May 2013 Meeting Notes

On Saturday, May 4, about 30 members and 4 guests attended our annual Big Brew celebration.  Big thanks to James and Joan B. for their hospitality throughout a long day.  Also, welcome to new member Christopher K.!  Thanks also to Mike U. (all-grain Imperial IPA) and James M. (brew in a bag Saison(?)), who along with my 5 gallons of all grain Imperial IPA, yielded 15 gallons of total beer for this year’s Big Brew.
At 1:00 sharp, we hoisted our glasses in toast to Jimmy Carter and the legalization of homebrewing.  Following that, we toasted John Z.’s dad Thomas, who passed recently.  We missed you John Bob!Mike U. presented our Treasurer’s Report – we are currently at 62 paid members, with a balance of $1416.43 at the start of the meeting.

We would like to pursue the AHA’s Research and Education Fund stipend for our yeast experiment.  Jeff F. reported receiving only 15 of the 44 report sheets from the experiment, so more are needed before the request can be written up.  Dan T. and Kevin C. will help Jeff with the write-up to send to the AHA.

Our American Craft Beer Week Brewing Demonstrations will be held on May 18 at Blue Ridge Hydroponics and Homebrewing Co.  Harry applied for an ABC license on behalf of the Guild, and is still awaiting a response.  Demonstrations will carry on regardless, but tastings hinge on whether we receive the license in time.  Assuming we get it in time, we will need volunteers to bring and pour beers, check IDs, bring food, etc.  Bryan S., Harry M., and Joe H. volunteered to brew.  If you’re not on that list and want to brew, please let me know.  Chris and Fran will supply the ingredients.

Registration for the Beertopia Homebrew Competition closes on May 10.  If you’re interested in entering beers, go to ASAP and fill out the online registration form.  Judges are also still needed at Parkway Brewing on May 21, 23 and 28.  Judges are not allowed to enter beers.  Let Carrie know if you’d like to judge or steward.  Joe H. volunteered to steward.

The organizers of the Strings and Spirits Festival, June 1 in Rocky Mount have asked the Guild for volunteers to pour beer.  In exchange, volunteers will receive free admission, a t-shirt, and a glass.  Contact Wendy Funk at if you’re interested.

Kevin C. reported that the Guild officers had met with Paul M. at Mac and Bob’s recently to discuss pros and cons of incorporation, and unanimously agreed that this was something we should pursue, in order to protect the membership against legal action at future tasting events, festivals, or competitions the Guild may sanction.  An email will be forthcoming discussing these pros and cons, and a vote will be held soon.

John M. once again organized a luck of the draw Kentucky Derby pool, which I heard through the grapevine was won by Joan B.  Congrats Joan!

Bryan S. gave a report of the Gnarly Hops and Barley Festival in Culpeper.  They had a good time, and there were lots of breweries in attendance.

Harry M. gave an update on Microfestivus.  The Square Society will be looking for our assistance in judging the beers and by all accounts this is the best way to experience the festival.  The festival will still be held at last year’s location in front of the library regardless of whether Elmwood Park construction is finished.

The Hill City Homebrew Club in Lynchburg is hosting an all IPA competition on July 20.  Paul M. would like us to scope it out and ask questions as to what obstacles they had and how they overcame them, in the event the Guild holds a similar competition in the near future.

Joe H. was able to obtain some Triskell hops, a rare French hop similar to Strisselspalt.  He will bring 1 oz bags to the next meeting to distribute to those interested.

Carrie also distributed our brand new SCBG shirts to those that ordered them.  They look great – thanks for organizing Carrie!  There are a few extras if anyone is interested.
I hope everyone is fermenting their Imperial IPAs for the June 16 meeting, and l look forward to seeing you all at BRHH on May 18!