November 2013 Meeting Notes

November’s meeting was held last night, November 23rd, at the home of members Justin and Carrie and was attended by 30 some Guild members and guests Mat & Jovan R., Scott & Amina D.y, Rose H. & Garrett J., and Jeff & Debbie’s son who was the one who got them into brewing!

Thanks to our hosts for hosting. A great time was had by all and there is now talks of having a “SCBG Kids” get together sometime soon.

Treasurer’s Report: According to notes from Treasurer Mike U., we currently have 76 paid members in the Guild and a balance of $1612.56 in the bank. We are now accepting dues for 2014. Dues are $15 per individual or $20 for family.

Future Meeting Locations:
*December 14th – Chaos Mountain Brewery
*January – Harry
*February – Terri & Dan
*March – Thom & Jeannie
*April –
*May/Big Brew – James & Joan

Discussion Topics:
*Harry and Doug M. gave a nice recap of Learn to Homebrew Day which was held on Saturday Nov. 2nd at Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrew in Roanoke. We had 5 people brewing, a good attendance that got us some new names and a few new members, and lots of good food. New this year was the fact that we had a smoker on sight, built by Guild member Buren, and we smoked & BBQd approximately 35lbs of meat. Seeing as there were virtually no leftovers, the smoker has been deemed a big hit.

The most dramatic moment of the day, as recounted by Doug, seemed to come when a sudden gust blew the tent away. Though potentially a dangerous moment, thankfully nobody was hurt, including the tent.
Next Teach a Friend will be the 3rd weekend in May (May 17th). Bryan S. has volunteered, as long as his brewery is open by then, to host this next Teach a Friend at his brewery. Thank you to Bryan regarding that and more details to come!

It was noted that while Lynn and Harry did a wonderful job providing posters (thanks Lynn!!) we as a Guild could do a better job at getting them out and publicizing as a whole. Doug M. mentioned the idea of having a Guild member take on the role of “Minister of Propaganda” or some such name, who could be in charge of getting materials out, being a liaison with other groups in the Valley, and so on. Thoughts? Suggestions?

*Nominations for 2014’s President are: Carrie Cox, Dan Tatarka, and Doug Moyer —- and, yes, this time Doug is actually willing to run (and not just flee to Mexico!)!

Nominations will remain open until Friday November 29th, after which they will be officially closed so that we have enough time for voting to commence. If there are any other nominees please (1) make sure that person is agreeable to the nomination and (2) let us know ASAP. We will be voting a new President in at our December meeting.

*We finished up the voting on the 2014 Competition Beer Styles. As a quick recap, the voting process was changed slightly this year: in October we voted on four categories. In November we voted for the four subcategory styles, one style being chosen from each of the chosen categories.

The 2014 Competition Styles are:
– 4B. Munich Dunkel
– 9D. Irish Red Ale
– 13C. Oatmeal Stout
– 18D. Belgian Golden Strong Ale

A special thanks to John (who was playing the role of Kathy) and Bryan S. for tallying the votes. Thanks y’all!

The order and specific months for these will be decided upon at the December meeting.

*From The Floor:
– Rob A. announced that Parkway Brewing Company had been giving out free beer at the Half Marathon on 11/23, of which Rob was a participant (he ran the 1/2 marathon, I’m not sure if he got the beer). Congrats to Rob on the Half Marathon and it was agreed by all that handing out free beer was a pretty cool move on Parkway’s end.

– Carrie mentioned that Apocalypse Ale Works having a fund raiser, which starts Nov 24th. $1 of every beer sold there on Sundays from 1:00-3:00 will go to the food bank. If you haven’t been up there to visit them yet, this is a chance to not only support locally brewed beer, a small local business, but also to help others. Attached is a flyer with more info.

– Finally, we did a group toast to those with recent birthdays, both in attendance and not, and to our President Kevin who just graduated from brewing school!! CHEERS!!

We, Carrie & Justin, would like to thank everyone who came to the meeting. We had a great time and hope y’all did as well.