doug had actually met before at a Blacksburg meeting in the 90’s when Kenny was still developing the recipe for NRPA and the club was helping by tasting and giving feedback.  The two only vaguely remembered the occasion—no doubt the result of time passage and countless other homebrew taste tests!

She-Pat gave us a treasury report.  At the start of the meeting, the treasury held $419.44.  Many members paid dues for 2007 at this meeting so the treasury changed during the course of the day.  Several members submitted garments to be embroidered. Joe and Marsha could not attend so Patrick will get these garments to Marsha in the coming days.

Your President gave a brief  recap of the Teach a Friend to Homebrew event held at Blue Ridge Hydroponics on November 4th.  He also shared with the group the positive feedback received from the Floyd Fandango folks regarding our idea for providing them with some experienced beer pourers next year.

Patrick reminded folks of the date and place for the December meeting (Paul & Judie M.’s, Saturday, December 16th).  Paul will announce the time for that meeting via email and will provide directions to their home near Cave Spring High School.  The action-packed agenda for the December meeting was reviewed (Scottish 80 competition, Election of Officers, BOTY determination) and a reminder was given regarding food for that gathering—that it is the club’s Holiday party as well as the final meeting of the year.

Doug and Kelleigh have volunteered to host the January 2007 meeting at their home in Botetourt County.  Details of that meeting will be forthcoming.

Martin shared with us a recent conversation he had with the brewmaster at Foothills Brewing Co. in downtown Winston-Salem.  The brewer is anxious to have the club make a road trip to his brewpub and will set us up in a special room so that we can have a meeting, should we choose, and have a nice place to drink homebrew as well as his brew.  We will definitely pursue that idea in 2007.

At that point in the meeting, your President shared a brief reading from the club’s by-laws, in which it is stated that the maximum term officers may serve the club is 3 consecutive years.  Most of us had been under the impression that the term limit was 2 consecutive years.  That being said, your President informed the club that he would stand for re-election, if nominated.  Nominations were then made from the floor.  Those nominated for club President for the year 2007 were:  Martin C., Bryan S. and Patrick K.  Balloting for the office of President with these three members as candidates will take place at the December meeting.

Balloting for the competition styles for 2007 then took place.  She-Pat described the process by which the ballot came to be.  Nine styles were voted upon by members present.  The nine were: American IPA, American Pale Ale (APA), Berliner Weisse, Bohemian/Czech Pilsner, Extra Special Bitter (ESB), Kolsch, Munich Dunkel, Rauchbier, and Stout (of some kind, other than dry stout).  Balloting resulted in a three selections chosen (American IPA, APA, and Stout), with the fourth selection a tie between Bohemian/Czech Pilsner and ESB.  A runoff ballot was then held to break the tie and Bohemian/Czech Pilsner was selected.  Following that process, a discussion was held to determine which quarters to feature which beers, as well as to determine which type of stout to brew.  The result:  Bohemian/Czech Pilsner in March, American Pale Ale (APA) in June, American IPA in September, and Sweet Stout in December.

The major business being concluded, everyone headed to the kitchen area for food, brew and conversation.  Everyone with whom your President spoke as the event wound down, agreed it was an excellent meeting—the result, partly at least, aided by the great turnout and the inclusion of 3 guests.  Special thanks to she-Pat who did a great job before, during and after the meeting, despite not feeling 100%. Once again, welcome to the club, Lawrence.  See you all at the Holiday Fantasy Home of Paul & Judie M. in December.

Patrick Kennerly


Star City Brewers Guild

November 19, 2006


Written by Patrick & Pat Kennerly
Sunday, 17 December 2006

Narrative summary of the final SCBG meeting for 2006.It seemed more like an April gathering than a December meeting as people began to arrive at Will & Jen’s beautiful and spacious home.  At 4 PM the temperature was hovering around 62F.  As the evening progressed the temperature took a more seasonable decline.  Almost in antithesis to the cooling off outside, each passing hour saw the festivities inside grow warmer.

It has been fairly typical that the December meeting attracts more members than any other meeting, except maybe Big Brew.  On this warm December Saturday, a total of 36 adults, one 21-month old boy and one frog (Wort, our mascot) convened for the final SCBG meeting of the year 2006.  More thanks than I could ever express go out to Will & Jen for allowing us to overtake their home and their lives for about 8 hours.  An especial thanks to Jen, who not only co-hosted but also prepared a table full of wonderful foods.  Many thanks, also, to Marsha, Judie, Bryan P., Kathy, Linda, Cindy and everyone else who helped steward the competition.

She-Pat gave us a treasury report noting that the club account stood at $446.36 not counting the many transactions of dues paying and embroidery reimbursement that would take place during the meeting.  She-Pat also reminded members that 2007 dues are payable now.  $15.00 for a single; $20.00 for a couple/family.  I want to say a heartfelt thank you to my wife for all that she constantly does for this club.  Her contribution is and always has been immeasurable.

A brief discussion followed regarding locations for January & February 2007 meetings.  As was already planned, Doug and Kelleigh will host the January meeting.  Time and date will be announced via email and on the website.  Bryan and Jenny S. volunteered to host the February meeting.

January will be the meeting in which the first quarterly competition style is introduced and sampled.  Doug has agreed to give us a brief presentation on the history and characteristics of the Bohemian/Czech Pilsner style.

Next up, our Webmaster, Chuck G., led a discussion regarding the issues we continue to encounter with club email.  Chuck explained how we may be able to overcome these issues with the use of a Google group mail account.  Chuck is going to work on making that happen and will let us know when and how to get on board.

Another big round of thanks go here to Marsha, who did all the leg work and arrangements for the embroidering of numerous members’ garments with the SCBG logo.  Thank you, Marsha, for all your efforts—the garments look great!

Election of officers for 2007 was next on the agenda.  With all the folks present, the balloting took a little while.  The results:  Patrick Kennerly was elected President and, with the next largest vote count, Bryan Summerson will be the Vice President for 2007.

Following a brief organizational break, the 4th Quarter style competition got underway, as three first-round tables evaluated 12 members’ renditions of Scottish Export/80-shilling Ale.  A strong cast of judges (to whom we also give many thanks!) worked intensely to evaluate the Scottish ales according to the BJCP style guide.  Once their deliberations concluded, the second round table selected the 3 trophy winners:  Paul M. took 3rd place; Chris and Fran A. took 2nd place (their first SCBG trophy!) and Bryan S. took 1st place.

The final event of the evening was the announcement of the Brewer of the Year (BOTY) award winner.  That honor went to your Vice President, Bryan S.  Congratulations to all the winners, especially to Bryan S., for a year of brewing excellence.  Thank you also, to his wife Jenny, for being there to celebrate Bryan’s achievement.

There followed much merriment, eating, sampling of some very fine beers and meads and exceptional fellowship, greatly enriched by the presence of our long-distance members (whose ranks are growing).  By evening’s end, one had to wonder what next year will have in store for this merry band of brewers and friends!

Have Safe & Happy Holidays!

Patrick Kennerly
Star City Brewers Guild
Dec. 17, 2006

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