August 2013 Meeting Notes

Treasurer Mike passed along the following notes from the August meeting which was held at John and Diana’s house on Smith Mountain Lake.  Many thanks to our hosts!

1.) Approximately 28 members attended the August 17th meeting at the home of John & Diana Shoudel in Goodview.

2.) Treasurer’s Report:  72 paid-up memberships, account balance is 1,631.80.

3.) A discussion was held concerning Blacksburg Brew-Do on Saturday, September 14th, from noon till 6PM.  Opportunities to volunteer online are still open.

4.) Harry and others gave a recap of the Microfestivus participation.

5.) We had a lengthy discussion concerning the process for selection of the competition beer styles for next year.  It was suggested that we suspend the procedure in the bylaws, and instead substitute a two-step process, where we select style categories at the October meeting, individual styles within the selected categories at the November meeting, and competition order at the December meeting.  Kathy M. has volunteered to coordinate this experimental process.

6.) It was decided to tentatively schedule the December meeting at Chaos Mountain Brewing Co., in Callaway, with Will Landry as host.