February 2019 meeting notes

  • Belgian Dark Strong Presentation – John Merkwan
    • Great presentation on the differences between true Trappist vs Abbey style and origins
    • Higher ABV, but well hidden. Smooth and dangerous.
    • 4 commercial versions presented:
      • Boulevard Sixth Glass, Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue), Rochefort 8, St. Bernardus Abt 12
    • Competition will beat the December meeting
    • Start thinking about brewing and aging for that extra danger factor
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January 2019 meeting notes

  • Dunkel (10B) presentation by Rudy and Adam
    • 3 commercial examples presented
    • Ayinger – Kloster Andechs – Weihenstephaner & 1 home brewed example presented
    • The presentation included historical info and example recipe info. These docs were emailed out to the Yahoo email list and will be posted on the FB group page.
    • Great job Rudy and Adam on the presentation!!
  • Thanks to Blue Ridge Hydroponics for hosting January meeting
    • New ownership since April – Tommy and Jeremy
  • February meeting on Sat 16th 3:00 PM at Rudy and Diane’s House
    • John M. will present Belgian Dark Strong Ale
  • Treasurer Report: $5,052.76 as of Jan 18
    • If you haven’t yet paid membership dues, or are interested in BYO magazine
    • PayPal gift to president@starcitybrewers.org
    • 15$ for BYO subscription
    • 53 paid members as of meeting today.
    • Welcome David Hines as newest member
  • Potluck Food Reminder: Please make an effort to bring food to meetings.
    • Many long time members bring food consistently to most meetings. Please make an effort to bring something. Store bought items are just fine and home cooked is even better.
  • Beer Gift for Host
    • Harry points out that bringing small gift for the host is also appreciated.
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December 2018 meeting notes

  • A huge Thank You to Chaos Mountain for hosting!
  • Next Meeting
    • Tentatively at Blue Ridge Hydroponics either January 19th or 20th
    • I will send out an email as soon as we have an answer
    • Backup plan is for Harry to host this meeting.

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November 2018 meeting notes

  • We had 17 members and 2 children in attendance for our November meeting. Thanks again to Carrie and Justin Cox for hosting! That chocolate chili is always a hit!

    I hope to see many of you at Chaos Mountain on December 15th for our Christmas Party and December meeting. More details about our traditional Dirty Santa exchange will be put out separately.

    I will be sending out more notes about elections in the near future. Until then, you have the nominees!

    Please see the notes from the meeting below:


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October 2018 meeting notes

October 2018 Meeting Notes


  • A huge Thank You to Mario & Family for hosting us! The meeting was held in his backyard on a beautiful fall day. Food & beer tables were set up outside as well.
  • Next Meeting
    • Carrie & Justin’s on Sunday, November 18 – 3 pm to 6 pm
  • Treasurer’s Report- Balance $4773.87
  • Social Media Update
    • Post Reach is up 64% (632 posts), Post Engagement is up 403% (619), New Page Likes up 250% (14)
  • Competition Updates
    • (Steve was not there) Skirmish at the Triad entries are on their way. We had (8) entries total. The comp is on 11/3. Good luck to all who entered.
  • Go Fest Re-Cap
    • A huge thank you to Takumi for organizing the event. It would not have been possible without him. He staffed the booth the entire weekend as well.
    • Thank you to ALL last minute volunteers.
    • Rudy coordinated the new banner and rigged it to our tent. A huge thank you to Rudy.
    • There were (5) 1 gallon extract batches brewed during the event weekend. This beer will be served at the upcoming LTHB event.
  • SCBG-Chaos Mtn Brewing Group Brew
    • $10 per 5 gallon batch. We have a total of 7 BBL (225 gallons) of wort available. We likely will reduce the hop schedule down to around 5-10 IBU. The previous year recipe was 30 IBU. The survey on hop bitterness thus far is 65% in favor of lower bitterness.
    • Mash-In will start around 8 am. Tasting Room opens at 1 pm. Rick’s Wrap It Up food truck will be there. Wort will be filled around 3 pm.
    • Iron Brewer Challenge is a side project created by Takumi. The concept is that each participant will come up with a unique ingredient and will write it down on a slip of paper to be drawn by another brewers. Details still being worked out with Takumi.
  • Olde Salem Brewing pH Tech Talk
    • Thank you to Kevin Campbell for hosting and teaching the tech talk.
    • Everyone had the chance to test their meters against the lab grade meter at the brewery. It was a very in depth talk about mash pH and correction.

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August 2018 meeting notes

Despite many members being out of town for various activities, we still drew a large crowd at Hammer and Forge in Boones Mill. Thanks to Caleb Williamson for being a great host!

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July 2018 meeting notes


We drew a nice crowd to Southern Hills Homebrew Supply including several new members. The count was 34 members and 3 children. Thanks so much to Robb and Southern Hills Homebrew Supply for hosting us.

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June 2018 meeting notes


It was a very warm June day, but the guild’s tent and the backyard foliage shaded us from the brutal heat. We had 22 members in attendance and one guest. As always, Rudy and Diane were wonderful hosts and accommodated everything we could possibly need. There’s always a nice selection of beers on tap in Rudy’s brewery. The basement worked perfectly for judging space as well. Thanks to Rudy and Diane for hosting!

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May 2018 meeting notes

The weather held off for us for Big Brew this year after a dismal looking forecast in the days before. We were prepared for anything Mother Nature would throw our way. My count has 28 members present over the day along with many guests, some of which joined the guild or requested info about joining. Thanks to all involved in setup, cleanup, and tear down. The event was successful for both the guild and Southern Hills. Thanks to Robb Burden at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply for hosting this for us this year!

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April 2018 meeting notes

We couldn’t have asked for a better day to host a meeting in April. It was a comfortable 67 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and a slight breeze in the air. Jimmy and Marisa’s home was laid out perfectly for hosting an outdoor meeting and we were able to use the guild’s tent for the first time this year. 19 members came out to Jimmy and Marisa’s place and their dog, Sam, joined us as well waiting patiently for someone to drop some food near him.

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