June 2017 meeting notes

June 18 2017 meeting notes


Thank you Harry for hosting a wonderful meeting, and thank you Kathy for running our competition. On this balmy father’s day 35 members, 2 guests and 2 children gathered to share beer, tell beer tall tales, discuss club business and conduct our Q2 Belgian Dubbel competition. All went down without a hitch. We have officially hit 94 paid and 6 comp members for a total of 100!


Meeting Agenda:

  • Next meeting is Sunday July 16th 3PM-6PM at Southern Hills. Jeff D will officiate.
  • Treasurer’s report-(Diane L)
    • Diane reported that we had $4810.30 in club checking account.
  • Homebrew demo day review. Thank you Doug B for leading the charge.
    • Doug B reported that attendance was low in both locations but it seems that TAF in November is the more popular of the two events. We did record one new member and about 12 folks that signed up for club announcements.
    • We did not identify any specific things we would change to improve the events. After the meeting Diane suggested that Lisa Fenderson and WFXR might be interested in doing a spot prior to the event that may generate interest?
  • Go Outside festival update-(Takumi S)
    • We have a space secured and will be able to pour samples under the events ABC license & ID control.
    • Takumi has suggested that the beer brewed during the event as a demo be served at the Learn to Homebrew event 3 weeks later.
  • SCBG 20th Anniversary planning update-(Doug M)
    • Doug is working things out with local breweries.
  • Throwdown update & planning (Kathy M & Jason C)
    • Kathy gave an update on status and announced Jason as her assistant along with members of some other support teams.
    • Concerns regarding resources needed to get the registration site up and running were raised. Ross offered to help if he’s able.
  • Camping outing (Rudy L)
    • Skip has graciously offered to share his SML property with us on August 5-6 for a camping outing. He will be passing along more information that I’ll send along.
  • Tech Talk
    • Brewing Water to be held during our group brew at Chaos. Timing during the day to be advised.
  • Group Brew w/Chaos-(Kevin C)
    • Sunday June 25th at Chaos. Bring your sanitized carboy(s). Please avoid glass carboys for safety reasons. See recipe at end.
  • Open floor.
    • Following some discussion about Ballast Point, Bryan made a well-received comment regarding avoiding negatively judging craft breweries that have been purchased. They are businesses.
    • Doug M mentioned Ballast Point’s willingness to work with the guild and specifically to provide a tour of their facility. I hope to see if they will host a meeting, or two, next year as we build our meeting schedule.
    • Carrie gave a rundown of the Keg & Barrel fest at Green Hill Park on August 5th. Looks like distributors will pour beer.   
  • 50/50 drawing-(Harry M).
    • Congratulations to Doug Moyer! He splits $120 with the guild
  • Belgian Dubbel competition results (Kathy M.)
    • Thanks to the brewers, judges, gift cards from Southern Hills and Blue Ridge Hydroponics AND Kathy.
    • John Berg and Matt Klumpp each received gift cards.
    • Congratulations to the winners!
      • 3rd place Jeff Drinkert
      • 2nd place John Merkwan
      • 1st place Rudy Lyon