December 2013 Meeting Notes

The final meeting of 2013 was held at Chaos Mountain Brewing in Callaway last Saturday, December 14.  About 40 people gathered and we welcomed one guest, Jim from the newly formed Smith Mountain Mashers homebrew club.  Many thanks again to Joe and Wendy H. and Will L. for their hospitality and free glasses!

Treasurer Mike U. reported a balance of $1483.17, finishing the year with 76 paid members.  Six early birds have already paid for 2014 as well.

Joe H. welcomed members to the brewery which was sporting a makeshift bar, and several tables and stools in the tasting room area.  While most of the brewing equipment was not in place, the 7 bbl pilot system was sitting in storage in Roanoke having been shipped this week, and the 30 bbl brewhouse was due in on Thursday.  They are planning on a February grand opening which will be preceded by a special soft opening for Guild members.  It’s a large, impressive building and the brewery should be quite a sight when things are in place.  Will offered 6 beers on tap, including an IPA, the same IPA hooked up to a Hop Rocket with Citra hops, a Pumpkin ale with oak and Goldschlager, a “Novemberfest,” a Triple Chocolate Stout and a Belgian Blond.

Harry M. announced that the January meeting will be held on the 25th.  The rest of the schedule is as follows:

February – Terri and Dan T.
March – Thom and Jeannie B.
April – Bryan and Jenny S.
May 3 – James and Joan B. (Big Brew)
June – Open
July – Doug and Kel M.

Next, the results from the SHV Beer competition were announced.  Third place went to Justin and Carrie with their Double Chocolate Vanilla Imperial Stout, 2nd place to Bryan S. for his Chocolate Hazelnut Robust Porter, and 1st place with his first trophy was Alex B. for his Chocolate Chili Pepper Stout.  Justin and Carrie were then recognized as Brewers of the Year for having the highest cumulative score from the four competitions this year.  They were presented with a slightly redesigned BOTY shirt, which was grey and had the four styles from this year’s competitions on the back.  Congratulations to all the winners!  Also, special thanks to Kathy M. for her tireless efforts making everything run smoothly during every competition throughout the year, especially this one which required the extra effort of collecting and printing the unique descriptions of each beer.  We couldn’t do it without you!

We then held the drawings for entrants, judges and stewards, in which Harry M. won the $40 gift certificate to Blue Ridge Hydroponics (if I recall correctly), and Kathy and John M. were presented with Mr. Bill’s gift certificates for $15.  John’s certificate was later rebuked due to a clerical error and given to Dan T.

After some discussion about the order for next year’s competition styles, the following order was decided:

March – Irish Red
June – Belgian Golden Strong Ale
September – Oatmeal Stout
December – Munich Dunkel

Doug M. had suggested recently that the Guild have a dedicated officer in charge of publicity, a liaison knowledgeable about the Guild, beer and homebrewing to newspapers, bloggers, and other media.  The name of said position could be anything from Minister to Grand Poo-bah of Publicity.  It was decided that this would be a position best selected by the president from any volunteers.  An addition to the Bylaws will be written up and voted on at the January meeting.

The Guild then voted on president for 2014 from nominees Carrie C., Doug M. and Dan T.  Doug M. will be your new president and Dan T. will be Vice President.  Congrats and good luck to you both!  I would admonish Doug about the Presidential Curse when it comes to Brewer of the Year but he doesn’t typically enter the competitions anyway. 🙂

We then turned it over to the floor.  Carrie announced that the Beertopia winning beer was brewed at Parkway Brewing on their 10 gal pilot system a couple weeks ago, and will be released either this Friday or next.  We would like to get members to “pack the pub” when the beer is released to show our support, so that they will continue to support us by hosting the competition in the future.  More information will come when a date has been set.

Jim from Smith Mountain Mashers was invited to the meeting by John Z. who has been attending their meetings, and they would like to return the favor by offering an open invitation to SCBG members to attend their meetings on the first Monday of the month at 7pm at Sunken City Brewing.

With the business portion of the meeting concluded, fourteen members participated in our annual Dirty Santa beer swap which boasted some very good beers indeed.  Kevin C. and Will L. then set up a raw materials lab, where we had the chance to get intimate with our ingredients by tasting, rubbing and sniffing a variety of malts and hops.  Thanks to Blue Ridge Hydroponics for providing the malt and Brewers Supply Group for shipping us the hops.

Finally, briefly, thanks to every one of our members for giving me the opportunity to be your president this year.  I definitely learned a lot about diplomacy and how to be prepared and stay organized.  I know we’ll be in good hands next year with the Original Doug and I hope to stay very active in the club moving forward.