October 2014 Meeting – Notes

On a brisk autumn day, 24 club members (plus two latecomers), two guests, and three children, for a total of 31 people gathered together for food, friendship and fine beverages, at the lovely house of James and Joan.

August 2014 Meeting – Notes

General Business
On what turned out to be a very tropical day (including a few dramatic rainstorms), 36 members, 2 guests and 10 children (for a total of 48 persons) met at the lovely home of Dan & Terri. Luckily, they had the foresight to put up the club tent (and a couple other pop-up canopies), since we needed the shade before the business portion of the meeting and needed the shelter from the rain for the rest.

July 2014 Meeting – Notes

General Business
On a somewhat cool & occasionally rainy July day, 28 members, 4 guests, and 6 children, gathered at the Moyer residence for beer, food, companionship and education.

June 2014 Meeting – Notes

General Business
Twenty two members (and one kid) along with five guests (and one guest kid), for a total of twenty seven adults and two kids, gathered on a beautiful June day at the lovely home of Jim and Sue Dodd. (If you didn’t make it, you really missed out seeing the amazingly beautiful wooden canoes that Jim built – the pictures don’t do them justice!)

Big Brew/May 2014 Meeting – Notes

General Business
Our sincere condolences to James on the death of his mother Saturday morning. Our thoughts are with you, James & Joan
Thanks to Harry for stepping up at the last minute to host the meeting.

April 2014 Meeting – Notes

Thanks to Kimberly and Rob for letting us enjoy a wonderful day outdoors at their property in the woods, especially on such short notice!

March 2014 Meeting Notes

General Business
Thanks to Thom and Jeannie for opening up their house to such a crowd on a drizzly March day. (At least the snow and wind waited until I was brewing on Sunday…)

February 2014 Meeting Notes

General Business
Thanks to Thom B. and the rest of the crew at Roanoke Railhouse for hosting a packed meeting on an unseasonably beautiful February afternoon! Saturday’s attendance included 45 members, 6 guests and 6 children for a total of 57.
Treasurer’s report: Mike U. reported that we had $1707.50 prior to the meeting. We had 16 members re-up and 2 new members, Chris Stevens & Dennis Stevens, for a total of 53 paid members to date for 2014.

January 2014 Meeting Notes

General Business
A hearty thanks to Harry & Lynn for hosting a fantastic meeting! We had a grand total of 50 people – 34 guild members, 6 children, and eleven guests (three of which became members).
Treasurer’s report: Mike U. reported that we have $1707.50 in our new bank account. We have 35 paid members for 2014 including new members Michael & Janet Bernard and Gary McDaniel.

December 2013 Meeting Notes

The final meeting of 2013 was held at Chaos Mountain Brewing in Callaway last Saturday, December 14.  About 40 people gathered and we welcomed one guest, Jim from the newly formed Smith Mountain Mashers homebrew club.  Many thanks again to Joe and Wendy H. and Will L. for their hospitality and free glasses! Continue reading

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