May 2017 meeting notes

May 2017 Big-Brew & meeting notes:


On a personal note, Diane and I want to thank everyone who helped us celebrate Big Brew and attend our May meeting. It’s always a pleasure to have a hand in getting people together and seeing them have a good time. It was an uncharacteristically cool & breezy May 6th with clouds dominating sun, but that didn’t slow things down. Five brewing stations were heating water by 9:30AM and shortly thereafter the smell of mashes and boils filled the air and warmed the garage. To top it off, James B was preparing his world famous Chicken Jambalaya and the combined aromas were amazing!


Another highlight was Matt & Rachel Klumpp’s very creative Baltic Porter style presentation using separate stations for each sample as well as asking each taster to focus and then report on one element of the style. Good job guys. And thanks to Lynn Donnary for documenting the day and taking our annual Big Brew photo.


Vital statistics:

  • 40 attendees consisting of 31 members, 4 guests and 5 children.
  • 30 gallons of beer brewed (Bric & Lee F-10, Matt K-5, John M-5, Allen & Chris-5, Rudy L-5)
  • Jimmy and Marisa Smith joined the guild bringing YTD paid membership to 91. Welcome Jimmy and Marisa!
  • Brewers-thanks to all. The effort you put into transporting your gear across town and brewing is recognized and appreciated:
    • Bric & Lee F (Brett Saison using 3-vessel gas fired RIMS system)
    • Matt K (Belgian Dubbel using 3 vessel gas fired keggle-cooler )
    • Allen F & Chris G (Saison using 3-vessel gas with pumped mash vourlauf & kettle whirlpool )
    • Rudy L (Hefeweizen using 3-vessel electric RIMS)
    • John M (Altbier using BIAB)

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April 2017 meeting notes

Thanks to all who attended our April meeting at Hammer & Forge in Boones Mill. It goes without saying that we also owe special thanks to Caleb for hosting the guild in his new & exciting brewery! Thank you Caleb and Mike! Let’s also thank Lynn for taking so many wonderful photos that she has shared on Facebook. Any finally, let’s thank Chris G and Allen F for walking is through the Belgian Dubbel style presentation for our June competition.


On a cool & rainy Sunday, where outdoor activities were curtailed for most, a total of 45 members, guests and a child gathered. The meeting consisted of 37 members, 7 guests and Blaise who became the star of many photos! We welcomed new members April and Doug (that’s Doug #3) Connel to our club. Even though April is relatively new at the brewing craft, she is already designing some creative recipes.

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March 2017 meeting notes

Thanks to all who helped make our March 18 meeting and American Porter competition a success. Also, thanks to our hosts, James and Joan, who shared their wonderful home. Personally, I am always in awe of James’ woodworking skills and talent. And, as always, thanks to Kathy M for coordinating the competition!


Our meeting was attended by 40 people including one child. We welcomed a few new members that attended and lok forward to meeting a few that were unable to attend. Welcome aboard Ian McElhone, Chris Gray, Ross Agee, Robert Roux and David Wheeler. Also, thanks to Ian and Chris for rolling up their sleeves and taking on some club duties right out of the gate.


Our next meeting will be held at Hammer & Forge on Sunday April 23 beginning at 3PM.

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February 2017 meeting notes

Thanks to all who attended our February meeting and a special thanks to Kevin and Bailie for sharing their home with us! We enjoyed an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon considering it’s the middle of February! Our meeting was attended by 37 members, 3 guests and four wee brewers, Luman, River, Parker and Lila! Kevin presented the Brett Beer category and we heard Robyn Smyth describe her plans to develop a “Business of Brewing” short course at VT.

Our next meeting will be held Saturday March 18th from 4-7PM at James and Joan’s home. This meeting will include our American Porter competition. If you are submitting a competition entry, please have it at the meeting by 2:45PM as judging will begin promptly at 3PM.

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January 2017 meeting notes

Thanks to all that were able to attend our first meeting of 2017. A special thanks to Scott and Martha for hosting. The meeting was attended by 32 including one guest (Richard Powell-with his Kambucha samples) and three children.

Our next meeting will be Sunday February 19 beginning 3PM at Kevin and Baille’s home. Kevin will present the Brett Beer style for our September competition.

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February 2016 Meeting – Notes

It was rainy and cold outside, but inside it was warm and full of beer and food and sparkling personalities! We had 30 members, two guests and one kid for a total of 33 people.
Thanks to Bill & Cindy for opening their home to us!

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March 2016 Meeting – Notes

To welcome in spring, the Star City Brewers Guild gathered in mass! Perhaps our largest meeting to date? We had 50 members, one guest and two children for a grand total of 53 people celebrating homebrew and spring! And that includes four brand new members. Please welcome Andrea & Ted A., Mike C., and Skip T.!
A hearty round of appreciation for James and Joan, opening their home to the hordes!

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January 2016 Meeting – Notes

We started the year off with nearly record-setting attendance at the January meeting. (Was it because you knew that I wouldn’t be there?) We packed the house at Big Lick Brewing Company with 43 members, 4 guests and 2 kids, for a total of 49 people! The membership total includes three new members – please extend a hearty welcome to Darin Pearson, Caleb Williamson and Brad Wyatt.

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December 2015 Meeting – Notes

We capped off another fantastic year in the Star City Brewers Guild at Chaos Mountain Brewing with 40 members, 4 guests and two kids for a total of 46 fine folks. The membership toll includes four new members – say “hi!” to Stephen Parshall (and his wife Barbara, who wasn’t present), Phil & Lynda Sawyer, and Mark Myers! (And welcome Joe H. back to the active membership roster after a one year hiatus…)

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November 2015 Meeting – Notes

Apologies once again for a late recap – I had too much cooking, eating and football watching this past week to worry about getting this out…
Twenty three members, one guest and two kids gathered together at Justin & Carrie’s house in Salem for the November meeting of the Star City Brewers Guild.
Thanks to Justin & Carrie for allowing us to take over their house and putting up with our nonsense!

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