March 2013 Meeting Notes

The March meeting of the Star City Brewers Guild was held on March 9 at Thom and Jeannie B.’s house.  Many thanks go to Thom and Jeannie for hosting an awesome meeting!

The meeting kicked off at 3:00 for judges only with the Kolsch competition, our first competition of the year.  The first round of judging finished up on schedule at around 4:00, when the rest of the membership began to arrive.  I was personally very pleased with the new format and heard positive reviews from many of the judges.  With the exception of ironing out a few kinks, I think we will continue with the format for the rest of the year.

Treasurer Mike U. reported a balance of $1623.58 with 52 members at time of business.  We were up to 55 members by the end of the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on April 6 at Bryan and Jenny S.’s house.  Bryan will provide the commercial examples of Imperial IPAs for tasting in preparation for our June competition, unless you’re traveling someplace weird and want to bring us back a few bottles of something different – the Guild will reimburse you!

The BYO Magazine Subscription Deal was discussed, but I again forgot to put out the signup sheet.  We’ll revisit this at the April Meeting.

The Guild voted on the two motions presented by Kathy and John M., dealing with whether to compensate members who take the BJCP exam for their expenses on the two portions of the test.  The result was the passing of both motions, and thus the implementation of Motion 2, which reads as follows:

The 3 following things are to be understood to be written into each motion:

  1. The member must be in good standing… dues paid current.
  2. The member has judged a club competition at least twice before being reimbursed….either before or after testing.
  3. The individual was not already a BJCP judge before joining SCBG.

Motion 2.

SCBG will reimburse a club member one time the cost of taking the BJCP Beer Judge Entrance Exam (web-based “Entrance Exam” currently $10) and the cost of taking the BJCP Beer Judging Exam (“Judging Exam” currently $40) one time upon completion of both exams.

(In other words…if you take both parts of the test, you get $50 back whether you pass the Judging Exam or not. You do not get reimbursed for retakes.)


This motion takes effect retroactively for those members who had already passed the test while being members of the Guild, as well as for those that take it next year.  The topic may be put to vote again next year for those who take the exam in 2015.  If you’re interested in taking advantage of this money, visit this website and contact an exam coordinator soon.  Local exams will be filling up fast.

The yeast experiment was discussed and a date of March 22 was tentatively decided upon.  However, since time is running out for purchasing yeast and making a starter, and Sean from Big Daddy hasn’t gotten back to us yet, we’ll shoot for another Friday a week or two later.  Participants will be asked to show up at around 4-5:00 on brew day to pick up their wort or make arrangements with someone else to do so, and are encouraged to buy a beer or two to show our thanks to Sean for helping us out on this project.  The Guild will not be paying for the wort in this batch, so participants should plan on chipping in around $5-$8 per batch in addition to the yeast they choose to pitch.  Let Doug M. know what yeast you want to use.

The new SCBG website is scheduled for launch on April 1.  A team of 8 members met at Blue 5 a couple weeks ago to discuss and assign tasks to complete before the launch.  We will send an email out to the Guild in advance to get your opinions before the site goes public.

A questionnaire was also handed out regarding interest in silk screened SCBG t-shirts and glassware, as well as potential beer quotes for the back of the t-shirt.  We received sufficient interest in the t-shirts to place an order, which we hope will be ready before our May demonstration event at BRHH, and June’s Beertopia.  The shirts will be bluish and reddish in color.  If you are interested in a shirt, email Carrie with your shirt size and color preference so we have a better idea of what to order.  Shirts will be $10.

Harry M. mentioned a discussion with the Square Society in which we were invited back for judging at this year’s Microfestivus, August 10.  More details will follow in the coming months.

Carrie C. discussed Beertopia, which is scheduled for June 8 at the Salem Red Sox Stadium.  Carrie C., Kathy M., and Kevin C. are working with the Roanoke Jaycees to conduct a homebrew competition again this year.  Judges will be needed, but like last year, entrants will not be allowed to judge.  Parkway Brewing has agreed to host the judging, as well as brew the winning beer on their 20 gallon pilot system for availability at their tasting room.  Dates for entry and judging will be firmed up shortly, but will take place sometime in mid to late May.

The winners Mr. Bill’s gift certificates (for judges and stewards) were Bryan S. and Paul M.  Mike U. won the BRHH gift certificate from the competition entrant raffle.

Finally, results were announced from the Kolsch competition.  Congratulations to Martin K. for taking first place, with Paul M. placing 2nd and Bryan S. coming in 3rd.